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Buying a second property: Which destination and location should you choose?

Buying a second property: Which destination and location should you choose?

Where in the world would you be buying a second property? Most people who want to buy property abroad have a good idea of where they want to buy. They then have a particular country, region or even resort in mind.

Some others are still in the research and orientation phase. Below you will find interesting information that can help you select the right destination and location [AVAILABLE SOON] for buying a second home abroad!

Attention is also paid to second homes that bring in a nice annual return!

These are second homes purely for rental, but also for mixed use (free private use + carefree renting out via a rental system), with or without a contractually guaranteed rental.

Buying a second property = Last phase of tourism

Buying a second property abroad is in many cases the final stage of tourism. Often behind buying a second property lies a history of many years.

In most cases, the purchasers have been loyal tourists to the region in question, often with a fixed pattern of annual holidays. These people sometimes decide to go all the way and buy their own place.

But of course there are other types of people, everyone is different. Maybe you are not sure yet where you want to buy your second home?

In such a case, do not be fooled by tempting arguments, breathtaking landscapes and tempting prices.

The best place to start is with yourself! Why exactly do you want to be buying a second property abroad? Take into account the purpose you have in mind for your second home. This is a good guide to help you make your choice.

Here we confront you with a reality check and some locations for people hunting for their ideal second home.

Reality check before buying

We would like to give the prospective buyers of a second home some good advice: Do not focus on the financial aspects. In life, and this may be hard to believe, it is about more than money and taxation.

So always look at the big picture and at the quality of life in your second or new home. Look far beyond the interesting price...

If you choose Dubai or Qatar, for example, think about the problems your wife might face.

If you choose a tropical island, you should know that apart from white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, blue sea and coconuts, culture is sometimes hard to find. And every so often on most islands, you have to take cover from a violent cyclone.

If you have children, consider the presence of recreation and activities for them. Most children love excitement and activities.

In terms of health care, too, you may feel free to look beyond the obvious... But don't lose sleep over social security either... Once you know where you stand, you can cushion any pain points or risks perfectly well through the private insurance sector.

Points of attention | Buying a second property

As a potential buyer of a second home abroad, you are probably driven by one of the following four objectives:

  1. You long for a peaceful country retreat for your own use
  2. You would like to buy a foreign property for mixed use: own use + rental
  3. You believe in the economy of a certain country and you want to invest there in a pure buy-to-let property.
  4. You are going to move and you are effectively looking for a new principal residence

Whatever your goal is with buying a second property abroad, there are some important things to pay attention to:

  • Security and crime,
  • Religious beliefs,
  • Emotional impact of moving house (homesickness and loss),
  • Present fauna and flora if you are a nature lover:
    • Do you like Mediterranean surroundings that are rather dry and arid with little greenery?
    • Or do you like mountains, cows, vast meadows and beautiful green forests?
    • Do you prefer billions of grains of sand, scorching heat, camels and desert?
    • Or are you a fan of tropical surroundings with white beaches, palm trees, azure water, coral reefs and all kinds of other natural beauty?
  • Culinary offerings,
  • Pollution of the environment,
  • Files,
  • Language,
  • Presence of other expats,
  • Economic situation (contraction, stagnation or growth),
  • Climate and the different seasons,
  • Healthcare,
  • Safety net for senior citizens,
  • Terrorist threat,
  • Accessibility by land, sea and air and its price tag,
  • And so on.

Some possible destinations

Buying a second property in Europe - For private use + rental

Since the arrival of low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air and easyJet, Europe has become very small.

Air transport within Europe has never been so cheap. Moreover, the coverage is getting better and better.

Europe is at your feet! Everything is possible, including buying a second property!

Get inspired below by some exclusive and financially interesting investment properties in various top locations in the EU:


France is also and remains a very popular destination for foreigners. Consider, for example, the unspoilt Limousin region in central France for a country retreat.

Investing in recreational real estate - co-ownership

Are you looking for a way to get more return on your savings? Then the offer investing in recreational real estate might be what you are looking for.

From EUR 17 230, you can participate and invest at annual returns of 5, 6 and 8%. The investment is liquid as you can always exit quickly and redeem the investment.

