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  • Buying a condominium in France as income-producing property with guaranteed yield

Buying a condominium in France as income-producing property with guaranteed yield

  • €500,000 (min. investment)
  • Special deal from € 500,000
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • Apartment building
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Domaine de la Fot, 23300 Noth, France

Buying a condominium in France including contractually guaranteed rental return, all-in carefree management and stewardship is possible here!

Are you looking for high-yielding investment property with collateral and guarantees?

Then take a look at these investment opportunities, especially for larger property investors with a bigger investment budget:

Summary Buying a condominium in France

  • Choice of new building and renovation
  • Flat blocks contain various combinations of housing units for rent:
    • Studios
    • Flats with 1 bedroom
    • Flats with 2 bedrooms
    • Flats with 3 bedrooms
  • Yields and prices of the still available flat blocks available on request
  • Tip of the hat in terms of returns – You get better conditions than the standard conditions that apply to individual studios and flats:
    • 3% return for year 1
    • 6% for year 2 to year 6
    • 8% for year 7 to year 11
    • Repurchase guarantee after 5 years amounting to 100% of the purchase price
    • Resale guarantee after 10 years amounting to 150% of the purchase price
  • Information and guidance without obligation from the person responsible for this project
  • Unique opportunity to diversify part of your assets in this French luxury resort with allure and unique partnership with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Contractual guarantees: Buying a condominium in France

As an investor, you can count on a contractually guaranteed rental return.

In addition, an optional buy-back and resale guarantee are also contractually stipulated.

You can enjoy an investment formula without worries and without stress or obligations.

You acquire full ownership of the property and the resort operator rents out the rental units on its own account.

As an owner, you do not have to deal with vacancy or maintenance obligations. Everything is arranged for you. Request more information about the details.

Buying investment property at special conditions from €500,000 onwards

  • From EUR 500 000 onwards, you can benefit from the special return conditions for larger investors (better conditions than the standard conditions)
  • Complete flat blocks for rent are also for sale in full ownership with the following price range:
    • Minimum: EUR 1 853 333 excluding VAT (VAT recoverable through VEFA system)
    • Maximum: EUR 6 568 333 excluding VAT (VAT recoverable through VEFA system)
  • The minimum investment amount of 500,000 Euros will be filled with several separate units (studios and flats)

Passive investment with professional service from A to Z

Are you looking for a larger income-producing property that contains several rental units?

And are you open to a passive formula without worries about management, maintenance, vacancy, etc.?

Then buying an apartment building in this luxury resort could be a nice addition to your property portfolio [AVAILABLE SOON]!

Everything comes fully equipped including high-quality furniture, appliances and household items.

Maintenance and damage are not your concern (no hidden costs!).

Less than EUR 500 000 available?

Do you have less than EUR 500 000 available and do you find the standard return conditions quite interesting?

Then take a look at the following two possibilities to enjoy them:

Studio or flat in full ownership

  • Second home in France with guaranteed return and 2 weeks free private use in luxury Golf & Spa Resort in France

Fractional ownership

Floor plans


Address: Domaine de la Fot, 23300 Noth, France

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