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Buying a flat in Germany as a carefree and secure investment

  • €57,000 (min. purchase price)
  • 5.8% return
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • Flat
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Eisleben, Germany

Buying a flat in Germany that is renovated has never been more interesting with this investment opportunity in Lutherstadt Eisleben.

As an owner, you benefit from a contractually guaranteed rental guarantee (via notarial deed) and you acquire full ownership of a flat as buy-to-let property.

Here you can enjoy a carefree, hands-free passive buy-to-let property in Europe’s growing economy.

This investment opportunity is all about financial security without risk and renting without worry.

Summary of this investment opportunity

  • 5.8% annual guaranteed rental yield calculated on the purchase value:
    • This does not include potential additional returns from any capital gains on subsequent sale
    • Higher annual returns (>10%) on your invested equity are possible if you take out a partial loan for a buy-to-let property
  • As an investor, you buy full ownership of one or more flats for rent (no leasehold, no building rights, no shares or bonds)
  • Investment is possible with or without financing:
    • Without financing and entirely with own resources: From € 57 000 (excl. costs) without mortgage loan
    • With funding: In this case, you can already invest from +/- 35 000 euro own contribution, the rest of the purchase amount is financed with the help of a credit
  • With notarised rental guarantee:
    • You receive your monthly rental income and can therefore count on a guaranteed rental yield
    • Vacancy, damage and non-payment are not your problem but the promoter’s. – Your return is not affected by this
  • Including free management, free trustee and free stewardship (the rental yield of 5.8% is thus a pure rental yield without annoying hidden costs that reduce the actual yield afterwards)
  • Attractive appreciation potential in view of the growing demand for high-quality rental properties (the Germans have a tenant culture) and the rise of the region in and around Leipzig (see below)
  • Full English-language guidance available from A to Z
  • Tailor-made return simulations are also available free of charge on request
  • Financing assistance and advice is also available (you can borrow locally in Germany as well as abroad)
  • A site visit can be arranged on request together with the English-language respresentative for this project (and this is even strongly recommended, transparency is key)

Features of these flats for sale – Buying a flat in Germany

  • Type of buy-to-let property: Flat
  • Number of bedrooms: 1 or 2 bedrooms
  • Construction year of the flats: 1987
  • State: Renovated flats (see photos below for an illustration of the finish)
  • Number of buildings in the residence: 8
  • Number of flats for sale per flat block: 10
  • Area of the flats: From 48 to 57 m² (1 or 2 bedrooms)
  • Parking spaces for residents: Present
  • Communal garden for residents: Present
  • Window material: PVC
  • Sale prices include renovation work so no hidden renovation costs afterwards
  • Residential buy-to-let property with private individuals as tenants
  • Location: Lutherstadt Eisleben in Saxony-Anhalt in central Germany

Advantage of this investment possibility

Buying a flat in Germany: Hands-free and worry-free

As an investor, you become 100% owner of such a renovated flat for rent. So there is no question of leasehold or building-on-lease constructions here.

You can also benefit from two unique guarantees:

  • Notarised rental guarantee that secures your rental income on a monthly basis (vacancy, damage and non-payment are the responsibility of the promoter)
  • Free management (free trustee and free stewardship)

These 2 unique guarantees initially have a term of 4 years and can be optionally extended after this period has expired (this extension option is contractually incorporated).

As an investor in such a German buy-to-let property, you therefore have no financial or practical concerns.

You leave the management of your flat for rental to the specialised rental company on site. And every month, you simply receive the rental income in your bank account.

So as an investor and owner of these flats for rent, you will not be bothered by any of the following:

  • Maintenance
  • Costs and damages by tenants
  • Vacancy
  • Administration
  • Collection of rents
  • Insurance
  • Honorary trustee and letting agent

Rental yield and rental guarantee – Buying a flat in Germany

The buy-to-let properties for sale through this offer have the following characteristics:

  • 5.8% annual rental yield calculated on the purchase value of a flat
  • 4-year rental guarantee (extendable, notarised)
  • 4 years free trustee and steward (renewable, notarised)

Minimum amount to be invested

Buying a flat in Germany like this? Prices start from +/- 57 000 euro (excl. costs). 

