Investing in a holiday home abroad: 4 good reasons!

Investing in a holiday home abroad: 4 good reasons

Owning a holiday home can be a good investment in certain cases. So on this page we keep it positive and give an overview of four good reasons for investing in a holiday home abroad.

At the bottom of this page you can also find the offer of foreign holiday homes for mixed use (private use + rental).

This kind of foreign holiday property offers the best of both worlds in terms of fun and lifestyle on the one hand and return on your savings on the other. Find out more about it below and be inspired!

You can spend your old age in it | Investing in a holiday home abroad

Making the most of your old age is one of the good reasons for investing in a holiday home abroad.

One of the best ways to save money is to buy a holiday home in which you see yourself retiring. You may not realise it, but since you are still part of the working population, you have a number of advantages!

In other words, buying a holiday home abroad when you are still working has its advantages! First of all, it is much easier to buy a cheaper property that still needs some work.

You still have plenty of time to do the redecorating. This way, you can go on holiday to this property every year during the period before you retire and combine work and pleasure!

Secondly, you can effectively spend several weeks a year in the region. This allows you to acclimatise and get used to the surroundings, the climate and the mentality.

By the time you retire and are ready to move, you often have some good friends locally.

Everything takes time, including settling in and getting to know people and making new friends. Integration takes time and trying to force the issue will not work anyway.

From the point of view of gradual integration, the purchase of a holiday home that still needs to be refurbished certainly has its advantages!

Diversification of investment portfolio | Investing in a holiday home abroad

One of the golden rules in the real estate business is to buy well thought out and certainly not to overpay.

If you manage to buy at an attractive price, you should actually be able to make money on your property in the long run.

The fact is that you can often achieve a surplus value in a subsequent sale!

Depending on the economic situation of the country and the region [AVAILABLE SOON] in question, you may decide to keep or sell the holiday home.

You can therefore wait and sell when the market conditions are favourable. Selling (opting for the exit [AVAILABLE SOON]) is preferably done when the market is booming and when there is a peak.

At such a time, it is likely that your property has increased in value. From this point of view, a long-term investment in a holiday home is a good way to diversify your investment portfolio.

In other words, one of the reasons for buying a holiday home as an investment [AVAILABLE SOON] abroad is to spread the risk. And it is an attractive option to expand your real estate portfolio [AVAILABLE SOON].

Of course, buying a second home abroad is not without risk either. You should take your time to find out and research everything before you actually buy property.

And don’t do this in a hurry but calmly, take your time. For the biggest mistake of new real estate investors [AVAILABLE SOON] is giving up due to exposure to an overdose of information.

Remark: There are other deadly mistakes that novice property investors make.

As for the financing [AVAILABLE SOON] of this investment, it is a personal decision.

  • There are people who would rather pay for such a “luxury product” entirely from their own pockets without taking out a loan.
  • But there are also other people who are happy to take out a mortgage loan [AVAILABLE SOON] to finance their home. Often, the leverage effect also plays a role.

On holiday with the whole family | Investing in a holiday home abroad

You may have a favourite holiday destination with the whole family.

If you like to go on holiday several times a year, that is one of the good reasons for investing in a holiday home abroad.

After all, don’t forget that it is the little things in life that make us the most happy! You cannot put a price tag on enjoying a good time together.

To build together as many pleasant memories as possible that will stay with you until the end of your days, in a favourite location [AVAILABLE SOON] for your family, that is priceless!

You should also bear in mind that you tend to “lock in” your family to a particular region when you buy a holiday home there.

Once you own a holiday home, it becomes rather difficult to convince yourself to go on holiday elsewhere. Especially if you have to pay periodic maintenance and cleaning costs.

You must also realise that children do not stay small. When they are small, it is no problem at all to go on holiday to your holiday home three or four times.

But when your children grow up, they naturally start to have their own social life.

And their personal activities will often get in the way of many of your holidays. Just think of it:

  • Sports activities,
  • Music lessons,
  • Summer (language) camps,
  • Scouting and guiding,
  • Social engagements,
  • Higher studies with examination periods and possible re-examinations, and so on.

Becoming an owner of a holiday home can be a good investment. That is, if you find out whether the property and the investment market [AVAILABLE SOON] is a good investment for you and your family.

The story just has to be right and there have to be good reasons for investing in a holiday home abroad. Otherwise you will regret it later…

Extra income and cash flow | Investing in a holiday home abroad

Most holiday homes can generate additional income for their owners.

The amount of this income depends on various parameters. Is there a professional management company responsible for the rental of the holiday home, for example?

So that there are actually passive yield properties [AVAILABLE SOON] managed from A to Z by a developer of turnkey investment properties [AVAILABLE SOON] with stewardship and management service?

It goes without saying that you should do your homework [AVAILABLE SOON] thoroughly before you buy. For example, you should find out whether the region and location [AVAILABLE SOON] where you want to purchase the holiday home is a popular tourist destination.

