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Holiday home in Samos for sale in Hera Bay Luxury Resort – Greece

  • Price on request
  • Return guarantee + free use
  • Golden rental guarantee
  • Flat, Hotel room, House, Villa
  • Buy-to-let and private use
  • Samos 831 00, Greece

Buying a holiday home in Samos for sale is possible in this luxury resort on very interesting financial terms.

You can invest in various types of recreational real estate and then opt for mixed use.

This means that you are entitled to free weeks of personal use every year.

The rest of the time, your property will be included in the resort’s rental system and you will receive contractually guaranteed annual rental income for it.

Find out all about this opportunity to invest in Greece at a prime location on the idyllic island of Samos below.

Summary – Buying a holiday home in Samos for sale for mixed use

  • Luxury holiday homes for sale – various types, new construction, fully owned
  • For mixed use:
    • Free weeks of own use per year
    • Guaranteed rental income on an annual basis (contractual rental guarantee)
  • Part of unique 5-star resort in prime location on Samos
  • Fantastic opportunity for quick decision makers
  • Passive investment in real estate is possible here, at top yields and with returns in kind (free own use)

New Greek legend is born

Hera Bay Luxury Resort is a 5-star resort nestled in a protected bay, on the south-eastern tip of the island of Samos in Greece.

The siting of this luxury resort was designed in such a way that all property owners can enjoy panoramic sea views from their own private terraces.

Hera Bay Luxury Resort is among the top in the market for luxury holiday homes

Hera Bay Luxury Resort presents a unique opportunity in terms of investment in Greek leisure property.

Not only because of the returns, but also because of the beautiful holiday homes.

This 5-star resort on Samos redefines the meaning of luxury on the island of Samos.

The resort is blessed with a world-class spa and wellness, including a fantastic infinity pool with views over the Aegean Sea, and a private marina for 35 pleasure yachts.

A destination of pure luxury and opulence in an absolutely breathtaking setting

In addition, there are various types of beautifully designed holiday homes for sale that perfectly reflect the character and history of Samos.

Greece retains its traditional popularity with holidaymakers and owners of holiday homes and country houses.

This fact ensures that the demand for high-quality real estate is always high.

Discover below all the details about this unique investment opportunity in Hera Bay Luxury Resort.

Activities for everyone – Holiday home in Samos for sale

At this resort, one can experience a true 5-star luxury holiday that is unmatched on the island of Samos.

It is often the facilities that make a resort a five-star destination and shape a holiday in luxury and opulence.

Hera Bay Luxury Resort is equipped with a fantastic range of facilities in the resort.

There are several restaurants, a piano bar, boutiques for shopping, a fully equipped gym, a tennis court to keep you fit and energetic, and so on.

Relax in the infinity pool of the Spa and Wellness at this 5-star Hera Bay Luxury Resort on Samos

As the owner of a pleasure yacht, you can moor in the resort’s brand new and ultramodern private marina. There is room for 35 private yachts.

You can also relax in the lavish spa that covers an area of 1 200 m².

Other facilities at the Hera Bay Luxury Resort include swimming pools, two private beaches with access to the Aegean Sea, a children’s shelter full of activities and fun, traditional and family restaurants, a diving and water sports club, boutiques, and so on.

The facilities summarised:

  • World-class spa and wellness
  • Fitness and gymnastics
  • Exclusive private marina
  • Tennis court
  • Two private beaches in the bay of Hera
  • Diving centre
  • Water sports club
  • Outdoor infinity pool with fantastic views of the bay
  • Indoor pool
  • Club for children (care for the little ones in a fun, relaxing environment)
  • Various restaurants
  • Conference centre
  • Tavern
  • Boutiques
  • Shops with local specialities and delicacies

Idyllic Spa and Wellness

Hera Bay Luxury Resort is as much about the experience and the overall experience as it is about the fantastic property opportunity.

The Spa and Wellness is the perfect example of this: You can relax and unwind there in an incredible way.

