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Buying an investment object: Investment lessons + Selection of investment properties for sale

Buying an investment object Investment lessons Overview of investment properties for sale

Buying an investment object is on the rise among many private individuals as a replacement for their traditional savings products.

Discover dozens of useful investment lessons about buying investment properties for rent here.

This overview contains useful investment lessons for real estate investors.

These tips and guidelines may be of interest to both first-time and experienced investors.

Finally, you will see an interesting overview of investment objects for sale.

These are passive forms of investment with various care packages.

Table of Contents

Buying an investment object: Introduction

Ever talked to a real estate tycoon? Anyone with a substantial real estate portfolio [AVAILABLE SOON] or even a real estate empire [AVAILABLE SOON]?

Then there is a good chance that you will be caught off guard.

Investing and continuing to invest is the key to building wealth with real estate.

Even if a major crisis emerges. It is just then that the best things can be done.

Talk to any successful property investor and the conclusion is as follows:

Those who allow themselves to be deterred by temporary crises are missing out on great opportunities for wealth creation.

Of course, almost everyone who has made it has also made some not-so-good decisions.

In the pursuit of investment profits and capital growth, this cannot be otherwise…

It is in this context that you will find some interesting lessons below.

Consider them investment lessons for beginners and advanced [AVAILABLE SOON] real estate professionals.

Investment lessons for real estate investors

Take predictions with a grain of salt

Unable to predict the development of property prices thanks to unpredictable investor sentiment

Nobody has a crystal ball to predict the future.

Economists are armed with all the research and statistics available in today’s information age.

Yet they never seem to agree on the direction that certain property markets will take.

Moreover, they are usually wrong in their predictions.

The explanation is simple. The movements of a real estate market are far from an exact science.

Indeed, it is not only the fundamental factors (which are relatively easy to quantify) that set the property markets in motion.

An overriding factor that economists and experts find difficult to quantify and assess is investor sentiment.

Choose smart partners

If you are the smartest person in your team, you have a problem.

Always surround yourself with smarter people who also complement your own profile.

Avoid classic pitfalls of friendships, family appointments and so on.

Give priority to smart professionals and leave friends and family behind.

Buying an investment object: Pay fees or consultants

Smart Investors Invest In Advisors And Team Members To Grow Property Portfolio

You will make investment mistakes as you go along, and you will have to pay a considerable amount of money to learn. This is inevitable.

Or you can opt to pay professional advisers and learn directly from their experience to mitigate your risks.

Buying an investment object and forcing the value increase yourself

In times of low or no capital growth, some strategic real estate investors manage to create capital growth themselves.

They do this by smart renovation or additional development.

One can focus on forcing an added value.

Or one can focus on boosting monthly rental income by creating additional value for tenants.

Unforeseen events always occur

Every Year and Decade Unexpected Events Shake Up the Economy

Every year, in one way or another, we are faced with an unforeseen event or situation.

It can then quickly upset all our carefully laid plans.

And about every ten years there is a very big event that shakes up the world.

A recent example is the unprecedented Corona pandemic.

Beware of contemporary journalism

The press and media are not there to educate you or make you wiser.

Today’s society is based on instant gratification.

That is why more and more traditional media are specialising in sensation and clickbait.

Anything that is good enough to make you click on their links and banners is eligible for publication.

Their goal: Obtaining more revenue through advertising networks and their advertisers.

Money rules the world, including journalism and the media.

So do not, under any circumstances, trust the traditional media for a good investment strategy in yielding real estate or for sound advice.

Tip: Read the online course defensive real estate investing [AVAILABLE SOON] for some interesting guidelines and information.

Buying an investment object in the short versus long term

Successful Investors Have Long-Term Strategy to Grow Assets

Investing in real estate is not without risk in the short term, but it is safe and secure in the long term.

It is certainly not a way to get rich quick. Getting rich with real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is a marathon and not a sprint.

The average property investor often takes decades to become financially independent.

In the first few years, people often pay a fee and make mistakes.

