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  • Buying a house in the United States – Real estate investment with secure returns

Buying a house in the United States – Real estate investment with secure returns

  • €59,500 (min. own contribution)
  • Guaranteed rental yield
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • House
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Philadelphia, PA 19132, USA

Buying a house in the United States as a property investment is possible with this beautiful family home in Philadelphia, popularly known as Philly.

As an owner, you can count on contractually guaranteed rental income (and returns) from the promoter.

As a foreign investor, you can count on complete support from A to Z, including management, maintenance, rental and stewardship.

Discover below all the details about this house for sale in Philadelphia as an investment…

Summary of this house for rent as investment

  • Carefree buy-to-let property with contractually guaranteed rental income
  • No problems with defaulting tenants, damage or vacancy thanks to rental guarantee
  • Suitable for experienced and novice property investors
  • Retail price: +/- 119,000 euros (depending on the exchange rate, this amount fluctuates in euros)
  • Already for sale with +/- €59,500 equity (see below ‘leveraged’)
  • Contractually guaranteed annual return:
    • Without leverage
      • 6% fixed net return on an annual basis calculated on the purchase price of the property
      • Supplemented by a variable bonus return of 1 to 2% net return per year
    • With leverage
      • Final guaranteed return on equity can rise to 11-13% per year if 50% of the purchase price is financed.
      • Such financing is available to anyone without obligation (the property is used purely as a guarantee)
  • Completely carefree and hands-free buy-to-let property (including rental, management, maintenance, stewardship, etc.)
  • Guidance from A to Z (no-obligation yield simulations are also available, tailored to your situation)

Features – Buying a house in the United States

  • Type of property: Family house (residential use)
  • Destination: For hire
  • State: Completely renovated and refurbished (turnkey for tenants)
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Parking space: Present in front of the door in the street
  • Kitchen equipped with all necessary items and appliances for tenants (cooker, oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher)
  • Modern electricity supplies
  • Surface area: 102 m²
  • 12-year warranty on the roof (recently renovated)
  • Fully insured

Complete package for passive investors

With this rental property, passive investment in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is not a dream but reality. The promoter accompanies you from A to Z.

As a foreign investor, you do not have to get involved in the tasks and responsibilities of a landlord [AVAILABLE SOON]!

The promoter offers you a rental guarantee including the following services:

  • Return simulation tailored to your situation and requirements
  • Assistance with purchase and paperwork
  • Full management of the buy-to-let property:
    • Screening tenants
    • Renting out and collecting rents
    • Paying one-off and recurring costs
    • Assessing damage and carrying out repairs
    • Draw up monthly reports and deliver them to you as the owner

Earning money by renting out real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is possible with this investment property in a completely carefree and hands-free manner! In addition

Financial conditions of this revenue property

Contractual rental guarantee

As the owner of this family home for rent, you can count on an all-in service including contractually guaranteed rental income.

In essence, this means that your rental income and returns cannot be adversely affected by non-paying tenants, damage or vacancy.

The rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON] is provided by the promoter, a strong local player with decades of experience in the local property market.

Additional built-in security – Buying a house in the United States

Your annual return is contractually defined. So you can invest in rental property here with security.

On top of this contractually guaranteed rental income, two additional securities are built in to offer you even more security as owner.

Bank guarantee

The promoter, who also takes on the activities of stewardship, places a sum of money in an escrow account at the bank.

This bank guarantee, which is paid to you if the promoter does not pay out contractually guaranteed rental income, serves to give you additional confidence as owner and landlord.

Non-payment insurance

The promoter also takes out proper insurance with a local insurance company. This is an insurance that landlords can take out to cover themselves against defaulters.

So you know that the party offering you a contractually guaranteed rental is covered against vacancy by taking out such default insurance.

Tailor-made financing available – Buying a house in the United States

This family home costs +/- 119,000 Euros but that does not mean you have to finance the whole amount from your own pocket. Borrowing for a buy-to-let property [AVAILABLE SOON] offers great advantages:

  • As the owner of the property, you can enjoy higher returns on your invested equity thanks to a financial leverage [AVAILABLE SOON]
  • In concrete terms, this is a return of 11 to 13% per year on the equity invested versus a return of 6 to 8% per year if you finance entirely from your own resources
  • You only need to finance 50% of the sale price with your own funds, which gives you more financial breathing space to further diversify your assets into other investments

The financing is done through the construction promoter’s permanent credit partner. Due to the relationship of trust that has been established over the years, this lender is well versed in the concept.

In concrete terms, we always work with a mortgage that is established on the property.

In other words, you can finance 50% of the selling price through a local lender with the house as collateral. No other obligations apply (no proof of salary or job stability required).

Philadelphia as a location – Buying a house in the United States

Where is Philadelphia?

The city of Philadelphia is located in the east of the United States, in the state of Pennsylvania.

This city is located between New York, Washington DC and Atlantic City.

Why Philadelphia as a location for a property investment?

  • It is the fifth largest city in the United States and among the top 10 largest regional economies in the world
  • Historically significant for the USA (Independence Hall has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Growing local economy with falling unemployment
  • The group of millennials is growing rapidly (these are traditionally tenants of family homes in this city)
  • Local economy is also known for its health and education sectors:
    • There are no less than 92 universities and colleges in Philadelphia! Philly ranks second in the entire US in concentration of training and higher education
  • The city is equipped with modern public transport facilities
  • Strong economic fabric that has only three other cities in the US ahead of it in terms of Gross Domestic Product.
  • There are 15 large Fortune 500 companies located in Philadelphia, which attracts many families (who all need a place to live). Examples are:

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Address: Philadelphia, PA 19132, USA

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