The spa consists of 7 treatment rooms, including a special room for couples treatments.

A wide range of treatments is provided, including Rasul (a mud treatment) and a four-hand massage.

The Spa guarantees a sensory experience and is the perfect retreat from the hectic modern life

You can also enjoy the magnificent Experience showers, which uniquely stimulate all the senses. Enjoy a tropical rain shower with delicate fragrances of mango and papaya.

Or opt for softer, cooler mist and vapours. Alternatively, you can even choose a treatment with jets on the ice needle position.

The 250 m² swimming pool completes the spa experience. The indoor pool is designed for year-round use.

This indoor pool extends into a large outdoor infinity pool. This outdoor pool is equipped with ergonomically and comfortably furnished seating areas.

This infinity pool is one of the finest locations in the entire resort as it offers fantastic panoramic views of the bay.

Especially at the end of the day at sunset, this place can be quite enchanting.

Private marina in the bay

The marina at Hera Bay Luxury Resort is a fantastic addition to the resort’s facilities.

This private marina makes this resort one of the few places on Samos where you can admire your yacht from the terrace of your luxury flat or villa.

The marina of Hera Bay Luxury Resort is designed to accommodate 35 pleasure yachts (from smaller pleasure boats to larger super yachts).

In no other resort on the island of Samos can you admire your pleasure yacht while enjoying a delicious glass of local Samos wine on your private terrace, watching the sun set over the bay.

Both yacht owners and guests of the five-star resort can fully enjoy island hopping and the crystal clear Aegean waters.

With a total coastline of more than 15 000 kilometres and a pleasantly warm climate, there is simply no more idyllic sailing destination than the Greek islands (and in this case, the North Aegean Islands).

Island hopping during the day and enjoying the crystal-clear Greek waters and sailing back to your 5-star luxury resort at sunset in the evening. Attractive, isn’t it?

The marina of the Hera Bay Luxury Resort is equipped with the most advanced and modern facilities, perfect for mooring a pleasure boat of any size without worry.

Internet, telephone and other means of communication were also considered. There are also facilities for leaving luggage and suitcases safely.

There are also facilities for sending mail. In addition, there are a few boutiques and souvenir shops for people who moor or leave for a day of island hopping.

It is also possible to dock your pleasure yacht at the brand new Pythagorio Samos marina, just a few kilometres from the resort.

There are even more facilities and amenities, including a helipad.

Breathtaking holiday homes for sale on Samos

The beautiful holiday homes for sale in this resort are all new-build properties that you as a private investor can acquire in full ownership.

Unique top design by world-renowned architectural firm

The design and engineering of this fantastic luxury resort was done by the world-renowned Greek architectural firm Vikelas and Associates.

All holiday homes at the Hera Bay Luxury Resort exude luxury, character and Greek charm

Samos is a traditional Greek island with numerous picturesque and charming villages scattered around.

There are cottages and villas everywhere with white washed walls and traditional blue shutters, creating that typically distinctive Greek ambience.

Hera Bay Luxury Resort was carefully designed to bring the typical atmosphere of an ordinary village on the island of Samos to life in this new development.

All holiday flats in this luxury resort exude character, elegance and Greek charm.

Each type of recreational house has an individual style (see below), based on a unique selection of different building elements.

A balance is always sought between a mix of modern elements on the one hand and a traditional appearance on the other.

For you as an investor, this not only means that you can select an interior that best suits your personal taste and preferences.

It also means that your holiday home will most likely be as unique as you are!

Holiday home in Samos for sale: Various types for sale in the luxury resort

As an investor, you can choose from various unique types of holiday homes for sale in this Hera Bay Luxury Resort.

Holiday home in Samos for sale is therefore possible for a wide range of budgets!

Buy hotel suite on Samos

Hotel suites at the Hera Bay Luxury Resort represent the ideal entry point for property investors in terms of financial threshold.

Each hotel room enjoys the quality typical of a five-star resort.

