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  • Investing in real estate in Brussels: Value retention investing without much risk

Investing in real estate in Brussels: Value retention investing without much risk

Investing in Real Estate in Brussels Secure Value Without Much Risk

Investing in real estate in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, can be a nice diversification for your investment portfolio.

It is a unique location to own investment property for rent.

Brussels is a sensible option in terms of location, given the higher monthly rent and the limited risk.

Here are five reasons to invest in Brussels investment property.

Moreover, you will also be presented with some attractive opportunities to invest completely passively in Brussels real estate.

Defensive investing in real estate in Brussels is perfectly possible

Defensive Value Investing in Brussels Real Estate Can Be Perfect

Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region are the centre of Belgium and Europe.

In terms of value retention of real estate and capital protection for an existing asset, the unique status and role of Brussels can therefore count.

Have you been interested for some time to put a part of your savings or other assets to work by investing in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]?

Then the Brussels-Capital Region is a particularly interesting place to diversify your assets.

And this is the case both for private individuals getting started in real estate as an investment vehicle and for experienced investors [AVAILABLE SOON] looking for a nice addition to their existing real estate portfolio [AVAILABLE SOON].

Newly built residential units in prime locations in Brussels in particular offer excellent opportunities for private investors.

Stay objective about Brussels as an investment location

European Institutions in Brussels Generate High Employment and Rental Demand for Premium Homes and Apartments in Brussels

Much can be said about Brussels, both positive and negative.

Subjective opinions and experiences aside, it is worth taking an objective look at what Brussels actually is…

Brussels is simply an internationally oriented bastion of well-paid professionals from virtually all sectors.

It is a financial and political centre that attracts a lot of capital and businesses.

As a result, the local Brussels economic and political fabric is different from other places in Belgium.

Wages and salaries are a lot higher there and property prices are also on average a lot higher than in other parts of Belgium.

Given the international status of Brussels, as a small investor you will be in a comfortable position if you invest in the right, well-located new investment property [AVAILABLE SOON].

Investing in Brussels property can be done without much risk, but…

Remain attentive and ensure thorough preparation and analysis when it comes to analysing buy-to-let properties [AVAILABLE SOON].

It is very important to carry out a thorough due diligence [AVAILABLE SOON] during the purchase procedure of an investment property [AVAILABLE SOON] before you actually buy.

Impressive Buildings in the Historic Centre of Brussels

Investing money in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] should be done carefully and certainly not in a hurry. With attention to the:

The exact location [AVAILABLE SOON], the developer [AVAILABLE SOON], the type of investment property [AVAILABLE SOON] (residential, commercial, recreational, care), the finish, the interior and sustainability also play a major role.

Brussels is one of those special locations where you can invest in real estate without much risk.

In any case: Investing in real estate in Brussels to let can be a very attractive alternative to your current savings products and supplementary pension plans.

You can earn a nice annual net return and, moreover, you can claim a potential surplus value in the medium to long term.

Taking into account the most recent price developments on the Brussels property market, such an added value is not at all unrealistic, quite the contrary.

Property prices in Brussels: Some rules of thumb

Authentic Stylish Buildings In Brussels The Capital Of Belgium
  • Almost three quarters of the real estate transactions in Brussels concern flats (and not houses). In this respect, Brussels is atypical compared to the rest of Belgium, where three quarters of real estate transactions are residential.
  • The average value of homes in Brussels is on the rise.
  • The average value of flats in Brussels is also on the rise.
  • In terms of price level, Brussels is on a much higher level than Flanders and Wallonia. The average price of residential property (such as a house) in Brussels:
    • More than twice the average price of residential property in Wallonia
    • Is more than half the average price of residential property in Flanders

Why consider investing in real estate in Brussels? 5 reasons

Why Investing in Real Estate in Brussels Five reasons

Investing in real estate in Brussels offers a number of great advantages to investors.

Below you will find five assets of Brussels investment properties:

Enormous opportunities for investors with long investment horizons

Brussels Real Estate Market And Rents Offer Excellent Opportunities For Investors With Long-Term Expectations

The recent evolution of Brussels property prices shows that it is an inflation-proof investment.

The rise in property prices in recent years has therefore been at least as strong as inflation.