And if you want to opt for the financial leverage effect for maximum return on your invested capital, you can acquire full ownership from as little as +/- EUR 35 000.

This German investment property is accessible and you can acquire full ownership of a yield flat from such an amount.

This also means that, in principle, you do not need to take out a mortgage.

This can be interesting for people who have enough equity at their disposal or people who do not like to pay interest to the bank.

Financial leverage for higher returns on buying a flat in Germany

Do you want to maximise the return on your invested capital?

Then it is not wise to finance the entire purchase amount yourself. It is smarter to look for a mortgage loan for a buy-to-let property.

By paying part of the purchase price with borrowed money, which is very cheap at the moment, you pocket the annual return with only a limited contribution of your own.

Remark: If you are interested, please ask for a yield simulation tailored to your budget and requirements.

You can finance part of the purchase price and still remain cash-flow positive (by combining a sufficiently long term with a sufficiently high own contribution).

Tip: The promoter works closely with various banks and taking out a loan locally from a German bank with the flat as collateral is also possible. Feel free to ask for more information on this.

Buying a flat in Germany is fiscally interesting

Germany has an interesting property tax system.

As a foreign national, you can also enjoy it under certain conditions! A good return that is taxed favourably. What more do you want?

For a clear overview of German real estate taxation and its consequences for foreign residents, you are kindly invited to contact us.

Would you rather not read but hear an explanation of the tax burden on rental income?

No problem, just ask for more information.

Advantages of this real estate project

This project is supported by a professional promoter with an extensive network in Germany.

This German company has already accumulated many years of experience in the niche of residential German property.

As an investor, you can therefore enjoy a good level of service and professionalism.

Interesting fact: This company does much more than just renovate, deliver and sell blocks of flats.

This promoter also offers the rental guarantee and thus guarantees the management and operation! 

Through the extensive local network, tenants are easily found and your flat is thus professionally managed.

Through this promoter you can invest in a German flat without having to play landlord.

Buying a flat in Germany and taking advantage of the German growth in Saxony-Anhalt is possible here!

Local expertise – Buying a flat in Germany

After renovation and optimisation of the rental potential, the flats are offered to property investors.

As an investor, you can count on a service from A to Z, entirely in English.

You can count on an all-in service, including:

  • Property and tenant management
  • Collection and insurance of your rental income
  • Maintenance of your investment property, and so on.

The counselling is conducted in English and this ensures the absence of any language barriers.

As a result, as a buyer of one or more yield flats in Germany, you can fully enjoy the yields from your flat.

As an investor, you can enjoy the property without any worries, as the management and rental are taken care of by the German partner.

In addition, you will benefit from a rental guarantee and a free trustee and steward for the first four years (renewable if desired).

This means a guaranteed carefree return of 5.8% rental yield per year.

Remark: You may still be able to earn extra returns if you sell later and possibly realise a substantial capital gain.

Tip: do this preferably after 10 years, then the capital gain is exempt from tax.

Brick in the stomach applies less to Germans

Suppose you buy a flat as a buy-to-let property. Then you want to be sure that any vacancy is reduced to a minimum.

As an investor, you want to aim for an optimal occupancy rate, preferably 100%.

From this perspective, Germany is particularly interesting for investors.

Germans have much less of a “brick in the stomach”…

In contrast to other nationalities, Germans do not want to own their own house or flat at the cost of a lot (or everything).

All the figures and statistics show that there is a significant difference between Germany and neighbouring countries in this respect.

Germans don’t think renting is wrong. And that offers opportunities for investors who are interested in buying a flat in Germany to rent out.

Daring to look beyond borders can seriously boost the return on your savings!