In addition, each hotel suite is equipped with a private terrace and sleeping accommodation for 2 people.

There are two types of hotel suites for sale:

  • Hotel rooms for sale on the ground floor
  • Hotel rooms for sale on the highest floors (penthouse hotel rooms)

Buy a studio flat on Samos

The modern studio flats at the Hera Bay Luxury Resort are housed in stone buildings of both one and two floors.

One studio flat was placed in each floor.

These characterful and inspiring holiday homes, including kitchenette, guarantee luxurious 5-star accommodation combined with a unique opportunity to invest in this investment property.

Each studio flat can accommodate 2 people.

Buying Kampana on Samos

Kampana is the Greek name for a ground floor property without floors.

The kampanas for sale in this fantastic resort enjoy their own private terraces and/or gardens.

The biggest advantage of such a kampana is the focus on outdoor living and the optimal use of outdoor spaces.

This guarantees optimal conditions for al fresco dining, with a fantastic sunset over the bay.

Truly fantastic views are a guarantee. A kampana in Hera Bay Luxury Resort can accommodate two people.

Three types of villas for sale in this luxury resort

Buy a luxury villa on Samos

The luxury villa consists of two floors: the ground floor and the upper floor.

These spacious villas have a bedroom with double bed, bathroom and outdoor terrace with loungers, table and garden on the ground floor.

These beautiful luxury two-storey villas have been specially designed to make the most of the sloping surroundings and the fantastic panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

On the first floor there is a living room, a kitchenette, a spacious bathroom, a toilet and a terrace and/or garden outside.

Locating these items on the first floors guarantees breathtaking views of the bay of Hera!

This type of ‘luxury villa’ comes with one bedroom (double bed) and sleeping accommodation for 4 people, which means that 2 people can sleep in the living area on the upper floor.

Buy a superior villa on Samos

This type of ‘superior villa’ offers not only wonderful views of the bay but also ample private space under the open sky.

In other words, such a villa comes with plenty of outdoor space, plenty of indoor space and all the modern facilities one could wish for.

The superior villa is a villa equipped with two double bedrooms. In total, there is sleeping capacity for six people (two people in the living room if required).

Such superior villas are therefore perfect for larger families (4 – 6 people).

Buy a premium villa on Samos

The ‘premium villa’ type is the cream of the crop in this five-star Hera Bay Luxury Resort.

Each premium villa is dedicated to Greek-style living with a touch of modernity thrown in here and there. This makes for a unique and luxurious villa that is a pleasure to stay in with friends or family.

Each premium villa has its own private infinity pool and magnificent private gardens. The interior and the furnishings of such a villa are the top of the top, real top quality.

The premium villas are perfectly situated in the best locations of the resort, being those with the best views over the bay and the Aegean Sea.

This villa is equipped with three bedrooms (each with a double bed) and has a sleeping capacity of 8 persons (2 persons can stay overnight in the living room).

Samos, pearl of an island in Greece

Holidays in Samos are characterised by a distinctive and unique atmosphere.

Holidaymakers can enjoy a combination of sunshine, beautiful beaches, lovely white villages, a rich cultural history and a touch of romance.

Going on holiday to Samos means enjoying a great mix of relaxation and adventure.

So buying a holiday home in Samos for sale is actually something that pops into the heads of a significant number of visitors to the island…

You can enjoy the real pure Greek cuisine in small family restaurants. The local specialities are fresh and delicious, and to top it all off, they are great value for money.

Culturally, you will also be able to enjoy breathtaking historical views.

Visitors also feel truly welcome on Samos as the locals give everyone a warm welcome.

Miles of beautiful coastline, spectacular weather, friendly locals and an unrivalled culture and history

Samos is located in the southeast of the Greek Islands and has a very specific topography compared to its sister islands nearby.

The island of Samos is dominated by two mountains. This island protrudes from the azure Aegean Sea and has numerous hillsides that are full of beautiful forests.

