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  • Investment properties in Germany for residential letting including rental guarantee

Investment properties in Germany for residential letting including rental guarantee

  • €65,000 (minimum)
  • 5.2% net/year
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • Flat
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Gerolstein, Germany

These investment properties in Germany provide you with a complete passive rental yield of at least 5.2% net per annum.

As an owner and investor, you can benefit from a contractually guaranteed rental with certainty of income and return.

Discover below all about this investment opportunity in Gerolstein in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.

Summary of these investment properties in Germany for sale

  • Investment properties for sale starting from 65,000 Euros
  • Guaranteed rental income thanks to (extendable) 4-year rental guarantee
  •  Guaranteed net rental return per year:
    • 5.2% net return per year calculated on the purchase price of a flat
    • Up to 8% net return per year if you partly finance with a loan for an investment property (additional return through the financial leverage effect).
  • Residential multi-family property with 27 flats for sale to let
  • Flats are for sale in full ownership (no building rights, no ground lease, no bonds, no share constructions)
  • Completely carefree investment with full service (including stewardship and service by experienced local rental agent)
  • Fully English speaking guidance available (as well as free return simulations made to measure of your wishes, situation and investment horizon).
  • There is also the possibility to create financial leverage through a local lender in Germany (read more about this below)

Features of these investment properties in Germany

  • Multi-family properties
  • 7 buildings
  • 27 flats for sale to let (comes with rental guarantee and all-in management)
  • Investment properties in Germany for residential letting
  • Year built: 1959
  • Renovated in 2019
  • Terrace: Yes, some flats have a terrace
  • Number of floors: 2
  • Area: Residential
  • Windows: PVC
  • Shutters: Present
  • Heating system: Central Heating
  • Energy Certificate: Yes (D to G)
  • Cellar / Attic / Laundry room: Present
  • Price range: From 65,000 euros
  • Active / passive investment: Buy passive property to let

Financial features of these investment properties in Germany

Suitable for small and large investors

These investment properties in Germany are for sale to let and are an interesting investment option for both beginners and advanced investors.

The entry threshold for investing here is quite low, because from 65,000 Euros you can acquire full ownership of a buy-to-let flat.

Passive real estate investment is possible here thanks to the promoter’s holistic approach.

As a foreigner, you can count on a total package of support, including rental, maintenance, stewardship, insurance cover, and so on.

All kinds of local and national obligations are also respected thanks to the professional approach.

How can you invest in real estate without having to deal with all the stress, headaches and responsibilities as landlord?

Feel free to request more information about this offer to find out the details of this carefree real estate investment!

Leveraged financing is possible

Don’t feel like financing the entire purchase amount yourself? Then there is good news.

If you have sufficient collateral abroad, such as a (partially) redeemed home, or a supplementary pension such as group insurance, FSPSE or IPS, you can easily take out a loan to finance part of the purchase price.

Another possibility is to buy your first flat with your own funds.

Then you can take out a mortgage loan through a local German lender under the following conditions:

  • The first flat that you buy with your own funds functions as collateral for the local loan,
  • The second flat is purchased with the help of the loan taken out in Germany (in this case you must contribute +/- 20% of the purchase price of the flat yourself).

In any case: By partly financing with a loan, the annual return on your invested equity increases.

This means that you can achieve a net return of +/- 8% per year on your own funds instead of the 5.2% net return if you finance everything yourself.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information without any obligation (you will receive fully English-speaking guidance, including return simulations tailored to your situation if you wish).

Contractually guaranteed rental guarantee for these investment properties in Germany

Investing in real estate through this project is possible with contractual guarantees regarding rental income and returns.

In other words, investing in real estate with a rental guarantee is the standard here for a period of 4 years.

This period can be extended if desired. Feel free to ask for more information to get to know all the details.

The rental guarantee itself is guaranteed by a local property developer that specialises in residential property to let in Germany.

In practice, your rental income will be contractually recorded in a notarial deed that will be passed by a German notary.

The developer provides an all-in service from A to Z, ideal for investors who do not live nearby.

This promoter guarantees a perfectly delivered and renovated flat to let.

In addition, this promoter guarantees that you will receive your monthly rental income punctually in your bank account.

Feel free to ask for more information in order to plan a visit to the place together with the English-speaking person responsible for this project.

