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Buying a new flat in Brussels as passive investment with rental service from A to Z

  • €85,000 (min. own contribution)
  • 5.5% return (with loan)
  • Bronze rental guarantee
  • Flat
  • Buy-to-let and private use
  • Evere, Belgium

Buying a new flat in Brussels as a passive income-producing property is possible in this small-scale new construction project.

Discover more than 30 luxury flats available for your own use or for rent.

And also discover the passive investment formula that provides a nice net return without having to deal with it yourself.

This modern new build project in Brussels is the ideal investment if you are an owner looking for passive rental income.

But of course, you can also consider and use these flats as your own home.

Table of Contents

Summary – Buying a new flat in Brussels as an investment

The characteristics of this investment opportunity in the Brussels Capital Region are as follows:

  1. As an investor, you acquire full ownership of these flats (no leasehold, no building rights, no shares, no bonds).
  2. From EUR 85 000 in equity (can be a mix of various assets), you can invest with the help of partial financing.
  3. Luxury flats are for sale for mixed use:
    • For private use
    • For rental (via carefree all-in rental formula or you can also organise the rental yourself if you prefer)
  4. Net 5.5% return per year on your invested equity with financial leverage (purchase partly financed with a loan)
  5. Premium new build flats in a prime location in a residential area, attractive units for the tenant market that is Brussels.
  6. NATO, EU institutions and numerous multinationals are all located nearby. This brings with it enormous employment (tenants with purchasing power + hefty salaries).
  7. You can take care of the rental process here via the all-in rental service (organised by a professional and prominent player with local roots).
  8. High-quality finishing of these energy-efficient flats.
  9. Sustainable value investing in real estate in this up-and-coming Brussels neighbourhood with appreciation potential is possible with this small-scale new construction project.

Interior and finishing of these new flats for sale

  • Energy-efficient, high-quality and durable, top-notch finish
  • Optional furniture package available at competitive price that makes the flat immediately rentable. This package guarantees comfortable equipment at a premium level.
  • Some of the high-quality materials and equipment used:
    • Fully equipped kitchen with Miele household appliances (top quality for the long term)
    • Spacious walk-in shower with matching designer bathroom furniture (mirror, built-in spotlights and storage compartments)
    • Easy-to-maintain wall-mounted toilets with dual-flush function
    • Sophisticated parquet flooring for a warm, cosy and premium feeling
    • This new-build project is built to last and guarantees low energy consumption
    • Individually controllable natural gas heating (energy-efficient, especially in combination with the most modern building technology)
    • Sleek, modern open kitchen with modern kitchen doors without handles

Feel free to ask for more information to find out all the details of this yielding property in Brussels (including the specifications and details of the architectural firm and the interior designer)!

Financial details of buying a new flat in Brussels

Yield – Buying a new flat in Brussels to let

By investing in this new construction project, you can passively achieve +/- 5.5% return per year on your contributed equity.

Ask for more information, free of obligation, and also obtain yield simulations tailored to your situation and requirements. Various parameters are then taken into account, such as:

  • Your investment horizon
  • The mix of own funds you want to use for the minimum own contribution of EUR 85 000
  • The interest rate of the loan/loans (if you work with a financing mix) to partly finance the buy-to-let property
  • Purchase price of the flat in question
  • The monthly rental income of the flat
  • Fee for carefree rental service and all-inclusive stewardship
  • Tax optimisation in the Belgian personal income taxation via deductible interest and possibly long-term savings
  • Your monthly savings
  • The monthly cash flow you are aiming for (positive / neutral / negative)

This annual return on rental income is hassle-free, and it is therefore possible to make money with real estate in a passive way here thanks to the hassle-free all-in rental service to completely relieve owners.

Ask for a number of return simulations tailored to your needs, free of obligation!

What investment budget is required to invest?

You can buy a flat in this new construction project from a contribution of +/- 85 000 euro.

This contribution can consist of various components, so you certainly do not need to have 85 000 euros of liquid assets in a savings or current account.

The required minimum equity contribution of EUR 85 000 can be a mix of:

You can therefore quite easily obtain EUR 85 000 of your own contribution via the above assets and suitable real estate financing in an alternative manner [AVAILABLE SOON].

In other words, you can make already accumulated capital in real estate, supplementary pension plans, investment portfolios [AVAILABLE SOON], and so on, liquid by pawning it.

By partly financing with loan capital, you can make good use of the financial leverage effect.

And that is important if the annual return on your invested equity is to rise to 5.5% net.

To sum up: You do not need to have 85 000 euros of cash at your disposal, but you can use a mix of assets as leverage to invest in this Brussels buy-to-let property.