After that, things will run smoothly and one can build up a substantial real estate portfolio [AVAILABLE SOON] with patience and dedication.

Opportunists are everywhere

There will always be people who tell you that you absolutely must invest in real estate.

So understand their self-interest and hidden agenda.

They usually do not have your interests in mind. The focus is on profit and self-interest.

View real estate markets at a granular level

In every country, state and province, there are several real estate markets.

Even within each city and municipality, different property markets can be distinguished.

They are divided according to their location, price range and property types.

So when someone tells you that the property market of a certain country does this, or that the property market of a certain city does that, you should pay little or no attention to it.

Because this kind of general information is of little or no use.

You need to examine at a more granular level what is happening to a specific real estate market [AVAILABLE SOON].

Choose real estate investments that are tested and proven

Invest in Types of Investment Property That Have Always Performed And Not in Temporary Trends

Since real estate as an investment is a long-term investment, you should avoid recent trends.

Don’t go looking for that which is suddenly hot and sexy.

Instead, look for types of investment properties [AVAILABLE SOON] that have always worked.

Experience shows that a suddenly emerging investment spot is often no longer there the following year.

So do not make medium- to long-term investment decisions based on today’s information or news.

An investment property analysis [AVAILABLE SOON] based on this “tested and proven” approach is a good move!

Be contrary and forget about classical advisors

Be contrary and do not listen to classical advisors for advice on investment property.

Accountants are good at keeping your books, tax specialists are good at optimising your taxes, mortgage brokers can help you get a loan and asset managers are good at protecting your assets.

But none of these experts is really well placed to give you high quality advice on investing in real estate.

It is better to talk to an expert by experience, someone who is active in the field and manages a property portfolio himself.

Real estate market timing is impossible when buying an investment object

Real Estate Market Correct Timing Is Very Difficult Focus on Annual Return Through Stable Positive Cash Flow

Timing the real estate market is extremely difficult and usually impossible.

It is much better to buy a good investment property that fits your budget.

Then to hold it for the long term and focus on the monthly positive cash flow.

The truth is that successful investors manage to create wealth during each cycle of the property market.

Have you ever noticed that some investors seem to do well in good times and even better in bad times?

Market timing is not really important to them.

Other investors, on the other hand, do badly in good times and even worse in bad times.

Market timing seems to have very little influence on them, too…

Not every property is suitable as a buy-to-let property

Any property can become an investment property.

You buy a property from a seller, do not live in it yourself as the owner and then put a tenant in it and it becomes an investment property.

But it is only a small minority of properties currently for sale on the market that are worthy of investment and can provide attractive returns.

Focus on wealth accumulation through capital growth

Buy Investment Property Using Leverage Compound Interest And Time To Grow Wealth

Property investments are an investment class with high capital growth and relatively low returns [AVAILABLE SOON].

Wealth in real estate is created by building up significant wealth over the long term.

You do this by holding good property investments for a reasonably long time and reinvesting the rental income you receive in additional property.

Let your capital gains accrue by letting time do its work and benefit from the magic of the compound interest principle.

For the sake of completeness: There are also real estate investors who specialise in flipping houses [AVAILABLE SOON] versus holding real estate for a longer period.

Pessimists are everywhere

There will always be someone who will tell you not to invest in real estate.

Doomsayers, cowards, self-proclaimed Einsteins, gold diggers, stock market junkies, procrastinators, and so on.

They all answer the question: Investing in real estate or not [AVAILABLE SOON]? with NOT.

Feel free to listen to their arguments, do not argue with them (it is really pointless and a waste of your time and energy) and thank them for their advice.

Then stubbornly continue with your own plans. You are the master of your own destiny and investment strategy.

Let the pessimists have their say and then just quickly forget about their dark black vision.

Surround yourself with top talent

Dare to Use and Pay Consultants to Avoid Costly Investment Mistakes

Wise investors surround themselves with a great team and are prepared to pay their advisers and team members.

They see the cost of this support and assistance as an investment and not an expense.