It is definitely one of the greenest islands in the Aegean and agriculture plays a major role there.

Glorious sunshine, beautiful beaches, a rich cultural history and the enchanting romance of island life

Samos is a favourite base for many international tourists who want to discover the Greek islands island-hopping.

Samos is world-famous for its history, architecture and culture, and visitors can learn all about this in the island’s numerous museums and archaeological sites. An example is the Temple of Hera.

There are also numerous opportunities for fantastic diving and sailing in the waters around Samos, especially in Kokkari.

Various excursions are also organised, such as boat trips to nearby islands and Turkey.

Location and travel to Samos

The beautiful location of Hera Bay Luxury Resort on the island of Samos is incredible.

The resort’s two private beaches enjoy a unique microclimate created by the coast on the other side of the Aegean Sea and the gently sloping hills in the back of the resort.

Magnificent blue waters are calm and come ashore with very gentle waves. So this is the ideal situation to enjoy a quiet swim in the Aegean Sea.

Hera Bay Luxury Resort sits snugly in a sheltered bay along the southeastern coast of the island of Samos

Flights and accessibility – Holiday home in Samos for sale

The island of Samos is easily accessible from Europe and in fact from all over the world. In practice, one can reach Samos by sea and by air.

The international airport of Samos is located in the region of Pythagorion and numerous international flights are available from here (direct flights to Samos are possible).

The island is also easily accessible by ferry from Turkey and other Greek islands.

Bus network

Public transport on Samos is of a high standard. The island is well connected and all major towns and beaches are linked by a high-quality bus service.

Together with ferries and taxis, public transport on Samos ensures that you can move around effortlessly, smoothly and logically.


There are several car rental companies on the island of Samos. One example is Rent-A-Car Samos.

Some facts and figures

Below is an overview of the average driving times from Hera Bay Luxury Resort to various destinations on the island of Samos:

  • Vathy (capital of Samos): 30-minute drive
  • Heraion of Samos: 1 hour drive
  • Kokkari: 40-minute drive
  • Oros Karvouni (nature reserve): 90-minute drive
  • Cave of Pythagoras: 1 hour and 45 minutes drive

Surroundings of the 5-star resort – Holiday home in Samos for sale

Hera Bay Luxury Resort is the brainchild of and was designed by architects and developers who love the island of Samos and all its charms.

The ultimate goal is to fully integrate the resort into its surroundings by respecting the traditional architecture of the island.

At the same time, the building process is organised in such a way that the impact of the construction works on the island’s environment and ecosystem is kept to an absolute minimum.

Hera Bay Luxury Resort aims to be the market leader and benchmark of the island of Samos not only in terms of luxury accommodation. The resort also wants to show the right way in terms of the local environment, by drawing the card of eco-technology

All building materials will be produced or purchased locally, minimising the resort’s overall ecological footprint .

In addition, all recreational houses were architecturally designed with a focus on a healthy flow of air.

This is achieved, among other things, by using smaller windows at the rear of the holiday homes and larger windows at the front of the holiday homes.

Water is recycled to keep the grounds and gardens as green as possible throughout the year. The resort will provide its own supplies and fresh water supply, thus reducing the environmental impact of the island

Solar panels will be installed at strategic locations to partially meet the resort’s electricity requirements.

A top-quality geothermal system is used for the resort’s heating requirements.

These and many other initiatives will help minimise the resort’s impact on nature and the environment.

Do you, as a private investor, attach importance to sustainable investment in real estate with respect for the planet?

Then you can buy a holiday home in Samos for sale with peace of mind in this resort.

Moreover, attention is paid to the medium and long term, so as to make a permanent contribution to the protection of beautiful Samos.

Interested? Request more information!

Does buying a holiday home in Samos for sale appeal to you? Do not hesitate to request more information about this fantastic opportunity!

You will receive a full service tailored to your needs and desires.

Don’t hesitate and leave your details to find out more!

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