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Investing in rental properties in Sweden with local estate agent

  • €40,000 (min. own contribution)
  • 7% return on an annual basis
  • Bronze rental guarantee
  • House
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Sweden

Investing in rental properties in Sweden is an ideal way to put your savings to work and get a return. Currently, you can invest passively in rented houses in Sweden in a completely carefree manner.

You can count on an on-site steward who will take care of everything for you.

Find out all about this offer, which is all about VALUE FOR MONEY, below.

Summary of this rental investment

  • Immediate return because you are investing in a newly renovated property that is already rented out
  • +/- 7% gross annual return calculated on the purchase price of the property
  • From +/- 40,000 euro own resources, you can acquire a single home in Sweden with the help of financial leverage via a (mortgage or bullet) loan [AVAILABLE SOON]
  • As an overseas investor, you can enjoy your buy-to-let property without a care in the world thanks to a steward (rental agent) on site
  • Only 1.4% Swedish registration duty to be paid on top of the purchase price
  • Very favourable local tax on the rental income (+/- 50 000 Swedish kronor (SEK) in rental income exempt on an annual basis – read all about it on Buy property in Sweden as an alternative investment [AVAILABLE SOON])
  • Nice appreciation potential
  • Invest in full ownership (no leasehold or building rights) in family homes with spacious gardens

Why consider investing in rental properties in Sweden?

Sweden offers opportunities when it comes to investment property in a safe haven!

Sweden is a real welfare state and renting is well established in the local culture.

Swedes are not so keen on building their own house…

Stable country in Scandinavia with rock-solid economy

Facts about Sweden

  • Sweden is one of the wealthiest and most prosperous countries on the planet. It is also a real welfare state
  • The Kingdom of Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia in terms of surface area and also has the largest population (+/- 10 million)
  • The country is blessed with a breathtaking natural beauty (combination of forests, green fields, lakes, etc.):
Beautiful Green Wooded Area in Sweden Stable Port in Scandinavia
  • Sweden is a member of the Nordic Council, the Schengen area and also the European Union
  • This country is known as a humane country:
    • Fourteenth on the United Nations Human Development Index
    • In first place on The Economist’s democracy index
  • Sweden, like Switzerland, is strictly politically neutral. So the country has not been in a state of war since 1814!
  • The Swedish economy is particularly strong in timber production and the export of steel, iron ore (via the state-owned company LKAB), electronics such as sustainable air cleaners, crystal, motor vehicles (Volvo, among others) and machinery (for the construction industry, among others).

VIDEO I – Economic growth of Sweden: Ideal for investing in rented properties

VIDEO II – Sweden as the most innovative country in the EU

Many tenants and a stable tenant market

Sweden is a tenant market and this makes investing in rental properties in Sweden very interesting.

The refurbished properties that you can acquire in full ownership have been fully renovated and refurbished and have already been rented out.

The target group in terms of tenants are young families or pensioners. The properties all have two or three bedrooms so they are perfect for families.

Affordable property and real value for money

Do you like the principle of “value for money”?

Then this passive real estate investment in Swedish rental properties is definitely ideal for you. You will acquire full ownership of a detached house that is also situated on a beautiful piece of land.

In other words, you can acquire full ownership of a single renovated house with a beautiful garden:

  • These are renovated single-family houses:
    • Habitable area of +/- 120 m² on average
    • Beautiful spacious private garden of 500 to 1 000 m² (depending on the most recent rental portfolio)
  • Two or three bedrooms for the target group Swedish families
  • Located in easily accessible places close to economic activity and business centres

No co-owners with single home

This is a fact that will stick in the minds of readers who already have experience with rental property. By buying a single home in Sweden for rent, you are sidelining the strong midfield with enormous power.

In Sweden, it works as follows:

  • Firstly, acquiring a flat in a block of flats as an income-producing property is almost impossible (there are a lot of restrictions about this)
  • Secondly, there are very strong lobby groups active, so-called tenants’ associations, which have complete control in co-owned buildings (i.e. blocks of flats).

Acquiring sole ownership therefore gives you much more freedom of movement as an owner. Stand-alone homes without co-owners are the liberal investment vehicle in the Swedish property market.

Who should consider investing in rental properties in Sweden?

  • For anyone who can presently show a stable income and has at least €40,000 in equity capital available. This equity does not even have to be liquid savings. It can also be an accumulated capital in pension savings funds, a group insurance policy, a pension savings plan, an already (partly) redeemed private home that can serve as collateral, a securities portfolio [AVAILABLE SOON], etc.
  • This investment property is an investment in an already renovated and newly rented out house. You will be assisted by a local rental agent if you need to find new tenants.
  • For people with savings who only want to invest passively in real estate. This is indeed investing in rental properties in Sweden, i.e. properties that are already rented. And if the property should become vacant due to tenants leaving, you can engage the steward (letting agent) to select a new suitable tenant.
  • These rental properties offer an annual return of +/- 7% (this is the annual rental income in relation to the purchase price). So this is an interesting alternative for people who are tired of the classic savings account. And prefer to invest in real estate in a politically neutral country.

Why you should not buy a pig in a poke

The construction promoter of this offer offers you full support from A to Z.

You can also count on a certified report from an official body that describes and approves the condition of the property in terms of rental requirements. The fact that this report is there, drawn up by an independent third party, can give you peace of mind.

As an investor, you also get a current rental contract on top of this, which is why we speak of investing in rented premises.

A strong plus is the availability of a rental agent on site. If a tenant leaves, you can perfectly have the steward on site look for a new tenant from a distance.

Interested in investing in rental properties in Sweden? Request more info

Based on your investment horizon, monthly cash flow requirements and the desired return, a financial plan can be tailored to your needs.

Do not hesitate to request more information, without obligation, if you are interested in buying this property in Sweden [AVAILABLE SOON] as an investment.

Here you can see which properties are currently in portfolio and what they can mean in terms of annual returns for your available savings.

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