For illustration: In Belgium, it is estimated that +/- 30 percent of the total population rents, while in Germany the figure is as high as +/- 60 percent.

State of Saxony-Anhalt to invest in real estate

Facts and figures

Saxony-Anhalt has about 2.3 million inhabitants and covers an area of more than 20 000 square kilometres.

In addition to the state capital, Magdeburg, the cities of Halle (Saale) and Dessau-Roßlau are further important industrial centres.

Dynamic and productive business location

Saxony-Anhalt is a dynamic and productive business location.

The strengths of this location are the excellent performance of the workforce (high productivity), the right economic framework and the attractive location factors. 

Its central location in Germany, its proximity to markets in Western and Eastern Europe and its excellent national transport connections are its greatest assets.

Specialised industrial sector

Saxony-Anhalt’s industrial sector is highly specialised.

This sector covers the leading markets of chemistry and bio-economy, energy, mechanical and plant engineering, resource efficiency, water technology, mobility and logistics, food, agriculture, healthcare and medicine. 

These sectors are also complemented by the cross-sectoral markets of information and communication technology (ICT), core technologies and creative economy.

Three main sectors

The main economic drivers in Saxony-Anhalt are the automotive, chemical and food industries.

Summary video about Saxony-Anhalt

Chemical Sector

There is, of course, the flourishing chemical sector in the Central German Chemical Triangle, where big names such as Bayer, Total and Dow Chemical are located.

But this state has also established itself as a world-leading centre of competence in polymer production and processing.

For example, special purpose helmets are produced in Saxony-Anhalt and are even used in Formula 1 motor racing.

Saxony-Anhalt is thus also developing into an innovative and efficient centre of competence for the automobile sector.


Close links between science and industry and a favourable logistical location make Saxony-Anhalt an important location for the automotive supply industry. 

With a tradition of more than a century and a half in mechanical and plant engineering, almost 300 companies in this sector make an important contribution to the high technical and technological level of German car production.

Food industry

The food industry in Saxony-Anhalt benefits from the excellent soil quality and the stable supply of raw materials such as grain, sugar and meat directly from the region.

Halberstadt sausagesHasseröder beerHalloren chocolate buns and Red Riding Hood sparkling wines are just a few examples of premium products from the region.

These are top products that, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, are not only known throughout Germany, but are also becoming increasingly well known internationally thanks to ever-increasing export figures.

Higher education and training

The cities of Magdeburg and Halle are known for their great universities and research facilities and are important scientific centres in the region.

Graduates of the dozens of different universities, colleges and research institutes are highly valued by the business world for their excellent professional knowledge and innovative abilities.

The moderate production costs and the fast decision-making and approval process make Saxony-Anhalt a model example of economic efficiency.

Innovation is key

Saxony-Anhalt can be regarded as the cradle of German engineering and technology.

It was here that Otto von Guericke laid the foundations for the physics of vacuum technology and founded the Association of German Engineers. 

The spirit of innovation has continued to live on in the region and is reflected today in pioneering solutions (such as lightweight construction, digitalisation, industry 4.0 and sustainable water technologies).

UNESCO hotspot of Germany

Saxony-Anhalt also has a lot to offer culturally.

It is the state with the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in Germany.

These include the Bauhaus in Dessau, the Garden District of Dessau-WörlitzNaumburg Cathedral, the Old Town of Quedlinburg and the Luther Memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg.

In other words, Saxony-Anhalt is an attraction for domestic and foreign visitors who love culture and history.

Carefree stability

Saxony-Anhalt is a state in central Germany that is growing well.

Property prices and residential flat prices are still affordable and the demand for rent is stable and rising.

Indeed, the economy and various sectors are experiencing robust growth (see above)

Buying a flat in Germany in this complex as a buy-to-let property is already possible from +/- 57 000 euro (excl. costs). With secure returns and completely carefree.