So feel free to pay for professional advisers and possibly join an inspiring organisation of entrepreneurs or self-employed people.

Diversification is overrated

Diversification is for people who do not know how to invest in real estate.

You will never become an expert by doing a hundred things at once.

Real top people focus on and specialise in real estate.

You can only master something 100% if you do one thing over and over again a hundred times.

Not all debts are bad

Taking Loan to Buy Investment Property Is Not a Problem If Cash Flow Is Good

Taking on debt to buy investment property [AVAILABLE SOON] is not a problem in itself.

Not being able to repay the debt (in the form of capital repayments and interest), on the other hand, is a problem.

This means that healthy cash flow management is an essential part of building wealth. You must ensure that you can repay the loan, it is as simple as that.

Either with the rental income, or with savings, or with a mix of both.

In this context, it is important to distinguish three different types of debt:

  • Taking on bad debts to finance declining items (a car, a mobile phone, a television)
  • Family-related debts such as those incurred to purchase and pay off one’s own home
  • Good debts incurred to finance assets that are growing in value. An example of this is buying and renting out real estate, which generates income that can be used to (partially) repay the loan. In the medium to long term, this property can provide a nice increase in value and added value.

Asset protection and insurance are important

Successful investors very often adopt a long-term strategy to grow their assets.

They use appropriate asset protection and financing structures and also pay ample attention to the necessary insurance to limit their risks.

Is buying an investment object on your agenda?

Then get help from experts (lawyers, solicitors, notaries, credit brokers, bankers, insurance brokers, etc.).

Real estate markets move cyclically

Real Estate Markets Evolve In Cycles With Peaks And Troughs Don't Get Carried Away By Investor Sentiment

The economy and property markets move in cyclical fashion. High business never lasts forever and low business never lasts either.

This is mainly because most investors are carried away by the prevailing market sentiment and the optimism or pessimism of other investors.

Do not be surprised when you experience such feelings and do not overreact. Stay objective and critical.

In this way, you can avoid being sucked into a bull market too late and then losing value during the subsequent correction that will inevitably follow.

Buy when the blood runs in the streets

Be eager and greedy when others are afraid and be afraid when others are greedy.

Never follow the crowd. The masses are either wrong or late to the party.

Contrary investments can be particularly lucrative, also in the real estate sector, if you have a sufficiently long investment horizon.

Only listen to experts by experience

Nobody really knows what will happen to a particular property market. Every real estate agent considers himself a real estate expert.

Everyone, including private individuals, has an opinion about real estate and the price trends to be expected.

But you know what they say about opinions… Everyone has one and this makes them practically useless.

So be careful who you listen to. It is certainly important to have mentors and a sounding board.

But make sure you listen to someone who has not only built up a substantial property portfolio of their own, but has also managed to maintain assets through a number of peaks and troughs.

There are many enthusiasts and hobbyists who give investment advice.

But they are really not the ones who can give you the best investment advice. Listen only to real experts in experience.

Long-term trend is up

Long Term Trend of Well Located Property Is Increasing In Value

Notwithstanding the peaks and troughs that every real estate market experiences, the long-term trend for well-located real estate is upward value.

This long-term growth in property values is supported by population growth, rising life expectancy and the stable and increasing prosperity and wealth of our society.

Provide an emergency financial buffer

Strategic investors do not buy yield properties without thinking about undesirable situations.

So they always keep financial buffers in order to be able to absorb an adverse scenario.

Going ahead without an emergency fund means that you may be forced to sell at a lower price if you urgently need money to solve the problems.

Financing is crucial in the run-up to buying an investment object

Investing money in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is first and foremost a game of smart and well-considered financing.

Of course, real estate is and will remain an important part of your financial plan.

But the key to real capital growth lies in the smart financing of investment properties [AVAILABLE SOON].

There are various options and forms of real estate financing [AVAILABLE SOON]. In any case, be guided by a professional!

Statistics alone are useless for buying an investment object

Do not rely blindly on statistics about real estate.

Statistics can be misleading and can be twisted to justify anything.

