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  • German real estate as investment with income guarantee, syndicate and professional management

German real estate as investment with income guarantee, syndicate and professional management

  • €41,000 min. investment capital
  • With 3 unique guarantees
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • Apartment building, Flat
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Gelsenkirchen, Germany

This German real estate as investment is an investment alternative for private investors who are looking for higher returns without much additional risk.

These newly renovated and refurbished flats in Gelsenkirchen come with 3 unique owner guarantees.

Discover below all the investment details of this German investment property as a passive investment.

Are you looking for carefree and hands-free German real estate as investment?

Then take some time to take a closer look at this investment opportunity in the booming Ruhr area and its advantages

German real estate as investment: Summary

  • Flats for sale in full ownership (no building rights, no long lease, no bonds, no shares)
  • From EUR 41 000 own contribution, in combination with a loan (mortgage or bullet)
  • Financing by means of a loan is possible in various ways
  • Annual returns:
    • With loan and with financial leverage: 9 to 12% return per year calculated on your own contribution (minimum 41,000 euros)
    • This thanks to three unique guarantees + solid value growth of real estate in this region
    • Feel free to request a return simulation tailored to your budget and investment horizon
  • Fully passive, low-risk German investment property
  • Three unique guarantees for foreign investors:
  • Significant medium-term value-added potential due to favourable location, in Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Complete English-language guidance in the area of:
    • Tailor-made return simulations
    • Viewings on site
    • Intermediate with the bank to arrange a suitable mortgage or bullet loan if required
    • Guidance during the purchase procedure of the German real estate as investment
    • Offering assistance in the annual handling of administrative obligations, etc

Real estate investment with little or no risk

German investment property with 3 guarantees

These flats in Gelsenkirchen are for sale as carefree buy-to-let properties.

All residential units were recently renovated and are equipped with all modern amenities in accordance with local legislation.

Of course, you can request a viewing on site, without any obligation, together with the English-speaking representative of this project.

It is recommended that you organise this due diligence yourself and take time for it.

That way you can see for yourself that it is not German slum housing and you can also get to know the promoter and the staff.

Income guarantee for this German investment property

As the owner of a flat for rent in this building, you can count on notarially guaranteed rental income.

In other words, a fully renovated flat here will yield an immediate and secure return.

Thanks to this income guarantee (established at the notary), you can consider this German real estate as an investment that is risk-free.

The building developer guarantees your monthly rental income and this rental guarantee is recorded in a notarial deed.

This income guarantee ensures that you as an owner can maximise your rental income and annual return.

After all, all the classic problems of renting are taken care of by the promoter:

  • A stagnant cash flow due to defaults: Not your problem. Each month the rent, which is contractually agreed, is punctually paid into your account
  • Sub-optimal occupancy rate due to a period of vacancy: Not your problem. You receive the contractually agreed rental income punctually, monthly
  • Damage and urgent problems: Not your problem. The rents are paid into your account and damages and repairs are at the expense of the steward (professional manager)

Syndicate director from Gelsenkirchen

As the owner of a yield flat in this building, you can count on complete cost transparency.

This means that the costs of the trustee are borne by the construction company and promoter.

In other words, the notarially determined rental income is recorded and the associated return is a real return.

The costs of the German director of the syndicate of co-owners will not be deducted from your rental income afterwards.

The syndicate’s fee is borne by the building developer who is responsible for the rental, management, stewardship and so on.

Would you like to know all the details about this all-inclusive rental and management service with no hidden costs for investors?

Then don’t hesitate to ask for more information without any obligation.

Professional management (steward) from the region

Investing in this German property means relying on a professional steward who is active locally in Gelsenkirchen.

In other words, as an owner you don’t have to worry about renting, managing, selecting suitable tenants, collecting rent, carrying out repairs and so on.

In other words, managing the buy-to-let properties is not your responsibility.

Thanks to the promoter’s unique offer, as an owner you can count on a professional steward to look after your interests.

And for the sake of clarity: This is offered without hidden costs.

In other words, your rental income (notarised) will not be reduced afterwards by a deduction of hidden stewardship costs.

Remark: You can also choose to organise the management yourself if you wish. In this scenario (do-it-yourself rental, management and stewardship), the rental guarantee would lapse.

Accessible for various types of investors

German real estate as investment for beginners

Beginners looking for an interesting real estate investment can get their money’s worth with this offer, without any risk.

You can acquire full ownership of a renovated flat from as little as +/- EUR 41 000.

This is a relatively low entry threshold compared to other real estate investments where the required own contribution can be many times higher.

Moreover, it is also a very accessible way to invest in property for rent.

Thanks to the three guarantees, you can invest in these buy-to-let properties in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, completely carefree.

Passive investment in real estate is possible with this offer, which means that this German investment property is a valuable alternative to other passive investment products.

German real estate as investment for experienced investors

Experienced property investors can buy a piece of the building (several residential units or even a whole block of flats).

In the context of building up a well-diversified property portfolio, this is a unique and temporary offer on the German property market (gone is gone).

Do not hesitate to ask for more details.

There are several completely renovated buildings for sale in total (which means that you can also invest larger sums of capital in this German buy-to-let property).

Better rental yield than in other Western European countries

Return on this property investment in Germany

Depending on your situation, available investment budget, investment horizon, increase in value of the property and your wishes regarding financing, the annual return on your invested capital can be between 9 and 12%.

