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Buying property on Samos: Great investment reasons for buying there

Why consider buying property on Samos Good Reasons for Investing Kokkari Town

Buying property on Samos can be a fantastic investment for foreigners who often have to cope with rain, wind, floods and inclement weather…

Below you can find out why the island of Samos is a dream destination for second-home owners.

Samos is part of the North Aegean Islands and can be a smart move for a second stay!

North Aegean Islands: Pure Greek life

Buying Property On Samos Beautiful Greek Island Pure Nature Fishing Village Resort

Are you looking for a new or different experience with Greece and possibly the wonderfully beautiful Greek islands?

An experience that gives a sense of how the Greeks really live combined with pure natural beauty and a fantastic climate?

Then the North Aegean Islands might be the ultimate destination for you!

Examples include islands such as Samos, Lesvos (Mitilini) and Hios (Chios).

These islands are far from the Greek mainland and are scattered along the coast of Turkey.

Due to their remote location, these islands are still relatively untouched by tourism.

Vacationers here tend to concentrate in a few resorts and relatively small hotspots.

Typical White Orthodox Church On Samos Island

Because of this, the interior and a large part of the coastline of these islands is still free from mass tourism.

As a result, they can be easily explored without massive crowds.

Along the coastlines of these northern Aegean islands, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Aegean.

Mother Nature really shows her best side here.

But there is more, much more!

The interior of these islands also has all the trimmings: richly wooded valleys, green colours, steep mountain slopes, rolling hillsides, beautiful mountain villages, farmland, and so on.

Delicious Greek cuisine

Fresh Greek Salad with Bread and Olive Oil Tasting On Samos With Aegean Sea In Background

These islands are essentially agricultural pastures where grapes, olives and honey are produced in large quantities.

These locally grown and produced products also form the basis of the delicious local Greek cuisine.

Near Turkey

The influence of Anatolia (also known as Asia Minor, a peninsula that covers part of Turkey) is not as prominent as one would expect, given its proximity to the Turkish coast.

Noteworthy is the Greek military presence. Certain areas of these northern Aegean islands are occupied by the Greek army.

These are usually strictly forbidden zones and therefore you as a visitor will not be bothered by them.

This military presence is a sensitive issue for the Turks, yet travel between the two countries remains very easy.

There are no restrictions on it and thus quite a few tourists combine the North Aegean Islands with Turkey!

It is mainly the island of Samos that functions as a gateway to Turkey.

Geographically, Samos is only 3 kilometres from the closest point of Turkey.

The ferry sails between the port of Vathy on Samos and the Turkish town of Kusadasi and takes about 1.5 hours.

Kusadasi offers easy access to Ephesus, a fascinating Turkish ruined city.

Buying property on Samos: Greek island in the spotlight

Beautiful Beach Azure Water Green Hills In Background Avlakia Samos Island Delightful Holiday Island

Samos is the most mountainous and densely forested of the north-eastern Aegean islands.

This island near Turkey looks rough, wild and mysterious when you approach it by plane or ferry.

The unspoilt hills that throw themselves towards the sea are whimsically dotted with plants, trees and cypresses.

The steep peaks of the hills are also hidden by the cloud cover on an overcast day.

On Samos, mass tourism is only noticeable in the best-known coastal towns such as Kokkari and Pythagorio and in the capital Vathy (Samos Town), which is also located on the coastline.

Panoramic View Over The Aegean Sea From The Village Of Kokkari Samos Island

In these places one can find typical tourist facilities such as many hotels, accommodation, restaurants, taverns, cafes and numerous souvenir shops.

Buying property on Samos: Outside the tourist areas

The real splendour of Samos can therefore be found in the lesser-known fishing villages along the coastline as well as in the unspoilt interior of the island.

The interior of Samos is home to some very beautiful villages that are unknown to the general public.

The rough and difficult terrain is the explanation for this!

These villages in the interior of Samos were the favourite refuge of pirates in the Middle Ages.

Today, these villages are free of mass tourism because of the same characteristics of the terrain.

Nature and relaxation in focus

Although Samos has several beautiful archaeological sites to offer, the island is best known for its leisure opportunities for visitors.

Buy Real Estate On Samos Unique Second Home On Greek Islands Beautiful Nature

Samos is blessed with gems of beaches and breathtaking nature.

It is the perfect destination to combine lazing on the beach or by the pool with activities such as walking, cycling, windsurfing, swimming, snorkelling, and so on.

Buying property on Samos is a sure-fire hit when it comes to nature and relaxation.

Facts about Samos

Finally, a few facts about Samos:

  • The world-famous mathematician Pythagoras was born here. As a refresher, he is the inventor of the Pythagorean theorem: In a right triangle (with sides a and b adjacent to the right angle and hypotenuse c): a²+b²=c²
  • The island is also the most interesting gateway to Turkey via the ferry from Vathy to Kusadasi (+/- 1.5 hours). Ephesus, one of the most important archaeological sites of Turkey, is not far from Kusadasi.

Luxury property for sale: Buying property on Samos

Currently, you can invest in luxury new-build holiday properties on the island of Samos.

Read all about this investment opportunity on Samos by clicking on the following link: Holiday homes on Samos for sale in luxury resort with view over a beautiful bay.

As an investor, you can count on two major advantages:

  • Entitlement to free weeks of private use on an annual basis, which can be freely scheduled during the high and low seasons
  • Contractually defined and guaranteed rental yield through carefree operation by the resort operator

In other words, you will enjoy a considerable financial return each year and also an annual benefit in kind (with access to all the resort’s facilities).