In the future, it can be assumed that Brussels’ real estate prices will continue to rise steadily.

The strategic location of Brussels, combined with the political, international and economic clout of this capital city, makes for a real tenants’ market.

The demand for high-quality residential units is high and stable, also thanks to the gigantic pool of expats. Hence, real estate in Brussels in the right location is an interesting investment.

Naturally, a minimum equity contribution is required to acquire full ownership of a buy-to-let property.

And given that Brussels’ real estate prices are higher than elsewhere in Belgium, this may seem like an impossible task for the average private investor. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Nowadays, you can get started from as little as EUR 85 000 of own equity. More importantly, this amount can be a mix of various types of assets, capital and assets.

Therefore, you do not need to have EUR 85 000 of liquid assets in a bank account.

Find out more about these flexible investment requirements through the investment opportunities below.

Low-risk defensive investment in real estate is possible

Brussels offers comfort of life, great catering, relaxation and culture in an international environment

Why invest in Brussels? Because you can buy and rent property at a stable and attractive return with little risk.

Limited-risk investing should be the main focus according to the prudent person principle.

In Brussels, you can effectively invest in rental properties without much risk.

Brussels is the centre of Europe, which is of course reflected in the presence of:

  • European institutions such as the European Commission
  • Numerous embassies and consulates
  • NATO
  • Gigantic business zones with the presence of thousands of multinational, large and small companies
Brussels Is The Centre Of Europe Mix Of Languages And Cultures Unique Hotspot For High-paying Jobs

Brussels is also top of the class in terms of cultural and culinary offerings.

Numerous bars, restaurants, cafés, culture houses (such as the Flagey building see below), museums, concert halls, squares, churches, city parks, and so on are present.

Pond and Flagey building Important cultural building in Brussels on Place Flagey Historical heart of Ixelles

The cultural offer in Brussels is really worthwhile and the quality of life (in terms of health care, schools, restaurants and shops, for example) is high.

The architectural style of the classical buildings in the centre of Brussels is also special.

It creates a typical Brussels atmosphere and allure…

Unique Architecture Of Buildings In Central Brussels Beautiful Appearance

Brussels is fairly centrally located in Belgium and is easily accessible by car, plane or public transport (train).

Brussels itself is blessed with a very efficient public transport system. The combination of tram, bus and metro ensures extremely good mobility for all residents and commuters.

Given these extremely attractive facilities, more and more foreign and domestic professionals with a job in Brussels are considering settling in Brussels.

In other words, there is a stable and growing demand for beautifully finished residential units in a good location.

And a prudent investor can obviously capitalise on that. It is the real estate market par excellence to invest defensively in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] at a nice annual net return.

Risk-averse investors are definitely in for a treat here. The Brussels rental market is firmly supported by the international business community.

Political institutions and international organisations are also creating a huge demand for quality flats for rent in the Brussels-Capital Region.

All these things stimulate tenant demand and that is music to the ears of risk-averse investors.

A good location in Brussels guarantees smooth leasing, with as few vacancies as possible, at firm rental prices that ultimately yield a good return.

Attention: there is a difference between virtual versus real yield of real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]! So pay attention and do your homework before you invest.

Investing in real estate in Brussels without worries is also possible

Worry-free investing in Brussels Real Estate is possible with All-In Rental Service

The biggest mental stumbling block for first-time property investors is what to do after the purchase. After all, managing buy-to-let properties [AVAILABLE SOON] requires stress resistance, time and energy.

If you don’t get it right, your real estate investment can quickly become a heavy burden!

Being a landlord yourself [AVAILABLE SOON] is not for everyone, and certainly not if you as an owner do not often or never stay in Brussels.

Finding a good tenant yourself, repairing damage, following up and collecting rent, organising descriptions of places, following up on vacancies or non-payment – it is not to be underestimated.

All the hours you need to invest in this should actually be deducted from your gross return to calculate your actual net return. Because time is money.

Outsourcing rental and management is the solution

Investing in Brussels property without worries is possible by outsourcing the rental and management to a professional manager with local roots.

In other words, buying and letting property without worries in the Brussels-Capital Region is possible if you go with the right partner.

