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  • Buying a studio in Brussels to let without worries (or for private use)

Buying a studio in Brussels to let without worries (or for private use)

  • €95,000 (min. own contribution)
  • Near European Quarter (top location)
  • Bronze rental guarantee
  • Flat
  • Buy-to-let and private use
  • Rue de Pascale, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Buying a studio in Brussels with stable value is possible in this small residence near the European Quarter and the Rue de la Loi.

The strategic location of this building means that the compact residential units can enjoy continuous and stable tenant demand.

Investors who are looking for stable rental income and a significant increase in value over the long term are in for a treat.

Discover below the summary, the features of the studios for sale, details about the prime location and some good reasons to invest in property for rent (or for private use) here.

Summary of this investment opportunity in Brussels

  • Buying a studio in Brussels is possible here from +/- 95 000 euro minimum contribution (combined with a loan to finance the rest of the purchase amount)
  • Equity is a broad concept (see below for explanation of alternative financing methods)
  • In a brilliant location close to the European Quarter and the Brussels-Schuman train station
  • Through the developer, you can optionally purchase an all-in furniture package to immediately rent out furnished to expats
  • Passive income earning with this Brussels property is possible:
    • Comprehensive rental service from A to Z
    • Professional letting agent optimises the occupancy rate and takes care of all problems
  • Buying a studio in Brussels is possible here in full ownership (no construction concerning shares, long lease, building rights or bonds)
  • Private parking space included (unique in Brussels city centre and particularly attractive for tenants)
  • In the long run, you may be able to realise considerable added value
  • Also suitable for private use (e.g. by your student child in Brussels and after the student period you can then rent it out on the private market)
  • Complete guidance available from A to Z:
    • Non-binding return simulations tailored to your capital and investment horizon available,
    • Guidance in finding the best form of financing, etc

Features of the studios for sale in this building

Sustainable and stable-value real estate

These compact residential units in the centre of Brussels respond to the trend towards compact living in the city centre.

In addition, the location makes these modern residential units highly desirable among the international community who tend to rent rather than buy.

Tip: Buying a studio in Brussels straight from the developer is possible here and you also have the option to get an interesting furniture package.

This will then allow you to immediately start renting out furnished property (which is particularly popular with the more than 100,000 expats in Brussels).

Details of finishing and furnishing

  • Modern furnishing with private kitchen and private bathroom
  • In accordance with the latest energy standards (passive construction) and with excellent thermal insulation techniques
  • Practical kitchen including all appliances (built-in Siemens appliances for cooking and baking with pleasure)
  • With private bathroom equipped with a walk-in shower, a modern bathroom unit with mirror and storage cupboards and a hanging toilet with double flush function
  • In terms of floor covering, durable and wear-resistant parquet is used
  • Energy-efficient heating system including modern control kit (natural gas)
  • The living units are also equipped with acoustic insulation to muffle irritating sound waves
  • All studios in this residence also have access to a common recreation room including a spacious lounge, television, large kitchen, dining table, bar chairs, board games, etc.
  • The entrance hall of the building is equipped with camera security, a digital concierge as well as a smart parcel postbox (for residents who like to shop online)

Buying a studio in Brussels with ingenious multifunctional furniture

Central to each studio is an ingenious piece of concept furniture with three functions.

On one side of the unit, on the living room side, is an integrated and fully equipped kitchen.

On the other side is a modern daytime desk.

Thanks to the ingenious folding and swivelling system, this desk can be turned into a comfortable bed for two people in no time at all.

Check the pictures at the bottom of this page for an impression of this handy 2-in-1 system (double bed and desk in one).

This space-saving and also stylish approach is interesting for making the most of the studio space.

Incredibly good location in Brussels

This small-scale newly built residence near the Brussels-Schuman train station is in a prime location in Brussels.

Hotspot for wealthy expats in Brussels

More specifically, the building stands on Rue de Pascale, which lies between the better-known Rue de la Loi and Rue Belliard.

In terms of location, you could hardly be in a better position to defensively invest in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] that is stable in value.

This neighbourhood is the hotspot for the more than 100 000 expats who live and work in Brussels.

If you look at the rue de Pascale on Google Maps, you can see at a glance why this is a hot spot.

This small-scale building with compact residential units is located near the European Quarter and the European Parliament.

In addition, this residence is also within walking distance of various European institutions and more than 20 embassies in the heart of Brussels.

Nature is present thanks to squares and parks

In an urban environment, it is not easy to integrate sufficient greenery and nature into the streetscape. Yet they have succeeded in this neighbourhood of Brussels!

Less than one kilometre away, there are several parks and squares full of greenery and nature. Examples are:

Shopping is possible in the neighbourhood

This small-scale newly built residence is located near hundreds of restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

The old town is not far either.

This residence is also within walking distance of the well-known Nieuwstraat, a shopping street of +/- 600 metres long with clothes shops such as HEMA, WE and C&A.

And if you are looking for more expensive premium clothing from the best brands, there are premium shops on Avenue Louise (also within walking distance from the residence).

Good transport connections: Buying a studio in Brussels

The advantage of this location is its extremely good connectivity via bus, tram, metro, train (the Brussels-Schuman train station is nearby) and car.