Do not brood when buying an investment object

Fear Panic And Stress Are Bad Advisors When Buying An Investment Object

Don’t waste your time worrying! Having headaches is a serious brake.

Most of the things you fear will happen never happen.

They are but samples of your thoughts. And if they do happen, chances are they will not be as bad as you expected.

Fear is a very bad advisor. Giving in to fear is playing panic football.

Which is not conducive to the financial success of your investments.

Time spent worrying is time you could be spending discovering opportunities and taking action.

Applied statistics is the key

Investing in real estate for rent is partly statistics and partly practical application and experience.

You have to be able to interpret and understand statistics and data on the one hand, and also be able to go on site to apply that data in practice on the other.

In other words, being able to carry out a thorough due diligence [AVAILABLE SOON] in the field is at least as important as being able to interpret figures.

Making money with real estate can be done in various ways

Making money with real estate can be done in a number of different ways:

Please note: These property income streams are not all equal. Tax-free capital growth (up to the point of sale) is most important.

Capital growth can bring financial independence

Capital Growth Through Investment Property Ensures Long-Term Financial Independence

Cash flow is important to allow you to build up a property portfolio.

Always try to maintain a monthly positive net cash flow per investment property.

But apart from this cash flow, the capital growth factor is more important if you want to become completely financially independent.

Good location boosts added-value potential

The location of investment properties is crucial.

A good location makes it much more likely that the value of the property will increase over time.

Investing in the right location [AVAILABLE SOON] is the key to future added value.

Avoid classical behaviour when buying an investment object

Do not do what most property investors do.

The majority of real estate investors fail to build wealth with real estate.

A significant proportion of first-time property investors sell back their investment property in the first 5 years after purchase.

And those who do hold on to the property for long-term rental, in many cases never get beyond their first buy-to-let property.

To be able to retire with real estate [AVAILABLE SOON], more perseverance is needed…

Pursue passive income with real estate

Outsourcing Leasing and Management to Professionals Can Avoid Stress and Headaches

You will never become rich from earned income or from savings.

To become financially independent, your money must work for you even when you are sleeping.

So invest your money in residential property, for example, that generates income.

And use financial leverage, the principle of compound interest and the passage of time to grow your wealth.

You can read more about it on the following pages:

Action is more important than knowledge

While knowledge is important, successful investors always take action.

Do not fall into the trap of analysis paralysis!

There will always be risks in making investment decisions.

That is still no reason to postpone the decision and action.

Act like a professional

Approach your investment property without emotions as a professional investor based on facts and figures

Treat your real estate investments as a business matter.

There is no place for emotions, keep track of your cash flow, regularly review the financial performance of your portfolio and make decisions based on facts and figures.

Also treat the hatch financing like a tough businessman.

Every decimal point counts when buying an investment object! Profit is profit.

Patience is a gift of gold

Wealth is the transfer of money from impatient to patient investors.

This quote is from Warren Buffett, a well-known stock investor, but it also applies to the property market.

Prefer a longer investment horizon.

By focusing on the long term, you put the strategy of value investing in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] into practice.

Severe price fluctuations in the short term do not leave you cold.

Do not chase adrenaline or thrill

Do not seek pleasure or excitement in your investment activities.

Your real estate investments should be dull and stable to make the rest of your life exciting thanks to the extra cash you have generated.

Find your adrenaline elsewhere, such as in a hobby or sport.

Buying an investment object for rent should not be done impulsively, in other words.

Positive mental attitude is important

Right Mindset is Crucial for Investment Success With Buying an Investment Object

The right mindset and attitude is essential for investment success.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world because your thoughts lead to your feelings.

And it is your feelings that lead to your actions and deeds, and your deeds ultimately lead to your results.

Investing always comes with risks

There are always risks involved in investing and buying an investment object.

Do not be afraid to fail because the greatest risk is that you do not do anything to ensure and secure your financial future.

Sometimes negative experiences, mistakes and failures can be even better than a success.

Because they teach you something new that a success could never teach you.

One is often so driven to do things right that one no longer sees the value of the things one does wrong.

