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  • Buying holiday accommodation soon? Then go on a site inspection!

Buying holiday accommodation soon? Then go on a site inspection!

Buying holiday accommodation soon? Go and inspect it on the spot!

Buying holiday accommodation is something you do only after you have inspected it on site. Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke. So get off your couch, jump in your car or on your plane and take the bull by the horns!

Self-inspection and determination is the only way to be 100% sure. Here are some tips and tricks on how to successfully go about buying holiday accommodation of top quality at a fair price!

We conclude at the bottom with some interesting offers that make buying holiday accommodation as an investment [AVAILABLE SOON] in a passive way possible.

Play Sherlock Holmes and invest in the future

There is nothing better than playing Sherlock Holmes yourself on the spot. This way, you can soak up the atmosphere of the region and also determine with your own senses what condition your potential holiday accommodation is in!

Going on an inspection trip is a good and sensible way to discover your future holiday accommodation. You should not see this as a cost but rather as a smart investment in the future.

Back in the "good old days", many real estate agents lured people in by giving them free inspection trips.

Times have changed, however, and free inspection trips are now non-existent. This is not necessarily a bad thing for either the seller or the buyer.

As a buyer, you show commitment by booking an inspection trip and financing it yourself.

This then has the effect of making the real estate agent(s) in question realise that you are serious. And this can lead to a professional service that is really worthwhile! Investing in a holiday home abroad [AVAILABLE SOON] is best done after a thorough inspection trip.

Before you go on inspection

As a potential buyer, you should always do your own research first. Find out a lot of information about the region you have in mind and read a lot. Also try to look up the brokers present on the Internet.

You might find testimonials on some online forum.

After this initial investigation phase, you will have a better idea of the situation. And at such a time, you can judge whether an on-site visit is a good option for you.

Side note: Don't overdo it as a new real estate investor! The biggest mistake of new real estate investors [AVAILABLE SOON] is to bite off too much.

An early abandonment due to information stress is then a logical consequence. Avoid this and take it easy, step by step!

The key to success | Buying holiday accommodation

Always try to be open with the broker or brokers in question. Suppose you go for a visit on the spot. Then communicate very clearly about the expectations of both parties (buyer and estate agent). Who pays what?

Does the broker compensate you for transport costs (car and/or plane and/or public transport)? Can he/she arrange accommodation locally at a preferential rate?

And what does the estate agent expect from you? Can you arrange with other brokers when you are on site? Try to work with open agendas, honesty is the best policy.

Besides, a real estate agent who doesn't respect that you want to do some sounding out and look at your options probably isn't that good for you anyway. After all, it is better if you don’t go buying a holiday home in a hurry.

And the service provider must understand this! The customer is king, always.

Advantages of self-organisation

Don't want to be answerable to a particular broker who might bear part of the cost of your inspection trip? Then simply organise your inspection trip yourself. This is especially an option if you already know the region in question reasonably well.

You can then go wherever you want without kicking anyone in the shins. You therefore have total freedom when it comes to planning and organising your schedule. You can also make appointments with different agents.

Buying holiday accommodation thus becomes an adventure that is entirely up to you.

Advantages of a guided inspection tour

An inspection visit organised by a broker also has its advantages. Especially if you do not know the region in question very well or if you do not have enough time to discover the whole region yourself.

In such a situation, a real estate agent can certainly provide added value during a site visit. You can then more quickly identify properties that suit your needs and desires, which ultimately makes investing in holiday rentals [AVAILABLE SOON] less risky.

Buying a holiday home is less stressful this way. You can fall back on the experience of a local who can then quickly and efficiently show you the fun and secret places.

The ABC of a valuable inspection visit | Buying holiday accommodation

Going on an inspection trip and buying holiday accommodation is best done in a balanced way. You don't have to be on the road from morning till night to visit a record number of properties.