Do not hesitate to request a return simulation tailored to your profile and budget.

German buy-to-let properties yield good returns

This German investment property in Gelsenkirchen can be regarded as an investment with substantial, real returns.

Buying an investment property in these buildings in the booming blue city of Gelsenkirchen offers some advantages compared to buying an investment property in other Western European countries.

Perhaps the biggest plus is that the purchase price/annual rental income ratio of German investment property is more interesting than the same ratio of buy-to-let property elsewhere.

The annual return, the effective rental income, of German real estate as investment is higher than the return of investment properties in Belgium and the Netherlands for example.

So, are you wrestling with questions such as what to do with 50 000 euros of savings or how to invest 100 000 euros for high returns with limited risk?

Then German real estate with certain guarantees like this offer can be an attractive investment option, also in the context of defensive real estate investing!

German real estate as investment is on the rise among foreign private investors.

This is obvious, as a smart investor always looks for the most interesting return/risk ratio.

Difference between German versus other Western European property

Germans do not have a brick in their stomach.

In contrast to other nationalities, they attach much less emotional value to their own house/apartment.

Germans keep the money rolling in but spend it on other things (travel, restaurant visits, a German premium car with all the bells and whistles, and so on).

Germans buy cars but not houses: Only +/- 43% of Germans own the house they move into. This is the lowest ownership ratio in the entire European Union.

This difference in mentality also translates into the German property market, where the majority of Germans are tenants!

As you can see, in Germany there are proportionally more people who rent than who live in their own house or flat.

The residential property market in Germany is therefore a real tenant market (and not a buyer’s market). This is just the opposite of what happens in Belgium and the Netherlands, for example.

Implications for German real estate as investment

Of course, this has an impact on German property prices and the annual returns on renting out property.

Firstly, the demand for high-quality rental flats and houses is stable and high.

Tenant demand is so high that it exceeds supply in many areas. This is the ultimate scenario for a landlord of real estate.

Secondly, German law provides sufficient rights for owners who rent out property.

A tenant who turns out to be a defaulter can be evicted fairly quickly and easily.

Thirdly, in certain regions, especially North Rhine-Westphalia, you can invest in an economically strong and emerging region.

This is particularly interesting in the area of value investing in real estate.

In the medium term, there is a realistic chance of achieving a considerable capital gain from a subsequent sale (which is exempt from capital gains tax if the property has been in your possession for at least 10 years).

Taking out a loan for German real estate as investment is possible

These renovated flats are for sale in full ownership.

This means that you can borrow to finance part of the purchase price without any problems.

In fact, you have two options to find the best loan and financing: Borrow locally in Germany or borrow in the country where you live and work (another European country for example).

Lending for German property in Germany

The construction promoter maintains good relations with various local banks and lenders in North Rhine-Westphalia.

It is perfectly possible to take out a mortgage loan with a German bank.

This bank can establish a mortgage on your property in Germany and, consequently, your German buy-to-let property will function as collateral.

Do not hesitate to request detailed information on the possibilities, requirements, rates and durations.

You can count on complete support in your mother tongue!

Loan for German property in another country

Do you live and work in another country? Then you can always take out a loan locally, at your home bank or through a broker.

Naturally, you must be able to provide sufficient collateral since a foreign bank cannot work with German real estate as collateral.

Please note: It is not necessary to work with real estate as collateral.

There are also other ways to take out a loan for a German buy-to-let property.

Feel free to ask for more detailed information about financing possibilities of German real estate.

Advantages of this German real estate as investment

  • Passive income earning with real estate is possible thanks to this carefree German real estate investment with 3 unique guarantees.
  • The Germans like to rent and don’t like to buy. A majority of Germans rent their apartment/house. As a foreign property investor, such a tenant culture is naturally interesting.
  • Investing in real estate with a rental guarantee is not utopia but reality.
  • In terms of purchase price, German real estate as investment is much more accessible and approachable than investment properties in other Western European countries. This offer gets you started from as little as EUR 41 000. You acquire full ownership (and finance part of the purchase price with a loan).
  • The German real estate tax system is mild and favourable. The difference between gross and net returns is therefore small. Moreover, with the right accounting and tax guidance, there are also numerous tax deductions that can be used to reduce the taxable base.
  • Germany is the engine of Europe and especially North Rhine-Westphalia is a strong growth region with enormous employment (a city like Gelsenkirchen, for example, is a city of jobs and purchasing power).
  • This German property is a stable investment alternative that, in terms of risk/return ratio, is in no way inferior to other Western European investment property, on the contrary…

Interested in this investment property for sale in Germany?

Are you interested in this German real estate as investment with 3 unique guarantees? Then ask for more information without any obligation!

You can count on a fully English-speaking guidance including analysis of your profile and wishes.

A tailor-made financial plan and return simulation are also part of this service.

Of course, you will also receive in-depth and detailed information about the yield properties for sale (including specifications, floor plans, etc.).

If you wish, you can also rely on us to help you find the best financing.

Important: As part of conducting a thorough due diligence, the promoter makes it a point to visit you personally.

You are therefore cordially invited to go and inspect on site in Gelsenkirchen.

Transparency is key, so you can get quick and clear answers to all your (detailed) questions.

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