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  • Build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany: Safe investment for extra income

Build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany: Safe investment for extra income

Build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany Safe Investment For Extra Income

Below you can read why you can build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany as a unique, safe investment for additional retirement income.

Find out here why German residential property can be an alternative source for financing your retirement.

Germany offers various advantages in the context of pension planning and the search for attractive returns with as little risk as possible.

Finally, we also take a look at various offers of German investment properties for sale.

This German investment property can perfectly serve as a source of additional retirement income.

Build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany

Germany is currently one of the few countries in the developed West where all the ingredients are present for successful real estate investment [AVAILABLE SOON].

In fact, all the necessary factors are there to successfully invest in rental property with financial leverage.

This means that you finance the purchase price of the property partly with your own funds and partly with a loan.

Regardless of how you finance, it is particularly interesting, in the context of retirement savings with real estate, to better understand the German real estate market…

Why retirement planning with real estate in Germany?

The following four characteristics perfectly illustrate why German real estate is ideally suited to provide passive retirement income.

Build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany without additional savings required

It is perfectly possible to generate annual cash flow surpluses with German property, even in combination with a loan.

In other words, real estate in Germany can be cash-flow positive and thus continuously provide additional income.

Or to put it another way, after deducting all costs and rental payments, German investment properties produce positive annual income.

What does that mean for the years leading up to your retirement, as well as for your actual retirement years?

This means that you earn money on a monthly (and annual) basis with your property in Germany.

You do not need to add any money yourself each month, but instead you will continuously receive extra passive pension income [AVAILABLE SOON].

Realistic value increase for long investment horizon

Real Estate in Germany offers Realistic Value Additions for Long-Term Investment

Germany is the most powerful economy in the European Union and is blessed with an extremely high-performance business sector.

Certain regions in Germany are real growth regions. Think, for example, of North Rhine-Westphalia, known for its industry and the fast-growing Ruhr area.

Buying property in Germany, and specifically in this state, will give you exposure to a booming investment market with huge appreciation potential.

In such booming and growing regions, it is interesting to invest in rental properties.

There is a steady and growing demand for affordable rental homes and flats.

Moreover, the strong local economic fabric ensures that everything bounces along, including property prices.

In the medium to long term, you can therefore count on a significant increase in the value of a German buy-to-let property.

And that, of course, is a potential additional bonus return, which is particularly interesting when you plan to build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany.

Of course, you need to deal with the right partner and carry out your due diligence [AVAILABLE SOON] thoroughly in order to avoid German junk property.

At the bottom of this page you will find some offers with interesting guarantees in North Rhine-Westphalia, ideal in the context of retirement planning with real estate.

These offers in this region offer a unique appreciation potential.

Equity can grow substantially with the help of funding

Own Contribution Can Grow Strongly With The Help Of Financing German Investment Property

One of the great advantages of borrowing for a buy-to-let property [AVAILABLE SOON] is that you can use the borrowed capital as a springboard.

All right, if you take out investment property financing [AVAILABLE SOON], you are not actually the owner of the property.

In reality, the bank can always use the established mortgage if you fail to repay the loan.

The property is then compulsorily sold so that the bank can recover the money lent to you.

But the other side of this coin is that in the medium to long term, you become the full owner of the property.

You rent out the property and consequently use the rents paid by the tenant to repay the loan and other expenses.

Therefore, once the term of the loan is over, it means that the tenant has paid off the loan in full through the rents.

And you will eventually be left with a property that is mortgage-free and 100% yours.

This also means that a limited equity contribution at this moment, supplemented by a loan for a buy-to-let property [AVAILABLE SOON], can grow enormously in the long term.

Fact: In Germany, you can also approach various banks to take out a loan to finance investment property.

Do not hesitate and request more information without obligation!

Calculation example to build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany

Suppose, for example, that you contribute 30% of the purchase amount with your own funds, and borrow the rest (70%).

X number of years later, once the loan has been repaid, the property is then fully yours.

At that time, your own contribution of 30% of the then purchase value is suddenly worth 100% of the value of the property at that time.

Assuming that the property is stable in value and has at least maintained its value over the years, in such a situation you have more than tripled your own contribution.

Additional guarantees for investors: Build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany

Additional Guarantees for Investors Lower Risk Build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany

In certain regions of Germany where the growth is good, you can buy investment properties [AVAILABLE SOON] with additional guarantees for investors.

In practice, it is often an investment package offered by the German building developer, all-in without any worries.

This means that as an owner, you can benefit from a comprehensive rental service [AVAILABLE SOON], a comprehensive service package [AVAILABLE SOON], a reliable syndic and steward, including maintenance, management and insurance, and so on.

As icing on the cake, you may also find offers with an income guarantee.

This means that the promoter in question offers a contractual rental guarantee (in practice, this can be notarised).

At the bottom of this page you will find an overview of real estate for sale in Germany as an investment formula, including rental income guarantees.

This is interesting to build a retirement income yourself with real estate in Germany with minimum risk. Such a security in terms of rental income is actually a rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON].

In combination with an all-in package, this means that you can completely outsource the management of buy-to-let properties [AVAILABLE SOON] in Germany if you wish.

Real estate in Germany is resilient and retains its value

Germany's Real Estate Is Valuable And Resilient Unique Source Of Stable Retirement Income

The four key factors of real estate in Germany as a retirement savings product have already been read above.

Real estate from other countries usually comes with one, two or three of these key factors as properties.

In other words, Germany is an exception as all four key criteria are present in certain growth regions of the country.

In addition, Germany offers tremendous advantages in terms of value-retaining investment in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

It is precisely because the German property market is blessed with no less than four key features that it is able to withstand rough handling.

Real estate in Germany as an investment therefore does not depend on one decisive criterion to be financially successful.

The residential property market in Germany is robust, resilient and well able to withstand micro and macro-economic shocks.

Defensive investment in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] in Germany is therefore absolutely possible in practice, in the right region (see below for some interesting offers).

For sale: real estate in Germany as a safe investment for additional income

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