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  • Investing in real estate in America – Single family home to let in St. Louis

Investing in real estate in America – Single family home to let in St. Louis

  • €119,500
  • 7-13% return/year
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • House
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Saint Louis, Missouri 63116, United States

This single family home to let in Saint Louis is a buy-to-let property that is perfect for passive investing in real estate in America.

As a foreign owner, you can count on a comprehensive and carefree service from the construction promoter.

This means going through life completely carefree as you can count on contractually guaranteed rental income.

Find out below all about the financing conditions and the return opportunities of this recently renovated property for rent in St. Louis.

Summary of this investment opportunity

  • The sale price of this rental property is +/- 119,500 Euros
  • From +/- 60,000 Euros of own funds you can acquire full ownership of this magnificent single rental house (the other 50% you can borrow as a foreign investor from a local lender who will establish a mortgage on the house)
  • Contractually guaranteed rental return applies, which means that damage, maintenance, problems, non-payment and vacancy have no influence on your annual return
  • Annual return on your invested capital:
    • 7 to 8% net return per year if you finance the entire purchase price of EUR 119,500 100% with your own funds
    • 11 to 13% net return per year on your invested equity if you finance half of the purchase amount with a loan (use financial leverage)
  • Investing in rental property is a piece of cake and a completely passive investment [AVAILABLE SOON] with this fully renovated property
  • Full guidance available (including return simulations, analysis of your wishes and desires, determination of your risk profile and investment horizon, etc.)

Features of this detached house for rent

  • Type: Single family home
  • Location: Saint Louis
  • State: Missouri
  • Purpose: Buy-to-let
  • Garden: Yes, front garden
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Kitchen equipped with: Large cooker, oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, extractor and elevated breakfast table
  • Surface area: 111 m²
  • Basement: Present, including washing machine and tumble dryer
  • Suitable for: Family with children
  • Completely renovated and refurbished single family home for rent
  • Equipped with modern sanitary and electrical facilities
  • 10-year warranty on the renovated roof
  • Property can be insured for the total value without any problems (possible up to 1,835,000 Euros, so more than sufficient)

Financial details of this investment property for sale

Price of the property – Investing in real estate in America

Investing in real estate in America is possible with this renovated house from as little as +/- EUR 60,000.

The developer maintains a close cooperation with a local lender so that you can always finance half of the price with a loan.

You can also choose to pay the full sales price out of your own pocket. Buying this house to let with 100% equity without borrowing for the rental property [AVAILABLE SOON]? In that case, you must have +/- EUR 119,500 of your own funds.

3 guarantees for investors

The first guarantee is a bank guarantee placed by the developer with a credit institution. If, at any time, you as the owner do not receive your contracted rental income, this bank guarantee will be paid to you.

The second guarantee is a default insurance taken out by the developer. The developer takes it out from a third party, a local insurance company. As an owner, this offers additional peace of mind because it means that the steward, the promoter, is covered against non-payment. This further reduces the risk of unforeseen dips in your incoming cash flow.

The third guarantee is a contractual rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON] (including free stewardship). In concrete terms, investing in real estate with a rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON] is the way to invest in promising and profitable real estate far from home.

Annual net yield with this property to let

Investing in real estate in America without a loan

Are you buying this income-producing property in Saint Louis in the state of Missouri? Then your annual net yield is contractually determined and concretely consists of two components:

  • 6% fixed net return per annum, calculated on the total purchase price of the property, plus
  • 1 to 2% variable net yield per year

In reality, therefore, you will achieve 7-8% net return on your invested equity of EUR 119,500.

Investing in real estate in America with a loan

You can also finance this beautiful home for 50% through a local lender. In such a case, because you are a foreign investor, the house is used as collateral.

In other words, a mortgage is simply established on the property in case you do not repay the loan with the incoming rents.

Remark: This lender is not a traditional bank so you can finalise the credit in two or three working days.

Second remark: By financing half of the sale price with a loan, you can increase the annual return on your invested equity.

Specifically, you can expect 11-13% net return per year, depending on your own contribution. Feel free to ask for more information and, if necessary, have a customised yield simulation made.

Background info on the developer who facilitates investing in real estate in America

The developer is a local player who has been working for many years in St. Louis and knows the city very well. This company specialises in buying up, renovating and renting out real estate.

As a private real estate investor [AVAILABLE SOON], you are welcome to invest passively in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON]. The company not only has experience in market analysis and renovation of buildings.

After the sale to domestic or foreign investors, this company offers an all-in service.

In other words, this professional service provider facilitates investing in real estate in America with a complete approach from A to Z.

In this way, purchasing a buy-to-let property in America becomes a passive investment without having to experience the negative consequences of becoming a landlord [AVAILABLE SOON] yourself.

Why Saint Louis as a location for investment property?

  • The city of St. Louis is an independent city in the state of Missouri. This city is located along the Mississippi River, one of the world’s longest rivers, which separates the state of Missouri from the state of Illinois.
  • Saint Louis has an estimated population of +/- 315,000. Moreover, the town itself is the cultural and economic centre of the greater St. Louis territory.
  • The average family income in this city is +/- EUR 65,500 (the average tenant has sufficient purchasing power, in other words) and the city is known as a stable tenant market. So it is particularly interesting to own a buy-to-let property in good condition and in a good location (this house is such a property).
  • The population growth forecasts are making many real estate investors’ mouths water! The population would grow by +/- 82,000 additional inhabitants by the year 2020. This means that there must be +/- 44,000 available residential places for this group of newcomers. And that represents 25% of the current capacity of decent residential homes for rent.
  • In St. Louis, nine large Fortune 500 companies are located, all magnets for families looking for financial stability and future career prospects. Examples are:

Interested in this buy-to-let property? Investing in real estate in America

Do not hesitate to request more information, free of obligation, about the investment opportunities in St. Louis and, more specifically, this beautifully renovated house to let.

You can count on complete guidance from A to Z (including return simulations tailored to your profile, budget, investment horizon, etc.).

Other investment opportunities in US real estate

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  • Buying a house in America as an investment in Baltimore, Maryland – with rental guarantee and local financing is also available (minimum equity is +/- 37.500 Euros. 11 to 13% return if you use financial leverage)
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Address: Saint Louis, Missouri 63116, United States

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