Instead, some spend their time wishing they had done things differently.

Still others do nothing at all because the fear of making mistakes paralyses them completely.

If you make a mistake, learn from it. Make them count by doing it differently next time.

One failure can help you achieve many successes over time.

Buying an investment object for your retirement years

Saving for your retirement with real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] can be an interesting alternative to being in control yourself.

Read more about it at: How does pension saving with real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] work for additional monthly recurring income?

Never give up is the message

Never give up as an investor/entrepreneur. You will have setbacks along the way (private and professional).

Always try to keep going after a setback. To be truly successful, you need resilience and courage.

Giving up is the language of a true loser. Winners never give up.

Investment objects for sale

Investment objects with guaranteed return and repurchase guarantee

Investment objects with rental guarantee and high value-added potential

Investment objects with rental guarantee by the building developer

  • Student apartments in Leuven for sale [AVAILABLE SOON] – Premium equipped, fully furnished, ideal for investors seeking secure rental income (or for parents with studying children who want to save tens of thousands of euros in rent)
  • Invest in student rooms in Leuven [AVAILABLE SOON] – Fully furnished student rooms, including rental guarantee and free stewardship!
  • Student accommodation for sale in Leuven [AVAILABLE SOON] – Buying an investment object for your studying children or as a real estate investor looking for a guaranteed return
  • Student accommodation in Leuven for sale [AVAILABLE SOON] with a total of 5 rental units with volume discount for the whole sale – Includes rental guarantee
  • Flat for sale on the Costa del Sol [AVAILABLE SOON] in Spain a beautiful and sunny golf resort, with some great advantages:
    • 5% net yield calculated on the purchase value, contractually guaranteed for the first three years
    • 8 weeks personal use per year
    • Includes a stress-free all-inclusive rental service and management for the periods when you do not use it yourself
    • Full rental service by the operator allowing for passive investment in property
    • Access to all the facilities of the four-star golf resort [AVAILABLE SOON] (swimming pools, golf course, restaurants, etc.)
  • Buy a holiday home on Samos in the 5-star Hera Bay Luxury Resort:
    • This beautiful resort is located on a fantastic hillside with fabulous views over the Aegean Sea.
    • For sale: hotel suites, studio flats, kampanas and three types of luxury villas with views of the bay. One villa type comes with a private infinity pool and fantastic views over the Aegean Sea.
    • As an owner of a holiday home, you will enjoy the following conditions:
      • Entitlement to free weeks of own use (no distinction between low and high season)
      • Contractually guaranteed annual return (passive investment in Greek recreational real estate)

Buying an investment object with stewardship and rental service

  • Buy real estate in Brussels as a stable investment for your savings:
    • On a well-located site in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe (the right location [AVAILABLE SOON] for an investment)
    • Invest from EUR 100 000 equity (which can be a combination of all kinds of capital, equity and assets that can serve as collateral)
    • Investing in real estate in Brussels with annual net returns of 5 to 6%
    • Including rental service and stress-free all-inclusive stewardship
  • Newly built flat for sale in Brussels as a low risk passive investment:
    • Carefree rental service from A to Z included, completely hands-free investment in Brussels real estate
    • Investing in real estate in Brussels as from € 85,000 equity (can be mix of various types of capital and assets)
    • With carefree and passive annual returns of +/- 5.5%
    • Attractive location in Evere, with good appreciation potential (thanks, among other things, to the new metro line that is coming up)
  • Investing in rental properties in Sweden from 30 000 Euros in own funds (in combination with a loan for the rest of the purchase amount) – Nice annual return, complete passive rental income
  • Sweden property for sale [AVAILABLE SOON] – Family house with 3 bedrooms and garden for sale for 100 950 Euros – Includes tenants and good annual returns, unique investment property for alternative income
  • Flats and studios for sale in Montenegro – with beautiful views and for private or mixed use. If you include your property in the rental programme, you can count on 6 weeks of free private use and a nice gross return per year (which varies and is not guaranteed)

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