You should preferably invest in a new construction project of a developer of turnkey investment properties [AVAILABLE SOON] that also offers an all-in, carefree rental service [AVAILABLE SOON].

Give preference to a developer who is himself the owner and manager [AVAILABLE SOON] of the buy-to-let properties in question.

This means that this company has skin in the game and, moreover, controls the entire process from A to Z itself. And that is positive for a private investor [AVAILABLE SOON].

In any case, research very thoroughly what is and what is not included in the service package [AVAILABLE SOON] that is offered.

Enjoy the economies of scale of a multi-person management team

Outsourcing Rentals To A Professional Team And Buying Turnkey Buy-to-Let Real Estate In Brussels Creates A Passive Investment

Do you prefer passive investment in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] in Brussels? Then there is good news!

As an investor, it is possible to fall back on the economies of scale of a professional company that handles the rental, management and all the paperwork for you.

This way, you can make money with real estate in Brussels without any worries and loss of time, while being sure that the rental potential and your returns are maximised.

Take a look at the following offers of Brussels investment properties for sale to get an idea of what is possible!

Relief puts investment property on a par with other savings products

Investing in rental property does not have to be time-consuming or worrying at all.

Earning a passive income with real estate in the Brussels-Capital Region can be done smoothly and without worries with the right partners.

And in such a scenario, you can easily compare such a real estate investment with a classic, hands-free savings product such as a savings account, bond or cash bond.

Read more about this type of passive investment property on the page passive property investor or active property renter [AVAILABLE SOON]: What type of investor are you?

Investing in Brussels property with maximised returns is possible

Investing in Real Estate in Brussels With Maximum Return Is An Absolute Possibility

What kind of return does Brussels real estate offer? First of all, you should understand that the real estate market in Brussels is different from that in Flanders and Wallonia.

Both real estate prices and rental prices are a lot higher in Brussels (see above for some rules of thumb concerning ratios).

Focus on passive investment in new builds and combine with financial leverage

As the rents are a lot higher, by partly borrowing for a buy-to-let property [AVAILABLE SOON] in Brussels, you can ultimately earn an attractive monthly net return with the right property.

What is important is that you focus on a rock-solid and sustainable new construction project that meets the requirements of well-off professionals in Brussels.

Take a look at the following investment opportunities in Brussels that offer a nice balance between carefree returns in a prime location on the one hand, and a sustainable premium finish and furnishing on the other.

New Buildings In Brussels As A Reliable Investment With Limited Risk And High Value Potential

Brussels as a location for a real estate investment offers unique opportunities for maximum return.

This return, especially in the Brussels area, can be formed by the annual rental income but also by the potential added value in case of a later exit and sale [AVAILABLE SOON].

Everything depends on selecting the right location in the Brussels Capital Region.

Think for example of new flats for rent in Uccle, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels City, Evere, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Auderghem or other municipalities in the Brussels Capital Region.

Take a look at the following passive investment opportunities on the Brussels property market.

Parc Du Cinquantenaire Exhibition Park In Brussels With Various Museums

Occupancy of 90-100% is realistic

If you engage the right manager and steward, you as the owner can simply use the manager’s local network.

This means that you can rest easy when it comes to renting and maximising returns.

An experienced partner with the right connections can often bring the occupancy rate of your studio or flat close to 100% in Brussels.

In addition, you can count on maximising rental prices (as such a player knows the market inside out and always gets the best out of it).

You as the owner can also count on the thorough background checks carried out by such a company.

As an owner, you can therefore be sure that your premises will be rented by a tenant with the right profile and sufficient income.

Often, the tenants are well-off professionals who settle in Brussels because they are tired of commuting.

Or they are foreign expatriates looking for a comfortable medium-term solution without buying property themselves.

Royal Palace In Brussels Belgium Eye-catcher Of The Monarchy

Choose a professional partner and guidance with local roots

Investing in rental properties is on the rise and proves to be a good investment for many private investors.

Almost everyone is tired of the exceptionally low interest rates on savings accounts, especially since they are not even sufficient to counteract inflation.

Alternatives such as the stock market are too volatile for a large part of the population. And so one soon arrives at an investment in physical real estate, in tangible stones.

Of course, there is more to it than investing money in real estate blindly and without thinking.

