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  • German apartment building as investment with guaranteed return in Gelsenkirchen

German apartment building as investment with guaranteed return in Gelsenkirchen

  • €2,050,000 Purchase price
  • 6.24% return per year
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • Apartment building
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Weberstraße, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

This German apartment building as investment comes with 10 rental units and a contractually guaranteed return of 6.24% per annum.

This return is calculated over the purchase value of the property, which means that, with smart financing [AVAILABLE SOON], you can achieve a much higher return on your more limited equity investment.

Discover below all the details of this buy-to-let property in Gelsenkirchen.

And don’t hesitate to ask for all the details if you are interested.

Summary of this German apartment building as investment

  • Income-producing property with 10 rental units in the city centre of the growth city of Gelsenkirchen
  • 6.24% contractually guaranteed rental yield per year, calculated on the purchase value of the property
  • 9 spacious and fully renovated flats
  • 1 spacious retail space for rent
  • Wonderful location just 100 metres from the main shopping street of Gelsenkirchen
  • Possibility to (partially) finance with a loan in order to make optimal use of the leverage effect

Characteristics of the German apartment building as investment

  • Type: Residential and commercial property for rent including rental guarantee
  • Price: EUR 2.05 million
  • Year built: Built in 1953
  • Renovations: 2019 – 2020
  • Heating: Central / gas
  • Ground surface: 583 m²
  • Energy certificate: Yes
  • Total area of building: 1 798 m²
  • Parking spaces: Yes
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Basement: Yes, present
  • Number of residential units: 9 flats for rent
  • Commercial space: 1 retail space
  • Shop floor: 323 m²
  • Windows: PVC / alu – thermo glass
  • Habitable area: 821 m²
  • Surroundings: City centre of Gelsenkirchen in Germany

Financial details in terms of returns

  • Purchase price of the property: EUR 2 050 000
  • Annual guaranteed return (contractually agreed): 6.24% rental yield
  • Possibility of using financing to further increase your return on equity
  • Your property is completely managed and maintained by a local professional
  • Your rental income is contractually defined (via notarial deed)
  • So vacancy and default are not your worries
  • At the end of the rental period, your property is refurbished to bring it back to its original state
  • Your contractually guaranteed rental income (rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON]) will be paid monthly into your bank account
  • With an optional additional insurance, you can cover non-payment and damage caused by the tenant after the rental guarantee expires.

Details of the rental units

  • Ten rental units in this German apartment building as investment:
    • Total purchase price: EUR 2 050 000
    • Price is before tax and excludes taxes and costs of purchase
    • The purchase price includes all renovation costs
  • Three 2-bedroom flats for rent:
    • Surface area: 107 – 153 m²
  • Six 1-bedroom flats for rent:
    • Surface area: 52 – 92 m²
  • One retail space for rent:
    • Surface area: 323 m²

Investing in German property undergoing complete renovation

  • A lot of renovation work has already been carried out on the residential units in the building
  • As soon as you purchase, the building will be further completed
  • In terms of finish and durability, you can count on the use of high-quality materials
  • The tenant of the commercial shop space will take care of the new layout of the shop on the ground floor

Gelsenkirchen as a city with added value potential

Gelsenkirchen is a German city that is growing and flourishing.

The real estate enjoys this and goes up with the economic growth of the city.

Like Germany in general, here you can feel the energy and growth bubbling from the ground…

This German apartment building as investment is built on a piece of land of 583 m².

It housed nine renovated residential rental units and a renovated commercial rental unit.

Top location of this German apartment building as investment

In terms of location, this building is a gem: Centrally located in Gelsenkirchen, 100 metres walking distance from the largest shopping street in Gelsenkirchen.

In other words, the building is located close to the renovated city centre.

All daily amenities and large retail chains are therefore in the immediate vicinity of the property.

So it is particularly attractive on the rental market.

The building is well located and easily accessible:

  • The motorway is less than 3 kilometres away
  • Gelsenkirchen Hauptbahnhof is only 500 metres away.
  • Public transport such as trams, metros and buses are also located in the immediate vicinity of the buy-to-let property

Gelsenkirchen as a destination for investment in German real estate

The city of Gelsenkirchen is currently very popular with property investors.

The reason for this? This city is rapidly upgrading, partly due to the many efforts made by the authorities.

Gelsenkirchen is a city located in North Rhine-Westphalia.

This city is located in the northern part of the Ruhr area and has a population of +/- 260 000.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Gelsenkirchen was an important centre for coal mining in Germany.

Today, Gelsenkirchen is a true solar city, the centre for the solar energy sector, which, among other things, is home to the largest solar power plant in Germany.

Gelsenkirchen is also home to the famous football club Schalke 04, which is named after the Schalke district near this buy-to-let property.

Interested in this German apartment building as investment? Request more info

Are you interested in this German apartment building as investment?

Then don’t hesitate to ask for more information without any obligation.

All floor plans are available on request.

You can also count on complete support from A to Z, including return simulations tailored to your needs and situation.

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Address: Weberstraße, 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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