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Investing in rental properties in Brussels: Benefits and options

Investing in rental properties in Brussels Benefits And Options

Investing in rental properties in Brussels offers some unique advantages compared to other real estate markets in Belgium.

For certain types of private investors, Brussels can undoubtedly be the best choice in terms of investment market.

Find out more about Brussels investment property and for whom this type of investment is suitable (and for whom it is not) below.

You will also be introduced to some unique passive real estate investments in Brussels with carefree, attractive returns.

Introduction: Investing in rental properties in Brussels

Investing in rental properties in Brussels Introduction

Brussels is the investment market [AVAILABLE SOON] of choice for someone who is looking for a value stable investment with quasi certainty of rental income and with a good potential for capital gains.

Find out below how the diverse tenant population of Brussels is creating a growing demand .

After that, we will look into the possibility of renting out premium newly built properties furnished to well-paid expats and employees of large companies.

In the right location, this can be a lucrative and profitable investment in real estate.

We then highlight Brussels as a job engine and magnet for well-paid professionals. The Brussels economic fabric is strong and offers unique properties for real estate investors.

We also discuss for whom investing in rental properties in Brussels is not a good idea .

As the icing on the cake, you will get an overview of some attractive new buy-to-let properties for sale in Brussels with which you can earn a complete passive return.

Diverse tenants ensure growing demand

Diverse Tenant Base Ensures Increasing Demand in Brussels for Quality Residential Properties to Rent

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and an enormously densely populated region. The residential rental market is stable and growing.

What is more, Brussels is a real tenants’ market compared to Flanders. Percentage-wise, there are more renters than owners living in Brussels.

Concretely, the tenant demand in the Brussels residential property market is formed by different types of tenants, of which we will explain 3 main groups below:

Professionals who do not want to commute (any more)

Workers On The Brussels Ring Road As An Access Route To Brussels For Commuters With Company Cars

Daily commute from home to Brussels and back. By train, bus or car.

Not everyone can handle it… In most cases, this involves a few hours of commuting per working day.

On an annual basis, we are talking about a huge amount of time lost in commuting.

Quite a few commuters do try it and keep it up for a while.

And then to finally throw in the towel and make a change. In such a scenario, three options remain:

  • Continuous teleworking without going to the office in Brussels (not feasible for most people)
  • Giving up the well-paid job (and career opportunities) in Brussels and looking for a job closer to home
  • Protect the career and invested hours and energy and live in the Brussels-Capital Region to reduce travel time

The tenant market in Brussels is therefore partly formed by well-paid professionals who rent and live in Brussels. Because in terms of living comfort, it is easier to live in Brussels.

Students in higher education in Brussels | Investing in rental properties in Brussels

Increasing Demand from Higher Education Students in Brussels Student Housing in the Capital

When you think of a thriving and growing student city, you probably think, like most people, of Leuven or Ghent.

Yet Brussels is not inferior! The Brussels-Capital Region is home to more than 50 universities and colleges, which together account for more than 100 000 students annually.

Brussels is a magnet for an international student crowd, with several vibrant student districts and access to the cosmopolitan city that is Brussels.

For students, Brussels offers a unique mix: campus life, student districts, trendy shopping streets, business districts, a huge catering industry, an international crowd and cosy streets and alleys in the old centre.

All these students must of course find student accommodation in Brussels in one way or another. As the number of students in Brussels is on the rise, this is not always obvious.

Hence, there is a stable, growing and strong rental demand for all kinds of student housing.

As an investor, you can, for example, acquire full ownership of a well-located modern premium studio with all the necessary facilities for a student or other type of single person.

At the bottom of this page you will find some offers where you can invest in newly built studios and flats for rent.

The biggest advantage of this investment property in Brussels? The promoter takes care of everything (you do not have to do anything yourself as an owner, except for earning passive income with real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]).

Brussels pensioners and senior citizens

Atmosphere in Brussels Where Brussels Retired And Seniors Are Also Part Of The Rentals Market

Belgium is facing a significant ageing population in the coming decades. This ageing problem is coming to a head and unfortunately will not abate.

