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  • Buying overseas property? Then first carefully determine your goal!

Buying overseas property? Then first carefully determine your goal!

Buying overseas property? Then first carefully determine your goal!

Nobody is buying overseas property to lose money on it. However, the extent to which one wants to make money from it may differ from person to person and from couple to couple.

Each property is part of an investment portfolio that it is hoped will at least maintain its value and possibly increase in value in the future.

Nevertheless, everyone has their own goal and personal desires also play a major role.

Discover below three possible approaches to buying property abroad: (1) for private use, (2) for mixed use (private + rental) or (3) permanently for rental.

Each angle is explained in detail and unique offers are also displayed for inspiration:

Know exactly what you want from your foreign investment property

Most people buy property abroad for one of two reasons:

  • To enjoy the way of life in a particular region, or
  • To make a financial investment and have minimal or no use of the investment property.

In other words, a buy-to-let property abroad can serve as:

We can illustrate this with three examples below:

Example I: Mr. and Mrs. Bon Vivant think of buying overseas property for private use

Mr. and Mrs. Bon Vivant have come up with a real master plan. They are close to retirement, the children have left home, they like to travel and they love the sun, nature and fine dining.

After years of waiting for a real climate change, they have decided not to put their fate in the hands of the weather gods.

They decide to make their dream come true by buying overseas property.

The couple plans to retire part-time or full-time in a lovely sunny climate. They think of already buying overseas property and use it for purely private use.

Buying and profiting from it yourself, without focusing on returns - that is the motto of this couple!

Mrs. Bon Vivant does not like strangers staying in her holiday home.

Example II: Mr. and Mrs. Both Ways want property abroad for mixed use

Mr. and Mrs. Both Ways are looking for a way to diversify their capital.

They have a portion of their assets ready to make a high-yield real estate investment but at the same time love to travel and live well.

In other words, a holiday home in a great destination that also provides a good, reliable and passive return is what they are looking for.

Mr. and Mrs. Both Ways want the best of both worlds: Free private enjoyment of their country home + an attractive annual return on their investment.

They want to live up to their name and have it both ways: Enjoy their property free of charge for several weeks a year as well as earning a solid passive return every year, carefree and with guarantees.

Above all, they do not want any headaches, stress, or other miseries that a landlord [AVAILABLE SOON] has to deal with...

In other words, they would like to invest in a mixed-use buy-to-let property.

Below are a number of attractive destinations where they (and you) can go for a unique mixed-use property investment:

France as a destination

They have both fallen in love with France, so a stress-free mixed-use property investment in France is what they are after!

The next real estate investment in a French luxury resort with recreational houses perfectly matches their wishes:

  • Carefree investment in a luxury studio or flat (available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms) in a fantastic resort in the Limousin region of France?
  • Where you get no less than 4 weeks of free private use per year?
  • And for which you enjoy a minimum annual return of 5%? Increasing to 8% in the future?
  • As the icing on the cake, you can also take advantage of 2 resale guarantees without obligation: Resale at minimum 125% or 150% after 5 and 10 years of ownership respectively.

Read all the details on Buying a second home in France at the Wyndham Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa Resort with guaranteed return of up to 8% and 4 weeks free private use per year.

In addition, you are entitled to a resale guarantee if required, which represents added value in practice.

Are you not interested in free weeks of private use but in an investment in French recreational real estate in this resort? Then you can buy one or more fractions in co-ownership from 17 230 euros.

There is also an increasing return of up to 8% per year as well as 4 weeks of free private use per year.

The two resale guarantees also apply to investors who opt for fractions rather than full ownership.

Greece as a destination

Investing in Greece, and more specifically in a holiday home on Samos, will do you no harm.

The fantastic and brand new Hera Bay Luxury Resort gives you the opportunity, as a private investor, to acquire full ownership of a hotel suite, a studio flat, a kampana or a villa (available in as many as 3 designs).

As an owner, you can enjoy free weeks of personal use, as well as a contractually determined annual rental yield.

The location of the resort is extremely phenomenal, with views across the bay. For Greece and island fans, this is certainly a very interesting and profitable investment property!

Montenegro as a destination

Montenegro may not be so popular or well-known, but this gem does offer advantages and great opportunities. Its natural beauty and cultural heritage are extremely valuable and offer enormous growth opportunities for the tourism industry.

In Royal Blue Montenegro, a luxury residence on a hill in Tivat, you can acquire full ownership of a studio or flat. Its location on the hillside guarantees fabulous views of the Adriatic Sea.