Three major advantages of this investment property in Germany

A particularly big advantage of buying this investment property is that it is sustainably renovated and of high quality.

So this is absolutely not a case of German scrap property and that is exactly why the promoter encourages you to organise a visit to the property.

That way you can actually inspect the property in question (it is there, it is not on plan) and you can also get to know the promoter and the driving forces of this project.

Another plus is that as an investor, you acquire full ownership of the flat in question.

So no constructions via leasehold or building rights here.

A final big advantage is that as an investor, you can fall back on the full, comprehensive service provided by the promoter.

Buying an investment property in these multi-family houses can therefore be completely carefree.

You can count on a contractual commitment that guarantees that you will receive a set amount of monthly rental income.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about vacancies, damages or defaults with these investment properties in Germany.

Maintenance costs, insurance costs and unforeseen expenses are also included in this service and will not have a negative impact on your contact guaranteed rental income.

So, earning money with the rental of real estate is possible here with certainties and guarantees.

Gerolstein – Town in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate

These residential multi-family houses are perfectly located in the centre of the town of Gerolstein.

It is an interesting base for young families as all amenities and needs are close by.

There are schools nearby (attractive for young families with children), a sports centre, various shops and supermarkets, doctors, a hospital, a cinema, and so on.

In short, this town offers everything a young family could wish for to go through life comfortably.

Gerolstein is a town in the Vulkaneifel district, in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

It is a wealthy region by German standards and has a population of +/- 15,000.

There is a lot of economic activity in the region and the main industrial sectors are chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and mechanical engineering.

The region is also known for its food and wine industry as it has the highest annual grape harvest and exports the highest number of litres of wine.

For your information: The world-famous mineral water Gerolsteiner is bottled in Gerolstein.

Advantages of buy-to-let investment properties in Germany

Low-threshold property investment – Investment properties in Germany

In contrast to other Western European countries, Germany is still very affordable in terms of real estate.

With this offer, you can already acquire a flat in full ownership from 65,000 euros.

If you have a bigger budget, you can of course buy several rental units.

It is also possible to buy a complete multi-family building with several rental units.

On top of that, the annual rental return of a German investment property is much higher than the average return of an investment property in another Western European country.

In this case, you can earn at least a 5.2% annual net rental yield or more if you partly finance with loan capital.

Stable demand for housing by tenants

Unlike other Western European countries, Germany is a country where people do not really focus on acquiring their own home.

In other words, renting, as opposed to buying, is really ingrained and the average German attaches far less importance to owning a home than other Western Europeans.

This means that there is a continuous and stable demand for comfortable and high-quality rental homes and flats.

The demand for family flats up to 110 m² is high while the supply is rather limited.

Local authorities are also doing everything they can to encourage renovation projects.

And even if you as an owner enjoy contractually guaranteed rental income, it is always nice to know that the demand for this type of property is stable and high.

Attractive German property tax for German investment properties

A German investment property is located on German territory and Germany has the authority to levy tax on the rental income.

The country where you live, another country in Europe for example, must therefore exempt this rental income from further taxation (this is determined in the relevant double taxation treaties).

For investment properties in Germany, there is a lenient property tax in the German personal income tax and various deductions ensure that the taxable base can be limited.

A professional accountant in Germany can work wonders (and the fee will pay off in saved taxes).

Through the developer, you can count on truthful return simulations that take into account the impact of local taxes.

As a result, the presented net return is really net (beware of virtual versus real return on property!).

Please do not hesitate to request more detailed information.

If you wish, you can of course also receive guidance from the construction promoter’s regular accounting partner.

You can get advice and guidance on deductible costs such as interest, travel expenses, maintenance and repair costs, fixed costs and purchase costs.

Are you interested in these investment properties in Germany?

Are you interested in these investment properties in Germany for sale?

Then don’t hesitate to request more information, without any obligation, to analyze these passive investment properties.

The English-speaking manager of this project will be happy to assist you.

You can also obtain tailor-made return simulations without any obligations (taking into account your available equity, any available assets to pledge (such as an investment portfolio), your investment horizon, your wishes regarding monthly cash flow, etc.).

If desired, you can also receive guidance on the smart financing of the property in Germany itself.

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