The ageing population in Belgium is the result of two causes:

  • The huge group of baby boomers is gradually starting to retire. The group of Belgians older than 65 will therefore increase enormously in the coming years.
  • Thanks to the increasing comfort of life and huge advances in healthcare, we are living much longer on average. The average life expectancy is on the rise, which means that the number of inhabitants with a very old age is also increasing. The latter group is then supported through a service flat, an assisted living facility or a rest home.

For various reasons (such as succession planning), these senior citizens may choose to rent in Brussels.

A premium flat in a good location with all amenities nearby becomes very attractive at that time.

Buying a flat in Brussels to rent out can therefore also be done with this group of tenants in mind. They are wealthy and often prefer premium comfort and finish.

With the right new flat in the right location, you are sure to appeal to such a target group.

Tip: Avoid vacancy and rental problems by using a professional firm. The offers at the bottom of this page offer this option.

Lucrative furnished rentals for expats | Investing in rental properties in Brussels

Lucrative Furnished Rentals For Expats In Brussels Making Money As An Investor by Investing in rental properties in Brussels

Make money with real estate by renting furnished to expats in Brussels…

It is a course and strategy that offers a number of unique advantages.

Unique benefits for owners investing in rental properties in Brussels

Renting a furnished flat to expatriates in Brussels offers the advantage that these are usually wealthy tenants of foreign origin.

They are employees of multinational companies, politicians, officials of European and international institutions, and so on.

In absolute numbers, we are talking about more than 100 000 expats who all need housing in Brussels.

The advantage of focusing on this target group as an investor? These people usually earn a good salary and therefore have sufficient purchasing power.

In many cases, it is the employer who (partly) pays for the accommodation, so premium and comfort are given priority.

It is a win-win for everyone, because paying for expensive hotel rooms or more expensive short stays is more detrimental to the employer in the long run.

Brussels is home to NATO, countless multinationals in Brussels’ business parks, EU institutions and various international bodies.

So renting to expats is perfectly possible in the Brussels-Capital Region! There is demand for both furnished and unfurnished flats.

As the owner of a well-located Brussels buy-to-let property, you can claim stable rental income paid by a wealthy tenant public.

Partner with a locally anchored player (investing in rental properties in Brussels)

Investing in rental properties in Brussels Via Locally Anchored Player Makes Sense

Investing in real estate in Brussels for furnished rental to high earning professionals can bring attractive returns.

But there is more to real estate than just its yield (also note the difference between virtual versus real yield of real estate [AVAILABLE SOON])… Think carefully about your personal strategy and wishes…

Are you pursuing a passive real estate investment? Or do you take the headaches and stress with a smile?

Investing in rental properties can be done passively if you go with the right developer of turnkey investment property [AVAILABLE SOON].

Such a player should assist you from A to Z with the purchase procedure [AVAILABLE SOON], the management of the buy-to-let properties [AVAILABLE SOON] and the provision of a comprehensive rental service [AVAILABLE SOON] and so on.

In short, the construction promoter should play a home game on the Brussels property market and also offer a holistic service package [AVAILABLE SOON] to private investors.

The following Brussels property investments meet all these conditions.

Job engine and magnet for well-paid workers (and politicians)

Brussels Job Engine Magnet for Highly-paid Employees Politicians Lobbyists

Investing in rental properties in Brussels for lifetime income, through a value-adding savings product such as real estate.

It is absolutely possible, also thanks to the exceptional status of Brussels in Belgium and Europe.

When it comes to culture, tourism, politics, economics, making a career and working for the highest possible salary, Brussels is the cream of Belgium’s crop.

The Brussels Capital Region is home to an incredible number of (multinational) employers and organisations that create a huge number of well-paid jobs.

As an investor and future landlord, you are naturally looking for such assets for your investment property [AVAILABLE SOON].

Small comment: Safely investing in rental properties in Brussels is only feasible if you choose the location carefully.

In this context, choose a residential neighbourhood in the prominent Woluwe, for example, or go for appreciation potential in the up-and-coming Evere.