Opt for a balanced inspection visit. Traditionally, this consists of the following steps (in this chronological order):

  • In the first phase, you meet the estate agent. He will try to sell himself as the right person.
  • In a second phase, the broker will show you around the region. This is the moment when you may or may not fall in love with the area.
  • In the third and final phase, the estate agent will visit the properties with you. The property is thus entering the final phase of a proper inspection.

Some tips to get the most out of your inspection

In any case, try to make the most of a site visit. It is a great pity to discover on the way home that you still have some important questions you would like to ask.

So always do a thorough research before going on an inspection trip. Write down the questions you want to ask and take them with you on the trip as a guide.

People's graphic memory is highly developed. So take lots of pictures during the trip. This will help you to refresh your memory afterwards and to recall memories and feelings.

Ideal as a reference and a tool if you are about to invest in a foreign holiday home [AVAILABLE SOON].

Don't forget to take lots of pictures of the properties you visit. Once you are back home, it is difficult to check the size of the laundry room or the view from the balcony...

Investment property on offer with guided inspection tours

Are you interested in an investment property abroad, but do not know where to start? Are you struggling with questions such as:

Well, why not buy a property in full ownership and with bank account features, completely carefree but with a top return? In other words, why not invest passively in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]?

Choose a secure real estate investment with guaranteed return

Did you know that you do not have to play the role of landlord yourself to invest successfully in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]? By investing in the right project with the right promoter and operator, you can enjoy a certain annual return in certain instances.

In other words, it is possible to invest in real estate with a rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON] and with a guaranteed annual return.

An example of such a unique project abroad where you can buy buy-to-let properties with a rental guarantee is the Wyndham Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa Resort in the Limousin region of France.

As mentioned, you as a potential investor can enjoy top service, including financial planning, help and guidance with financing, guided inspection tour in the Limousin region, and so on:

France as a destination | Buying holiday accommodation for mixed use (private + rental)

In this luxury resort in the Limousin region, you will find luxury studios and flats for sale for mixed use.

This means that you can use the property privately and enjoy guaranteed income for the rest of the time in the form of a minimum annual guaranteed return of 5%, calculated on the purchase price of the buy-to-let property.

You also benefit from two bonuses:

  1. Four weeks of free personal use per year, in both high and low season
  2. Optional resale guarantee: Sell at minimum 125% or 150% after 5 or 10 years respectively.

Take the time to discover the specific conditions of this unique investment opportunity in French recreational homes. You will not regret it.

And do not forget: For a small fee (refundable if you buy) you can go on an inspection tour of this fantastic Wyndham Halcyon Retreat luxury resort.

Montenegro for holiday property investment

Did you know that Montenegro is on the rise? It is a growing country with fantastic fauna and flora. Currently there is an opportunity to acquire ownership of luxuriously finished studios and flats in Tivat.

Tivat is 10 minutes from the international airport. The residence was built on a hillside location, overlooking the mountains and with fantastic views of the Adriatic Sea. There is a fantastic climate and no lack of culture either!

As a private person, you can invest in real estate in this residence through two systems:

  1. Only use the property and do not rent it out
  2. Use the property free of charge for 6 weeks per year and have the rest of the time included in the short stay rental programme of the residence (in this case you can earn a nice gross annual rental return)

Luxury holiday homes on the island of Samos, Greece

Are you a fan of the Greek islands, like tens of thousands of other people on this planet? Then you will undoubtedly appreciate the added value of exceptionally well-situated holiday homes on the island of Samos with a view of the Aegean Sea.

Buying a holiday home on Samos in this Hera Bay Luxury Resort offers unique advantages, such as the right to free weeks of personal use on a yearly basis + a contractually guaranteed return (which is arranged through the resort's rental programme).

Buying holiday accommodation in Greece is possible here in a luxurious and particularly green environment. The perfect destination for people who love nature, fauna, flora and water sports such as diving and sailing. Culturally, Greece and Samos also have a lot to offer!

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