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  • Apartment block for sale in Germany (Waldbröl) with 4-year rental guarantee

Apartment block for sale in Germany (Waldbröl) with 4-year rental guarantee

  • €1,250,000
  • 5.76% gross return/year
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • Apartment building
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Waldbröl, Germany

This apartment block for sale in Germany in Wardbröl is a great opportunity for investors looking for multi-family rental properties.

As an owner, you can get 12 rental units (which can be increased to 13 if required).

In return, you can enjoy a contractually guaranteed rental period of 4 years.

Find out all about it below and request more information if you wish to organise a site visit.

You can also receive, free of obligation, a number of return simulations tailored to your situation (own contribution, investment horizon, type of financing, etc.).

Summary of this apartment block for sale in Germany

  • 12 rental units in the apartment block:
    • 10 flats to let
    • 2 commercial units to let
    • Note: One of the two commercial units can be converted into 2 residential units, further increasing your return on equity (13 rental units instead of the original 12 in that case)
  • 6,000 euros guaranteed rental income per month (after conversion of commercial space into 2 residential units), for 4 years and renewable
  • Contractually guaranteed rental yield of 5.76% per year (calculated over the purchase price without notary fees or registration fees and before any taxes and duties)
  • You can acquire full ownership of the apartment block and the land! No leasehold, no building rights, in short, no German scrap property.
  • Beautifully renovated building with an extremely solid finish
  • Secure and sustainable investment in German property in Waldbröl
  • If you partly finance the property with loan capital, the return on your invested capital will be much higher (please contact us for tailor-made simulations)
  • Price of this apartment block for sale: 1 250 000 euro

Features of this apartment block for sale in Germany

12 rental units

  • Commercial space 1: Surface of 87 m² – already let to physiotherapy practice
  • Commercial space 2: Area of 73 m²
  • 10 residential flats to let for families

Completely renovated apartment block for sale in Germany

  • Solid finishing
  • Recently completely renovated (including roof)
  • 751 m² rentable area

Technical info, facts and figures

  • Type of investment property: Apartment block (rental property with accommodation for several families)
  • Year built: 1984
  • Complete renovation: 2016
  • Recently completely renovated – inspection and site visit is recommended to see for yourself the finishing and durability!
  • 10 residential rental units (possibly 12)
  • 2 commercial rental units (possibly 1 if one commercial property is converted into 2 additional residential rental units)
  • Two floors
  • Residential area in Waldbröl
  • Roof: Renovated and refurbished
  • Windows: PVC
  • Shutters available
  • Heating: By gas
  • Energy Certificate C
  • Cellar / Attic / Laundry room: Present
  • Garages: 2
  • Parking spaces: 18
  • Garden: Present

Financial details – Apartment block for sale in Germany

  • Price of the apartment block for sale in Germany: 1 250 000 Euros
  • 72 000 Euros guaranteed rental income per annum (after conversion of commercial premises into 2 residential units), over 4 years
  • Contractually guaranteed rental yield of 5.76% per year (calculated over the purchase price without notary fees or registration fees and before any taxes and duties)
  • Finance partly with loan capital for optimum leverage and an even higher return on your invested capital
  • Security is key:
    • Contractually agreed rental guarantee for all rental units in the flat block for a period of 4 years
    • All-in service and stewardship included for this 4-year period (no hidden costs)
    • After the 4-year period, you can switch to ordinary stewardship at competitive rates (with the added advantage that it concerns leases with a long duration)
  • The 2 garages and 18 parking spaces belong to the apartment building. This means that you can possibly boost the rental income further by renting out the parking spaces individually.
  • By converting the existing plans from a commercial rental unit to two residential rental units, you can achieve maximum yield by investing in real estate here!

Waldbröl – Get to know this small town

Waldbröl has approximately 20,000 inhabitants in an area of 63 km².

It is characterised by a hilly landscape (with differences in height of about 200 metres) and is situated 64 kilometres east of the city of Cologne.

The town is much larger than the centres of the neighbouring municipalities.

That is why Waldbröl is known as the local shopping town and also as a hub for all kinds of services. The town functions as the economic heart of the nearby region.

There are no fewer than eight schools in Waldbröl, which means that families with children have no problem providing their children with a good education.

The population is growing steadily, and the facilities in terms of shops, schools and public transport make Waldbröl an attractive place to live for families (with or without children).

For investors looking for a passive investment property with certainty of rental income, this location is therefore definitely interesting.

Please do not hesitate to request more detailed information, to schedule a site visit and/or to obtain simulations tailored to your situation.

Passive investing in German real estate

Are you an experienced real estate investor looking for a buy-to-let apartment block?

To further build up and diversify your existing property portfolio? With profitable and reliable investment property with the potential to appreciate in value?

Then this offer is definitely worth considering!

You can acquire full ownership of this buy-to-let property and enjoy an all-in rental service and service package.

This also means that this apartment block for sale in Germany is a perfect investment alternative for first-time property investors with sufficient equity (+/- 275,000 Euros + loan).

Passive investment in real estate combined with a contractually guaranteed rental?

With this apartment block for sale in Germany, you can buy and let real estate without worries and with a guaranteed return!

Do not hesitate and ask for more information without any obligation. If desired, you can also receive guidance in paying the rest of the purchase price with smart financing.

In other words, you can borrow for the income-producing property and this can be done in two ways:

  1. Locally via a reliable partner bank in Germany, or
  2. In the country where you live and work (another country in Europe, for example)

Floor plans


Address: Waldbröl, Germany

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