Type of property: Buying a new flat in Brussels

As an investor, you will acquire full ownership of a newly built flat in this new construction project in Brussels.

In other words, there is no right of superficies, leasehold, bonds or shares.

Capital protection against inflation

As a private investor, you are looking for stability and security.

Part of this is to find a protective mechanism against annual inflation (which puts pressure on your purchasing power).

And with these newly built flats for rent, you are protected against inflation. This is because you can index the rental income annually by linking the rental price to the health index.

In other words, your annual rental income rises with the cost of living in Belgium.

If the cost of living rises, your rental income rises accordingly.

Buying a new flat in Brussels at this location through this builder ensures that you as an owner and investor are covered against inflation!

Tax incentives for Belgian residents when buying a new flat in Brussels

For Belgian residents, a number of tax incentives apply that make an investment in real estate attractive.

Depending on your personal situation, you can take advantage of some or all tax incentives!

Belgian real estate tax is attractive

The Belgian property tax system is attractive for investment properties [AVAILABLE SOON] that you rent out to natural persons who use the property for private purposes rather than for professional use.

In such a case, you will not be taxed on the actual rental income.

You only owe taxes on a fictitious income (known as the cadastral income which is usually only a fraction of the actual rental income).

From a tax point of view, such proceeds from this Brussels investment property are therefore particularly interesting!

Neutralisation of taxable property income through deductible interest charges

Would you take out a loan for a buy-to-let property [AVAILABLE SOON] in this new construction project?

In any case, you can deduct the interest paid from your taxable property income.

Firstly, when renting to a private individual who uses the property for private purposes, the rent is already very low (see above).

Secondly, you can still reduce this property income because you can deduct the interest paid.

This allows you to reduce your taxable property income to zero (the so-called neutralisation of property income).

So the interest you pay on a credit provides a tax saving in progressive brackets of up to 50% plus municipal taxes!

This is because property income is taxed at the progressive rates of Belgian personal income tax.

And here, the top rate of 50% plus municipal taxes quickly applies (assuming you already earn professional income that fills the lower brackets of the graduated tax system).

Potential tax relief through federal long-term savings

Federal long-term savings is a tax-advantaged federal measure.

It allows you to receive a tax break on premiums paid for individual life insurance policies and capital repayments on a mortgage loan taken out to buy a second home (non-owner-occupied property).

The tax benefit of the federal long-term savings scheme is a 30% tax reduction on a maximum of 2,390 euros per person per year (assessment year 2021).

This maximum amount that you can pay in is linked to your net taxable professional income. This means that you need to earn a professional income to be able to benefit from this tax reduction.

For this investment you need +/- EUR 85 000 of your own funds. The rest of the amount to be invested can easily be borrowed from a credit company.

However, the mortgage loan must be for at least 10 years and must be secured by a mortgage.

If your long-term savings tax basket is currently not or no longer (completely) filled, you can therefore benefit from the federal long-term savings tax credit by taking out a mortgage loan and obtain a nice extra tax optimisation.

In practice, this long-term saving then yields the following annual financial results:

  • Each year that you pay off the mortgage loan, you will receive an annual tax reduction of up to 717 euros per person (as of assessment year 2021).
  • For a couple (legal cohabitants and married couples), the long-term savings tax reduction is thus a maximum of 1,434 euros per year (as of Assessment Year 2021).

Feel free to ask for more information to have your situation examined without any obligation. That way, you can find out if you can get an additional tax benefit for long-term savings…

Evere as an emerging location in Brussels to live and work

Evere is an interesting option for real estate investors looking for a good balance between:

  • A nice monthly return through the recurring rental income, and
  • A strong long-term appreciation potential

Evere: Emerging Brussels commune with all amenities

Evere is one of the 19 communes of the Brussels-Capital Region with more than 42 000 inhabitants.

The various European and international institutions and companies in the area provide sustainable employment for Belgian professionals as well as thousands of expatriates.

After work, these hard-working people can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

As a resident/tenant of this new construction project in Evere, you can do this in the fantastic and relaxing Josaphat Park with its 20 hectares of green nature, for example.

In addition, there are various options for strenuous exercise. Think of:

Apart from this, the inner city of Brussels (known as the Brussels Pentagon), the Park of Laeken (immovable heritage) and the 4,400 hectares of the Sonian Forest are nearby.

Evere offers a healthy balance sheet with growth opportunities. On the one hand, a residential environment with all necessary amenities and facilities and, on the other hand, a strong demand for premium residential units for rent due to the gigantic employment due to NATO, the EU, the numerous multinationals and SME companies and Brussels Airport.