Also find out what the average rental prices are for similar holiday homes in the area. This way you can estimate whether the income will cover the monthly costs.

It is simple: owning a holiday home is like running a business. If you want to make money, the income must be greater than the costs. The key to maximising your profits:

Final tip | Investing in a holiday home abroad

Do not be guided only by this list of four good reasons for investing in a holiday home abroad.

You should be careful when you are about to invest in holiday homes [AVAILABLE SOON] abroad. There are quite a few investors who buy a holiday home for the wrong reasons.

Buying a holiday home is a good investment but you need to find out if it is the right option for your situation and family.

It sometimes happens that purchases are made without thorough consideration.

This then leads to loss-making situations when selling or even to situations where the holiday home simply does not get sold.

So you better think twice before making the investment… Making money from renting out real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] for passive income is not as simple as it seems.

Interested in France in particular?

Then be sure to read the ten points of attention for buying property in France.

Foreign holiday homes for mixed use | Investing in a holiday home abroad

As a foreign national, investing in holiday homes abroad for mixed use…

In such a scenario (private use + rental), buying a holiday home actually offers a lot of advantages that in most family situations almost always outweigh the disadvantages!

The golden mean as a solution

When it comes to investing in real estate, capital protection and a relatively risk-free return play an important role for most private investors.

However, when it comes to investing in foreign holiday homes, the focus of most is on private use. This then has a severe impact on the return on your investment.

Who can manage to rent out the foreign holiday home regularly and profitably without expending a lot of energy on it themselves? An absolute minority.

To overcome this problem, some promoters offer the golden mean: holiday homes for mixed use.

Buying property abroad suddenly takes on an extra dimension in this case. Because in addition to fun and entertainment, there is also financial return!

Thus, the doors of passive investment in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] are opening!

In short, investing in rental property need no longer be a stressful experience and earning a passive income with property [AVAILABLE SOON] becomes absolutely possible.

The extra mile and that little bit extra – Good reasons for investing in a holiday home abroad

Investing in a mixed-use holiday home… It may be worth it if you look carefully!

Below are some thoughts and guidelines on selecting a great investment market for real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

Did you know that you can acquire full ownership of studios, flats and other units such as tree houses in certain resorts?

And that you, as owner, can use it for x number of weeks per year? And that for the rest of the year, when you can’t use it yourself, you get a nice yield in return?

Some promoters do go the extra mile for investors. Buying foreign real estate investment [AVAILABLE SOON] is possible with extra security…

You buy a property there in full ownership and then they take care of the rental and maintenance themselves. Passive investment in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is then no longer a dream but rather reality!

In exchange, you can in certain cases count on a watertight rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON] and guaranteed annual return!

In other words, investing savings in real estate with a rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON] is also possible with recreational real estate!

As icing on the cake, you can then, depending on the specific promoter, make private use of the holiday home with your partner, family, friends or relatives.

Often at a reduced rate, in exchange for a reduced return or even for free!

Holiday property for sale with return and free use | Investing in a holiday home abroad

Top offer: Luxury Golf & Spa resort in Limousin region

What distinguishes this investment offer in recreational French property from the rest of the market?

Investing in a holiday home abroad provides a top return here (up to 8%), net, without hidden costs.

Optionally, you can also invoke a resale guarantee if required: Sell to at least 100% or 150% after 5 or 10 years of ownership respectively.

What’s more, you get something here that you don’t get anywhere else: FREE private use, TWO weeks per year, to be planned freely during HIGH & LOW SEASON.

Everything is contractually defined and guaranteed.

Read all about it and view photos and a video at Buy second home in France in full ownership at the Wyndham Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa Resort in the Limousin region in France.

Tip: Do you have a smaller budget available for investing money in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]?

Then you can also invest in the same resort through co-ownership, and this is possible with a smaller budget, from 17 230 euros. You can read all the information on recreational real estate in France as an investment.

Luxury residence in Tivat, Montenegro – Second mixed-use option

Currently, Montenegro offers great growth perspectives in the tourism sector. The region in and around Tivat is blessed with natural beauty as well as several cultural hotspots, several of which are recognised and protected by UNESCO.

The luxury residence was built on a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea. You can acquire full ownership of studios and flats.

As an owner, you can decide how to use your property:

  • Purely for private use
  • For mixed use (6 weeks free per year own use + carefree rental with nice gross return per year)
  • Please note: The letting yield is not contractually guaranteed by the promoter

Hera Bay Luxury Resort in Greece – Third unique offer

The Greek islands, it is one of the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations for island hopping.

And on the green gem of Samos, it is possible to own a beautiful holiday home with views over the Aegean Sea.

You can become the proud owner of various property types, such as hotel rooms, studios, flats, campanas and villas. In short, there is something for every budget.

Also very important: As an owner, you can enjoy two unique benefits through the mixed-use formula:

  • Free weeks of personal use per year, and
  • Contractually guaranteed annual rental return

Read all details on the offer buy holiday home on Samos in the Hera Bay Luxury Resort.