The Brussels ring road is not far away, and with the various metro stations in the vicinity, you can move around this metropolis quickly and efficiently.

Brussels Airport, Belgium’s national airport, is also easily accessible by public transport.

Why consider buying a studio in Brussels in this residence?

Attractive leverage possible

In this residence near the Brussels-Schuman train station, you can acquire full ownership of a premium studio from a contribution of +/- EUR 95 000.

You can easily borrow the rest of the purchase price via a mortgage loan whereby the lender establishes a mortgage on the studio.

This minimum required own contribution of EUR 95,000 may consist solely of liquid assets (money in a bank account).

But this own contribution can also be arranged by making dormant capital liquid again with the help of a loan.

Thus, in addition to cash in a bank account, it is also possible to draw on other accumulated capital in order to arrange for the required minimum equity contribution.

There are many possibilities in terms of alternative real estate financing [AVAILABLE SOON]

For example, you can work with accumulated capital in a group insurance plan [AVAILABLE SOON] or an FSPSE [AVAILABLE SOON].

Or as a manager, you can also work with accumulated or yet to be accumulated capital in an IPS [AVAILABLE SOON].

In addition, you can always give (partly) redeemed property as collateral and you can even give a portfolio of assets [AVAILABLE SOON] as collateral to pawn the capital in it (also known as a Lombard loan [AVAILABLE SOON]).

Tailor-made yield simulations available

Why should you choose to finance part of the purchase with a credit?

By keeping your own contribution as low as possible, you use the loan capital as leverage.

The combination of rental income and potential long-term added value allows you to maximise the return on your capital.

Would you like to see some calculations showing in black and white what the annual return on your equity can be if you work with leverage?

Please do not hesitate to request further information, free of obligation.

You will receive full guidance, including return simulations tailored to your situation if you wish.

Buying a studio in Brussels as a long-term investment

Investing in real estate in Brussels can be interesting through these compact studios for furnished rental.

Moreover, it is particularly interesting for private investors with a longer investment horizon (10 to 15 years or more).

Making money with the rental of property [AVAILABLE SOON] is in fact a matter of investing in the right location [AVAILABLE SOON] and then letting time do its work.

This premium furnished and modern investment property is well located and can provide considerable added value in the long run, which can provide an additional increase in the return on your invested capital.

Permit problems cause supply shortage

Brussels is struggling with a licensing problem, which means that the supply of high-quality, modern housing units cannot keep up with demand.

As a developer, it usually takes years to deliver a project in Brussels.

It requires a lot of perseverance, patience and insight into procedures and spatial planning.

This provides opportunities for individuals who want to invest in real estate in the right location.

The studios in this residence are modern and very well located.

A constant demand for such residential units ensures that you as an owner/landlord can count on very high occupancy rates.

Value stable, inflation proof investment property

Investing in real estate with stable value [AVAILABLE SOON] is possible in this well-located residence in Brussels.

As an owner, you can rent to well-earning and wealthy tenants. These are often expats, trainees, lobbyists, Eurocrats, politicians, international businessmen and so on.

Buying a studio in Brussels here means choosing for stable rental income and a nice increase in value in the long run.

The developer’s complete all-inclusive rental service is an additional plus if you don’t feel like taking care of the rental from A to Z yourself.

Buying a studio in Brussels and earning a passive income is possible

This Brussels investment property for rent can be considered a passive investment opportunity.

As an investor, you can count on a professional rental agent and steward through the developer.

This way, you have nothing to do with the paperwork and the actual renting and solving of problems (including screening tenants, collecting rent, preparing property descriptions, etc.).

So passive real estate investment [AVAILABLE SOON] is absolutely possible here.

Leaving the operational side of things to a professional and buying and letting property without worries is possible here, in other words.

The residents/tenants of this residence can also enjoy additional services (also provided by the developer):

  • Dry cleaning and ironing service
  • Cleaning service
  • Maintenance service
  • Moving services
  • Help with the connection of internet, television and/or telephony, etc

Furnished rental to expats is profitable

Investing in real estate to let to expats can be profitable, especially in an internationally oriented market like Brussels.

Moreover, thanks to the hassle-free investment formula, you can get your return without any worries or problems.

The developer acts as a rental agent and gets the most out of your investment property in terms of occupancy.

The unique location of this project and the modern and functional design of the studios are very interesting for tenants.

Expats and trainees living and working in Brussels are especially looking for such housing units in the city centre.

Tip: Through the developer, you can optionally purchase a furniture package at a competitive price (ideal if you want to rent out furnished to expats).

Buying a studio in Brussels as an investment? Request more info

Are you convinced of the prime location of these studios in the centre of Brussels?

And does worry-free furnished renting via the developer’s carefree formula seem like a good investment formula to you?

Then don’t hesitate to ask for more information now, without obligation. The number of compact residential units for sale is limited (first come, first served) in this small-scale building.

You can count on professional guidance from A to Z, including return simulations tailored to your situation and assistance in finding the best financing (if desired).

In addition, you will, of course, be able to see all the details (specifications, floor plans, the optional furniture package, the accompanying private car park, etc.).

Other real estate for sale in Brussels as a stable investment

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Floor plans


Address: Rue de Pascale, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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