European Commission in Brussels International Magnet for Politics and Business

You don’t just blindly buy a property near a European institution and hope for the best…

It is in this context that a professional developer can guide you from A to Z, paying attention to the right factors.

Such a professional partner can help you with the following issues and concerns for your investment property in Brussels:

  • Determine the right location that suits your needs in terms of annual return as well as long-term appreciation potential
  • Selecting the type of investment property that suits your personal requirements and budget (studio, one-, two- or three-bedroom flat, penthouse, etc.)
  • Possibly adjusting the type of buy-to-let property you are going to buy in order to maximise the chances of optimal letting
  • Analysis of the rental market in the region you are planning to buy a new buy-to-let property
  • Maximising your return through optimised but market-based rental income
  • Guidance to legally and legally index the rent annually as a hedge against inflation
  • Identification of energy-efficient and sustainable new buildings

Would you like to enjoy a real estate investment in Brussels without any worries?

Then take a look at the carefree investment properties in Brussels at the bottom of this page.

Newly built properties in prime locations in Brussels get the best marks

Value investing in property [AVAILABLE SOON] in Brussels and by extension the Brussels-Capital Region is possible, especially with newly built real estate in prime locations.

A carefully selected new construction project in a prominent residential area in Brussels offers the greatest chance of financial success!

Accessibility and a strategic location are important so that the right tenants can quickly commute to that well-paying job in that impressive office building…

Office Building In Brussels Important Hub For Doing Business In Europe

Focus on an attractive location that offers a good balance between living and working (focus on comfort, quality and tranquillity are important).

Always give preference to newly built studios and flats that are built according to the most modern techniques and regulations.

This strategy of investing in real estate in Brussels guarantees you the highest possible return.

This return is formed by the monthly rental income on the one hand and a potential surplus value in case of a later sale on the other hand.

Capitalise on the permit problems in Brussels NOW

Permit problems in Brussels create scarcity in the new-build segment With Premium Finishes Interesting for Rental Returns

Buying new real estate as an investment in Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region is also very interesting from a strategic point of view.

You may or may not know it, but the Brussels bureaucracy is creating a real permit problem for new building projects.

In other words: The demand from tenants is there and rising, while the supply in the new-build segment with premium finishes is only growing sparsely.

In other words, the Brussels permit problem is causing a shortage in the new-build segment. Demand exceeds supply.

And such a scenario is, of course, interesting for savvy investors who seek a value stable investment with attractive returns.

On offer: investment properties for sale in Brussels with all-in rental service

Looking for a passive investment property in the Brussels-Capital Region?

And is investing in real estate in Brussels with value stability and attractive returns without worries what you want and strive for?

Then be sure to check out the following new construction projects that respond to the rising demand for premium residential units in prime locations:

Watermael-Boitsfort: From € 90 000 own contribution

  • Investment flats in Brussels for sale as stable investment with low risk:
    • Sustainable property investment on the edge of the Sonian Forest
    • From €90,000 and up, you can acquire full ownership of a residential unit in combination with a loan
    • Five types of property for sale: studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats and penthouses
    • Prestige and allure in a prime location, large rental potential and high appreciation potential in the medium term
    • Complete worry-free management by the promoter is available if you want to rent out passively for an attractive, carefree return

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert: From EUR 100,000 own resources

  • Investment property in Brussels for sale as an alternative, value-retaining investment:
    • On an absolutely prime location in the prominent Woluwe-Saint-Lambert area
    • From € 100,000 own contribution (which can be a combination of all kinds of capital, equity and assets)
    • Investing in real estate in Brussels with annual net returns of 5 to 6%
    • With complete leasing service and all-inclusive stewardship without worries, completely hands-free real estate investment in Brussels

Evere: From EUR 85,000 own resources

  • Buying a new flat in Brussels as a passive, low-risk investment:
    • Carefree rental service from A to Z included, completely hands-free investment in Brussels real estate
    • Investing in real estate in Brussels as from € 85,000 equity (can be mix of various types of capital and assets)
    • With carefree and passive annual returns of +/- 5.5%
    • Attractive location in Evere, with good appreciation potential (thanks, among other things, to the new metro line that is coming up)

Other interesting information about Brussels investment property