Lutherstadt Eisleben as an investment location for buying a flat in Germany

Close to Leipzig and Halle

The Lutherstadt Eisleben is the cultural, administrative and economic centre of Mansfeld Land. Eisleben is located on the periphery of the industrial areas of Halle and Leipzig.

The excellent traffic and road connections of Eisleben are a positive factor for the economic development of the city.

It is therefore an attractive and quiet location for countless employees working in German industry in Leipzig, Halle and Saxony-Anhalt.

Evolution from copper mining to industry

The centuries-old monotonous focus on copper mining has led to a one-sided economic situation in Eisleben.

The aim is to reduce this past dependence on one industry by attracting new industries and businesses to the newly developed industrial estates.

Eisleben offers investors a large number of centrally located sites that are conveniently situated for the transport needs of industry, trade, business and services. 

Federal, regional and municipal subsidies are available, such as grants of up to 50 per cent for projects deemed worthy of financial support from the “Improvement of Regional Economic Structure” fund.

In addition, Eisleben has also developed sites for business and industry that can be purchased at reasonable rates.

Eisleben has a workforce that is well qualified for many trades and crafts.

It aims to facilitate the establishment of new businesses and business innovations with tailored guidance for entrepreneurs from home and abroad.

Buying a flat in Germany: Carefree!

You will become 100% owner of these renovated and rented flats in Saxony-Anhalt.

The developer offers a four-year rental guarantee and four years of free management (trustee + stewardship).

After expiry, this period can be extended (this optional extension is laid down in the contract).

So as an investor, you have no worries. You do not have to worry about administration, collection of rent, vacancy, costs and damages to the tenant.

Moreover, the promoter also subscribes to an insurance policy against non-payment and damage by the tenant. Another guarantee and security for you as owner and landlord!

Stability of German real estate

These investment flats in an urbanised area in Germany offer stability.

This German federal state, Saxony-Anhalt, offers a lot of employment opportunities, which creates a large tenant potential.

Moreover, the number of households is rising faster than the number of available homes in this region.

Potential added value due to favourable purchase price

The prices of German residential property have hardly risen for years, except in the largest cities.

However, in recent years, under the influence of some structural parameters, a catch-up process has been underway. This catch-up process therefore results in a growth in value.

Currently, Germany still has one of the lowest prices per square metre in Western Europe. So the potential for increase is definitely still there (but don’t wait 10 years).

The German economy is growing like a coal and is the driving force on the European continent. Economically, there is no better location to invest in.

Everyone knows the effects of a growing economy on all kinds of industries, including the real estate market! The result is not a downward but an upward trend in real estate prices!

Buying a flat in Germany thus offers great opportunities for substantial added value in the future. The German economy has the wind in its sails.

For your information: German property prices are on the rise and all forecasts and estimates point to a continuation of this upward trend.

Experts expect the price of real estate in Germany to increase by an average of 3 percent annually in the coming years.

Tip: You can include this expectation in your customised return simulation if you wish.

Nice rental income from such a flat

Germany is by far the ultimate rental country. With more renters than owners nationwide, the country is unique in Europe.

Moreover, in most urban environments, there are more prospective tenants than quality available houses and flats.

The residential rental market in Germany is fragmented and therefore relatively stable.

Germany has higher average rents than most European countries.

You can invest in these renovated flats in Lutherstadt Eisleben with a rental yield of 5.8% per year.

Request more info: Buying a flat in Germany

You can find out all the details about this real estate opportunity with rental guarantee in Germany in an exploratory meeting, free of obligation.

Everything starts with a good conversation in which we especially listen to you, the potential investor.

These high-quality, renovated residential flats in Germany are an attractive investment alternative with virtually no risk.

For the first four years (optionally extendable), you will enjoy a rental guarantee and 5.8% return per year calculated on the purchase value.

Interested? Don’t hesitate for a second and ask for more information.

Further information on real estate in Germany

Feel free to visit the following pages for even more German property information:

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