Impressive list of employers in Brussels

Impressive List of Employers Present in Brussels
  • Embassies and consulates of almost all countries in the world
  • NATO
  • European institutions
  • United Nations
  • Dozens of (international) schools
  • Thousands of large and smaller companies:

Nearly 300 000 jobs in and around Brussels | Investing in rental properties in Brussels

Atomium Eye-catcher Of Brussels Capital

The centre of Brussels is a hotspot for jobs and businesses, but the outskirts can also boast impressive figures.

Numerous business parks are located close to the centre of Brussels.

Virtually all international superpowers and multinationals are based in Brussels.

Together, they account for almost 300 000 well-paid jobs in Brussels and its periphery.

Do not forget the importance of Brussels Airport and the air traffic controller Eurocontrol.

Both companies together have more than 50 000 people on the payroll.

In a nutshell: In terms of its economic fabric, Brussels is one of the most important job engines in Belgium and is therefore crucial as a stable factor for the Belgian economy.

And as a private real estate investor, you can, of course, get a piece of the pie.

Who is not suitable for investing in rental properties in Brussels?

Investing in rental properties in Brussels is not a suitable location for everyone to invest in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

For whom the price per square metre is sacred

Brussels Real Estate Market Characterised by High Square Metre Prices

Since Brussels is the capital of Belgium, real estate prices there are much higher than elsewhere in Belgium.

Some private investors have difficulty with this because they only calculate with square metre prices and compare with their place of residence. What is comparing apples and oranges…

For such investment profiles, who are unable to see the value and bigger picture, Brussels and by extension the Brussels Capital Region are not the right location.

For those with a local mentality

Brussels is also not suitable for Flemish with a local or classic so-called church tower mentality.

Such profiles already find it (too) adventurous to invest in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] outside the municipality or province.

Such people would be better off purchasing a buy-to-let property nearby because that way they don’t experience the stress of their investment in far-off Brussels…

For control freaks

A third type of investor who does not qualify for Brussels investment property is the control freak.

Brussels can be a witch-hunt in terms of traffic and accessibility. So a smart investor who thinks of investing in rental properties in Brussels will in any case do it passively.

This means outsourcing the management of the buy-to-let property [AVAILABLE SOON] to a professional local player.

But, of course, such a strategy is not suitable for everyone… Are you able to function as a landlord [AVAILABLE SOON] yourself?

Read more about it at passive real estate investor or active real estate landlord [AVAILABLE SOON]: What kind of investor are you?

Carefree investment property in the Brussels-Capital Region

Interested in passive real estate investment [AVAILABLE SOON] in the capital of Belgium?

If so, the following turnkey solutions including all-inclusive rental service [AVAILABLE SOON] and stewardship are sure to be of interest:

Investment flats in Watermael-Boitsfort

  • Investment flats in Brussels for sale – Choice of 5 types for rental or private use:
    • On Boulevard du Souverain with the Sonian Forest as the back garden
    • Project with allure and class in an iconic prime location
    • Stable investment with low risk and high upside potential
    • Complete rental and management service available via promoter

Investing in rental properties in Brussels in Woluwe (passive investment product)

  • Investment property in Brussels for sale with 5-6% return per year.
    • Carefree, passive investment in strategically located and prominent Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.
    • Choice of newly built studios and flats as well as rooftop flats
    • Modern and sleekly designed with high-quality finishes and furnishings.

Investment property in Evere (hassle-free savings product)

  • Buying a new flat in Brussels as investment
    • Completely passive investment thanks to the rental service from A to Z.
    • Unique location in Evere, popular with tenants
    • With significant appreciation potential in the medium to long term
    • +/- 5.5% return per year, net, after deduction of all costs.

Thanks to its local roots and large network, your occupancy rate is maximised. Moreover, you can fall back on a carefree formula of all-in stewardship.

Fun fact: A nice furniture package is optionally available at the source directly from the promoter.

This way, you can start investing in rental properties in Brussels and immediately let it out fully furnished if desired (especially interesting if you want expats as tenants).