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  • Buying a house in America as a buy-to-let property in Baltimore (Maryland)

Buying a house in America as a buy-to-let property in Baltimore (Maryland)

  • €37,500 (min. own funds)
  • Minimum 6% return
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • House
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Baltimore, MD 21215, USA

Buying a house in America as a buy-to-let property with a contractually guaranteed return? It is possible with this beautifully renovated family home in Baltimore.

Passive investment in real estate in the United States, here it is possible, including guidance from the local representative.

Find out all about this passive investment opportunity in America below!

Summary of this investment opportunity in America

  • From 37,500 Euros of your own funds, you can acquire full ownership of this three-bedroom family home
  • Contractually guaranteed return:
    • Without loan: minimum 6% and rising to 8% net return (in this case you finance the entire purchase price yourself, i.e. EUR 75,000)
    • With loan: 11-13% net return per year (calculated on your minimum contribution of 37,500 euros, you finance the rest of the purchase amount locally through a flexible local lender who is a permanent partner of the promoter)
  • Contractually guaranteed rental guarantee from the building promoter who is also responsible for management and rental
  • Two additional built-in securities for you as an investor:
    • Non-payment insurance (the returns already take into account the annual premium for this non-payment insurance). This insurance secures the rental income for the building promoter who is in charge of the rental
    • The promoter blocks a sum of money at the bank (bank guarantee) so that you, the owner, are sure of your contractually guaranteed return
  • You enjoy complete support, including management, maintenance and stewardship
  • Completely carefree investment in real estate in America, a unique opportunity to invest passively in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]
  • Key ready property in excellent condition, just renovated and refurbished
  • Complete support (also for any customised yield simulations)

Features of this investment property – Buying a house in America

General characteristics

  • Property type: Townhouse
  • Status: Completely renovated and refurbished
  • Application: Buy-to-let
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Fully equipped kitchen:
    • Combi microwave/oven
    • Cooker
    • Dishwasher
    • Powerful extraction
  • Well-equipped bathroom (with combination bathtub/shower)
  • Spacious living room and open kitchen
  • Pleasant wooden floor
  • Two balconies at the rear
  • Garden available
  • Parking spaces available in the garden (protected behind a fence)

Financial details – Buying a house in America

Two financing options

Buying this family home without a loan

The purchase price of this renovated house for rental is +/- 75 000 euro, depending on the exchange rate [AVAILABLE SOON].

If you do not wish to take out a loan with the house as collateral, you can acquire full ownership of this property for the sum of EUR 75 000.

Annually, this will give you a minimum return of 6 and up to 8% per year.

Buy this house with a loan

The promoter of this investment property offers as standard the option to finance 50% of the purchase price with an instalment loan. It is about lending through a flexible lender where the house functions as collateral.

The advantage is that, as an overseas investor, you can thus make optimum use of the leverage effect [AVAILABLE SOON].

This is reflected in the increased annual net return on your invested equity (EUR 37 500 for this house). This then amounts to 11 to 13% net per year, calculated on your invested equity.

This return is net of all costs (i.e. also after deduction of the interest on the loan).

The advantage is that the lender is a niche player and has been working with the promoter for a long time. As a result, the lender makes peace with the house as collateral, without imposing additional annoying documentation requirements.

This means that you can borrow locally for 50% of the purchase price, without having to prove your salary abroad and so on.

Contractually guaranteed return when buying a house in America

  • Contractually guaranteed return by the promoter:
    • 6% net calculated on the whole purchase value
    • Supplemented by a variable component that can amount to a further 2% on an annual basis
  • Supplemented with a bank guarantee (promoter locks in a sum of money at the bank that equals at least one year’s rental income) + promoter takes out default insurance so that it is also covered through a reliable insurance company (the premium for this is already included in your return)

Baltimore as a location – Buying a house in America

Where is Baltimore?

  • What is Baltimore? Baltimore is a city in the United States
  • In which state is Baltimore located? In the State of Maryland (this State’s largest city)
  • It is a satellite city for Washington DC, which is +/- 43 kilometres away

Why choose Baltimore as the location for a passive real estate investment? Buying a house in America

  • Baltimore is blessed with the second largest seaport on the East Coast of the United States
  • When you think of Baltimore, you think of the world-famous The Johns Hopkins Hospital. This hospital is one of the most important hospitals in the United States and also the largest employer in the city. This hospital is also among the very best in the world.
  • The property market is doing well. Baltimore is considered the number one location in the ranking of property markets in the United States in terms of return on equity through rental.
  • In Baltimore, the current generation of young families (the millennials) is growing solidly every year (growth of +/- 16% over the past 5 years). This is important as this demographic group often rents family homes rather than buying (Baltimore is a rental market).
  • Huge job offer in the area (which attracts many families) as numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies are located in the vicinity. Examples of employers are:

Interested in buying a house in America as an investment?

Are you charmed by this interesting investment property in Baltimore? Then don’t hesitate and ask for more information without any obligation.

The representative will be happy to provide you with more information.

For return simulations tailored to your situation, wishes and investment horizon, please feel free to leave your contact details.

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Address: Baltimore, MD 21215, USA

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