Evere has always been at the forefront of multilingualism in the region. It means that Evere supports social inclusion and a healthy, balanced multicultural society.

In addition, Evere also stimulates cohesion between the various language communities in Belgium.

Evere is a lively municipality with several supermarkets, shops, sports clubs, and (international) schools, representing over 10 000 pupils.

This means that Evere is also an attractive option for families with school-age children!

As icing on the cake, there are also several shopping centres nearby, such as Woluwe Shopping Centre and Docks Bruxsel.

Evere residents also have the opportunity to visit hundreds of boutiques and shops of all well-known brands.

Good and easily accessible location in Brussels

Evere is easily accessible by road, rail and air.

Via the E40 and the A201 you can drive directly to this new construction project. Thanks to Schaarbeek station and several tram stops, there is also a good connection by train and tram.

Moreover, on the other side of the same A201 you will find the national airport of Brussels Airport.

This, of course, makes Evere an ideal base for professionals and business people with international careers and their international travel.

There is a direct connection to the airport and the EU district via Bordet station in Evere.

Information for value investors: New underground line 3

Why does Evere offer significant potential for added value on the Brussels property market?

Among other things, because this municipality is growing. Witness the brand new metro line 3 that is under construction.

This new metro line is North-South oriented and should become operational from 2024. This new metro line will connect Evere and Bordet Station with the centre of Brussels.

Naturally, this will make Evere even more attractive to the tenant market in Brussels.

And this will eventually translate into an increasing demand for quality residential units for rent.

This is also positive for the rental yield of owners who use their flat as a buy-to-let property for rental in Evere.

This increasing accessibility, through this new metro line, can only be positive for the evolution of real estate prices in this municipality.

And so this new building investment offers an attractive added value potential for the quick decision-makers (the supply is limited and gone are the days).

Buy property to let to professionals and expats | Buying a new flat in Brussels

Evere is popular with expats and professionals with a thriving career in the Belgian capital.

The developer of the turnkey buy-to-let properties in this project has therefore definitely chosen an interesting location.

As a reminder: The right location [AVAILABLE SOON] plays a very important role when it comes to investing in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

Here in Evere, you can buy a flat and, at the same time, invest in value [AVAILABLE SOON], with a high potential for capital gains in the medium to long term.

For example, read about the new Metro Line 3 that will make Evere even more attractive for the Brussels tenants!

Tenant market is capital-rich and gigantic

Renting to expats and well-paid professionals in Brussels is perfectly possible!

There is demand for both furnished and unfurnished flats. And this concerns both short-term and long-term rental contracts.

The building promoter and steward cleverly capitalises on the local market conditions and plays a home game in Brussels.

The exceptional network of the company providing the rental service [AVAILABLE SOON] guarantees an optimal occupancy rate and return on your real estate investment!

Typical tenants for these newly built flats are (foreign) well-paid professionals such as:

  • Expats
  • Diplomats
  • Politicians
  • EU officials
  • Lobbyists
  • Employees of multinational companies
  • Employees of small and medium-sized enterprises

Local demand is stable – Buying a new flat in Brussels

Multinational companies and the EU and NATO institutions need high-quality housing for their employees who come to work in Brussels.

These international, often highly educated business people stay here for too long to go to a hotel but not long enough to buy property themselves.

These demanding and wealthy expatriates are prepared to pay a higher rent (often paid by their employer).

These luxurious and premium apartments are an alternative to more expensive hotel rooms and classic, older flats.

More than 120 000 foreigners are looking for their own place in strategic locations in the vibrant Brussels.

The appointed letting agent has already managed hundreds of flats and has a unique network in Brussels.

EU institutions, international organisations and embassies

Thanks to the bus, tram, train and future metro line, there is a direct connection between this new residence and the EU district.

In this EU neighbourhood you will also find the headquarters of the UN, UNICEF, UNESCO and several other international organisations. You will also find numerous embassies of gigantic countries from all over the world.

This region accounts for more than 3 million square metres of office space and more than 100 000 jobs.

A large number of employees of the above-mentioned institutions and organisations are looking for a quality home. And that is what makes this new-build residence in Evere so attractive to property investors.

Because the local demand in Brussels for such a newly built flat is high.

That is why buying a new flat in Brussels can safely be considered as a defensive real estate investment [AVAILABLE SOON]!

The local rental demand is supported by the following, for example:

  • More than 40 intergovernmental organisations
  • Some 20 EU organisations
  • More than 20 000 lobbyists
  • More than 130 000 well-paid jobs
  • More than 3 million square metres of office space

NATO Headquarters

The presence of various European and international institutions makes Brussels an extremely important decision-making centre.