Investing in French yield properties - full ownership

And do you want a holiday home in France that also brings in a good penny? Then you might consider investing in French holiday homes in a luxury golf and spa resort in the Limousin region.

You get 4 weeks of free private use every year, you acquire full ownership and you can enjoy 3 unique return components:

  1. Annual return of at least 5% on the purchase price, guaranteed (increasing to 8% per year)
  2. Annual entitlement to 4 weeks free private use during both high and low season
  3. Optional resale guarantee to be called upon as follows:
    • Sell at least 125% of the purchase price after 5 years
    • Selling at a minimum of 150% of the original purchase price after 10 years

Remark: Financial leverage (mortgage loan [AVAILABLE SOON]) possible to further increase return on equity


The splendour of the Greek islands, the amazingly beautiful nature, ... Those who have already done some island hopping will know what we are talking about! Truly a top destination, also for investing money in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]!

On the island of Samos, a green pearl in the Aegean Sea and part of the Greek islands, there is currently a unique investment opportunity.

You can buy a holiday home in Samos for sale in full ownership at the luxurious Heray Bay Resort. All outdoor accommodation offers unique views of the bay and the sea. And the best?

These are recreational properties for mixed use:

  • As an owner, you are entitled to free weeks of personal use
  • In addition, you can also count on an annual guaranteed return (calculated on the purchase value of the property)


In Montenegro, you can currently buy luxury studios and flats in Tivat, with unique views over the Adriatic Sea.

As an owner, you can opt for completely private use, without return, or for mixed use. In the latter case, you can use your outdoor space for free for six weeks a year.

And on top of that, you get an annual gross rental yield, which, according to the simulations, can be as high as 9% at half occupancy.

Remark: The return on this offer fluctuates and is not contractually guaranteed.


Spain is a popular destination for many Europeans where the weather is usually not so good.

This is mainly because Spain fulfils many criteria. Easy access, good climate, beautiful beaches, many amenities and competitive property prices.

The disadvantage of Spain is that there are already many foreign property owners.

If you want a more authentic experience, you should choose less obvious destinations such as Portugal, Croatia, or Malta or Greece.

Eastern European destinations

If you are mainly looking for a destination where the cost of living is low, choose from the countries of Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria or Romania.

Buying a second property in Europe - Buy-to-let

Others are just buying a second property to rent out. Buying a house to let is a frequently used mechanism to secure passive retirement income with real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

See below some very interesting options in terms of buying and letting real estate, all including rental guarantee:




Germany has traditionally been a supporting economy in the EU and actually simply the engine of the continent.

As an economic engine, this country offers some opportunities, also for real estate investors. Take a look at the following German offers of investment properties with rental guarantee:

Large buy-to-let properties for sale
Smaller rental units for sale


In Sweden you can invest in single family houses [AVAILABLE SOON] that are already rented out and situated on a nice piece of land.

You can get +/- 7% return per year and the purchase price is a fraction of what you pay elsewhere.

Property in Africa

The most obvious destination for many foreigners is South Africa.

Another must-see east of the African continent is the Seychelles, a breathtaking archipelago!

Buying a second property in the Middle East

The United Arab Emirates with Dubai and Abu Dhabi are especially possible destinations.

Liberalisation is still going on there and it is a rigid process in terms of investment in local property by foreigners.

Property in Asia

Possible destinations are Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Every destination is different. For example, there are restrictions in Thailand on foreigners who want to purchase property.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau are economic hubs where real estate is extremely expensive.

Vietnam, on the other hand, is very cheap to invest in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

Buying a second property in North America

For those who love the United States and are looking for sunshine all year round, Florida is definitely a must.

Real estate prices have fallen from their peak in 2006 and are on the rise in attractions such as Miami and Orlando.

Property in Central America

This part of the world is not exactly nearby for many people.

Nevertheless, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua offer interesting possibilities and opportunities. Panama's economy is growing at an unprecedented rate and this is also affecting the real estate market.

Islands such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Bahamas, Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba, Saint Martin, Grenada, Martinique and Guadeloupe are also staying in the region.

There are (tax) incentives to invest on several islands and the tourism sector is very important. The tropical environment is also worthwhile!

Buying a second property in South America

Here you will find Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, among others.

Patagonia is a beautiful area that covers both Chile and Argentina and the nature there is phenomenal!

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