Mixed use this residence means the following for you as an owner:

  • 6 weeks per year free private use
  • Annual gross rental yield, variable and dependent on occupancy rate

Example III: Mr. and Mrs. Dragonsden want yield property for rental abroad

Mr. and Mrs. Dragonsden are mainly looking to expand their investment portfolio. They see real estate as an ideal tool to secure additional retirement income [AVAILABLE SOON].

This couple is quite rational and wants to build up assets consistently. In addition, they also want to retire early and they want to achieve this by living off real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

Mr. and Mrs. Dragonsden are looking for the best risk/reward ratio. Foreign real estate with rental guarantee is the logical outcome!

They are looking for investment properties with high returns and limited risk, preferably with some form of rental and/or return guarantee!

Carefree and passive with good returns

Some developers of turnkey investment properties [AVAILABLE SOON] offer this all-inclusive and professional rental service.

Read more about why selecting the right rental service [AVAILABLE SOON] is crucial for foreign investment properties.

The following offers allow you to invest passively in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]. They are suitable for pure investment in property for rent [AVAILABLE SOON] and are particularly attractive options, including a carefree rental guarantee:

Belgium as a destination


Germany as a destination for buying overseas property

Standard buy-to-let properties in Germany (suitable for single families)

Larger buy-to-let properties in Germany (suitable for several tenant families)

Sweden as a destination for buying overseas property

Swedish family homes for rent as an investment [AVAILABLE SOON] and pension savings plan with guidance from A to Z.

Professional landlord available and nice gross rental yield of 7% per year (not contractually guaranteed but including tenant and lease).

Low-threshold investment in full ownership, detached houses on nice plot, recently refurbished and in good condition.

Be aware of speculators and their activities

There is a difference between investors and speculators in real estate. Speculators are actually investors with an extremely short investment horizon. The period between buying and selling a property is often no more than a few months.

If you are interested in buying overseas property as an investment, be very clear about your exit strategy. Also be wary of the practices of real estate speculators.

It may be that you buy a nice house in a cool destination as an investment.

It is extremely important to pay attention to the net return that you can achieve with this investment property over a certain period of time.

The financials must make sense. So you have to take into account operational costs, management costs of an agent, local taxes, the prevailing rents, and so on.

Read more tips and insights in this context at:

You can hope for a possible added value, but it is best not to count on it. You may still be able to purchase an interesting property at a competitive price...

What happens if you are about to sell and suddenly several flats in the same block are also offered for sale?

In other words, suddenly the supply rises substantially while the demand does not necessarily rise along with it. This lowers the price as well as your desired added value. It often happens that certain investors own several units in a block.

Keep this in mind as these speculators take into account certain developments in the local market as well as macroeconomic and statistical factors and then sell.

Budgeting is key when buying overseas property

Foreign buyers often purchase foreign real estate with a dream in mind. Often, it is their wish to transform the property from a holiday home into their main residence during retirement.

An outdoor living space is a reward for yourself that at the same time requires a serious investment. Apart from the cost of the property, you also have to pay purchase costs (notary fees and registration fees).

You should also take into account the annual operating costs (maintenance, cleaning and agency fees for rentals).

Careful budgeting and planning is therefore the message if you want to enjoy your holiday home without financial worries.

This can also mean that you decide to rent out the property to offset the annual costs with the rental income.

This decision to rent out may then have an impact on the location of your second home.

You might decide to ditch that country house in the idyllic countryside and buy something within walking distance of restaurants, bars, shops and tourist attractions.

Retirement: When your country house becomes your main residence

Buying overseas property for retirement [AVAILABLE SOON] and emigration often go hand in hand.

There are quite a few people who find it attractive to sell their current property for a pretty penny and then get better value for money abroad.

This is often the last big step and a reward for decades of hard work. Such profiles enjoy this change and happily integrate into the local environment and the expatriate community.

Of course, it is also important to consider certain technical aspects of the property. Can you easily reach the building and enter it if you are not so mobile later on?

During your search for the ideal destination, you should also pay attention to medical support. You should also check the presence of rest homes, residential care complexes and service flats.

After all, we live longer and this often results in physical and/or mental ailments.

Having to move again when you are already retired is possible but quite time-consuming and costly.

There are often costs involved (capital gains tax or tax on the value of the property plus sometimes registration fees on the purchase of a new property).

Moreover, it is not certain that you will find a buyer quickly, even if your property is located in a tourist area or a region where many expats live.

Everything depends on the question. If for some reason you have to sell in a weak market, your property may be for sale for several months/years at the price you want or can afford.

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For example, attention is paid to why investing in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio and real estate portfolio [AVAILABLE SOON].