Since 1967, the NATO headquarters has been located in the immediate vicinity of this newly built residence!

Since the official opening in 2017, the more than 4 500 staff members have been working in a state-of-the-art building in the vicinity (in a building of more than 250 000 square metres).

A quality flat near this international and authoritative centre of power naturally creates interesting rental opportunities.

Brussels Airport and EUROCONTROL

Brussels Airport handles the flights of at least 20 million passengers a year.

This makes it the largest airport in Belgium and an important air traffic centre in Europe.

As an international organisation, EUROCONTROL is responsible for the central coordination of air traffic control for 41 Member States.

The airport and air traffic control together employ 60 000 people.

This makes them important and stable drivers of economic growth. This is obviously positive for landlords of properties in the Brussels area.

Business parks

Brussels is an important business city in Europe. Thousands of smaller and larger companies have established their headquarters and base there.

Together, they employ more than 200 000 workers.

No fewer than 9 modern and high-tech business parks are located in the vicinity of this newly built residence.

This region is, among others, the base for multinationals such as PWC, 3M, Microsoft, P&G, KPMG and Toyota.

All these companies together make Brussels one of the most important economic and political hotspots in the world.

Buying a new flat in Brussels at this location in Evere is therefore an interesting investment given the rental market that Brussels is.

Passive investment concept offered by professionals

Buying a new flat in Brussels and renting it out without disadvantages

Being a landlord yourself [AVAILABLE SOON] brings with it a lot of problems and tasks:

  • Defaulters
  • Damage
  • Vacancy
  • Dissatisfied tenants
  • Headaches
  • Time-consuming activities

Buying and letting property without worries is possible with this new construction project!

Are you already busy with your job and family? Then this project is the way to maximise your returns without having to deal with the operational side of things yourself.

Avoid the classic Achilles’ heel of real estate: Management and rental

The management of yield real estate is often the Achilles’ heel of real estate projects as investments.

For this reason, the client of this new construction project will provide a complete rental service [AVAILABLE SOON] and service package [AVAILABLE SOON] from A to Z.

This allows private investors to fully focus on their daily activities, both private and professional.

With this overall concept, the builder makes the difference for the investor. As an investor, you do not need to worry about renting out your turnkey buy-to-let property [AVAILABLE SOON].

Investors often do not have the time, network and/or knowledge to find quality tenants or to deal with the day-to-day hassle. The building developer with its own rental service is happy to take on this work.

The stewardship team employs a professional team to manage and rent out the buy-to-let properties in Brussels.

In other words, this builder is himself the owner and manager [AVAILABLE SOON] of the buy-to-let properties. And that is a huge plus.

This way, you as an investor can enjoy your buy-to-let property in Brussels without any worries.

In other words, by investing in these flats, you can enjoy the returns and at the same time forget about the tedious tasks and headaches as a landlord.

Making money out of the licensing issue in Brussels

As Brussels issues fewer and fewer permits while demand continues to rise, the scarcity of premium quality housing units increases.

As an owner of a newly built flat in a prime location, this is of course interesting for your return.

The imbalance between supply and demand makes your investment more attractive, both in the short and long term.

In this new construction project, for example, there are only 33 housing units for sale. This means that, as an investor, you have to be quick because supply is lower than demand, partly due to the current licensing problems.

In other words, in terms of location and growth and flowering, it is all right here in Evere! Many multinational companies and European institutions are located in the vicinity.

All buy-to-let flats are finished with sustainable materials and the level of finishing is high. These are premium properties to rent out to well-paid professionals in Brussels.

The combination of location, finish and the capital-rich sales market make these buy-to-let properties a safe and profitable alternative to the fickle stock market and the loss-making savings account.

By investing in such a buy-to-let flat, you choose for security of quality tenants with a low risk of defaults.

And don’t forget that you can potentially add value in the future. This is an additional return component on top of the rental income that already provides an attractive annual net return.

Interested in buying a new flat in Brussels? Request info!

This project with new flats for sale is highly recommended if you are looking for a stable property investment with attractive returns and good potential for capital gains.

The luxurious and comfortable new-build flats of this project offer safe and stable returns.

Moreover, it is a net passive return as you are completely taken care of by the developer and the steward.

In short, are you looking for a good and stable real estate investment in Brussels, the political heart of Europe?

Then this project of buy-to-let apartments to rent to well-paid professionals in Brussels is definitely a worthwhile option!

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information NOW, the supply is limited and it goes fast (see licensing issues).

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