Different regions of Samos under the microscope

Northern coastline, Vathy and Karlovassi

Vathy (also known as Samos Town) on the north-east coast and Karlovassi in the north-west are the two main ports of Samos.

Karlovassi and Vathy are also the largest towns on the island of Samos.

However, neither place is particularly exciting or special.

So it is best to consider these places as a convenient base (among others to take a ferry to Turkey for example) but not as an ideal holiday destination in itself.


Vathy On Hillside Property For Sale Samos Town Shoreline Of Samos Island

Vathy is the capital of Samos and is a busy tourist resort during the high season.

It is a port city that is beautifully situated, with views over a natural harbour.

An extensive development project at Pythagora Square and on the promenade along the beach allows visitors to chat and stroll carefree along a widened waterfront walkway.

Cosy open-air concerts are also organised here in the large bandstand.

The old part of town, Ano Vathy, is higher up towards the hilltops that surround the town.

You will find typical steep, narrow streets with small taverns and cafés where you can enjoy a drink and a snack.


Alley Between Houses Beautiful Red Bougainvillea Samos Island

Karlovassi as a town is slightly less interesting than Vathy.

Although Karlovassi is close to some of the best beaches on the island, the town is rather scattered.

Moreover, Karlovassi has fewer facilities and amenities to offer than Vathy.

Most of Karlovassi’s tourist facilities are fairly centralised along the waterfront on the western side of town.

In other words, here you will find a cluster of tourist facilities (such as various hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants, taverns, cafes, grocery shops and smaller supermarkets).

The old town of Karlovassi is located above the lower town on the slopes of a large rock mass.

On top of this rock formation, a beautiful little chapel is built: the Ayia Triada.

North coast of Samos (Buying property on Samos)

Two Hammocks To Relax Over Bright Blue Seawater In Proteas Bay On Samos

The northern coast of the island is unspoilt and rugged, with steep slopes and even mountain formations rising abruptly from the water’s edge.

Mother Nature is still untouched here and a real treat for the eyes! Here, buying property on Samos is equal to buying property in the unspoilt Greek countryside.

The Platanakia area is located on the north coast and is one of the must-see areas of Samos.

In this region, you will still find pure nature such as rushing streams, lush valleys and picturesque mountain villages.

It is the perfect region to organise a hike full of adventure and unforgettable places.

Fact: Between Kokkari and Karlovassi there is a chain of several excellent beaches.

Two of the most beautiful beaches of Samos are also located here: Micro Seitani beach and Megalo Seitani beach.

You can reach both beaches by taking a short boat ride or by taking a long walk to the west of Karlovassi.

Both beaches are accessible only on foot or by boat.

Southern coastline and Pythagorio

Atmosphere Fishing Port Pythagorion Samos Greek Cuisine Fresh Fish Dishes Available

Pythagorio is located south of Vathy and is a charming but often very busy or even overcrowded resort on Samos.

This popular seaside resort was gradually developed and built on the site of an old village and fishing harbour.

Pythagorio can be considered a convenient base from which to explore the south of Samos.

But beware: If you are not coming to Samos to be with dozens of other tourists, you should avoid the streets of Pythagorio during the peak season.

In one or, at most, two days you can see the most important sights in this area.

Then shift your focus to other, more authentic villages on Samos for a unique Greek experience.

Also in the context of buying property on Samos, you should avoid the centre of Pythagorio.

Three hilltop villages of Platanakia (north coast)

In the middle of the Platanakia region of Samos, among the densely wooded valleys, babbling brooks and terraced slopes, there are many authentic Greek villages (including three unique well-preserved gems).

These settlements were repeatedly attacked by pirates in the distant past because they were visible from the sea.

The three most picturesque of the remaining hilltop villages in this area of the island of Samos are Manolates, Vourliotes and Stavrinides:


The first hilltop village is Manolates, which is +/- 4 kilometres uphill from the main coastal road.

Interesting fact: Manolates was simply inaccessible by car in the past!

It is only since the construction of a paved road that this village is more easily accessible for (foreign) visitors.

You will find unique, steep, narrow cobbled streets that are beautiful and invite you to explore.

In this hillside village, you can also enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in one of the local coffee houses among the locals.

There are also a few taverns to get a bite to eat and you can also shop in a few shops.


Vourliotes is the second hilltop village that has been well preserved. It is located more than 20 kilometres west of Samos Town (Vathy).

This village was in the past the home of many returning Greeks (who originally lived in Vourla in Turkey).

Vourliotes is the wine region of the island of Samos and produces the largest number of litres of wine per year compared to other regions of Samos.

The wines from this hillside village are among the very best on Samos in terms of taste and quality.

Be sure to visit the charming central village square and try the local speciality (revidokeftedes) if you like Greek food.

This local dish includes cheese and chickpea flour.

Tip: Another two kilometres up the hill from this village is the Moni Vronta Monastery, a local landmark.


Stavrinides is the third well-preserved hill village and is built high on the mountainside above Ayios Konstandinos.

This village is the least touristic of the Platanakia villages, which means that you can always enjoy the best prices.

Here you can eat and drink in the taverns among locals at real Samos prices.

Do you like walking in hilly areas? Then consider the signposted walk between Stavrinides and Manolates.

This is not all, there are several other hiking trails that connect these hill towns.

How to visit these hilltop villages?

The easiest way to visit these hilltop villages in the Platanakia region is by car.

Conclusion: Buying property on Samos

Samos offers many unique advantages for retail investors who wish to invest in a unique holiday home.

A delicious Greek cuisine, great hospitality, beautiful nature and a mild climate are some of the assets of this island!

Buying property in Greece can therefore be a very special experience on the island of Samos.