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  • Investment property in Brussels for sale in a prime location: 5 to 6% Return On Investment

Investment property in Brussels for sale in a prime location: 5 to 6% Return On Investment

  • €100,000 (min. own equity)
  • 5 to 6% return in prime location
  • Bronze rental guarantee
  • Flat
  • Buy-to-let and private use
  • 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels, Belgium

Are you looking for a safe and defensive investment property in Brussels for sale, in the beating heart of Europe and Belgium?

Then this Brussels new-build project with yield apartments to rent to well-paid professionals and expats is definitely an option!

Investing in real estate in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and also the headquarters of the European Union, offers considerable advantages…

Below you can discover a unique Brussels investment alternative, without worries and with an attractive annual return.

Table of Contents

Summary of this investment opportunity in Brussels

  1. You acquire full ownership of a studio or 1, 2, or 3-bedroom flat in a SUPERB location in Brussels
  2. Investing is possible as from € 100,000 equity. This amount can be a mix of all kinds of equity.
  3. Five to six percent annual return on your invested equity (derived from rental income)
  4. With all-in rental service without worries about administration, management, maintenance, damage, vacancy or default
  5. This new construction project makes passive investment in Brussels investment property perfectly possible
  6. Safe and sustainable investment alternative to classic savings products
  7. Three tax advantages for Belgian taxpayers who invest in this Brussels property as a second property

Newly built investment property for sale in Brussels

This newly built residence is characterised by spacious, light studios and flats of premium level and finish.

Given the exceptional location of these flats, in a residential area in the outskirts of Brussels, these are particularly interesting investment objects for mixed use.

In other words, this project is of interest to various types of private individuals:

  • Individuals looking for a new flat for sale in Brussels as their own residence (for private use)
  • Individuals who want to invest money in real estate and are looking for the right, unique investment opportunity with the right mix of features, assets and financial details (for rental)

Property for sale for private use

These newly built residential units are located right on the residential outskirts of Brussels, in the value-adding and thriving Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

Residents of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert enjoy EVERYTHING one could want, both in terms of living and working in Brussels.

Property for sale in Brussels to let

The days of the sock under the mattress are numbered. The iron suitcase full of money hidden in the attic or the cellar is also a thing of the past.

But even a savings account or a fixed-interest bond is no longer advantageous.

Annual inflation is higher than the annual interest rate on such traditional savings products. And the stock markets are not for everyone because they are extremely volatile and uncertain.

This investment project can therefore, in the context of buy-to-let property, be a real strengthening for your existing investment portfolio and/or property portfolio.

But also for buying your first investment property, for example to start with real estate as an investment, this is a particularly interesting and carefree investment option!

Keywords that characterise this investment property in Brussels are: premium finish, SUPERB location, stable in value, carefree, all-in rental service + tenant management.

Strategically located neighbourhood in residential area of Brussels

This new construction project is strategically located in an attractive, residential neighbourhood with plenty of greenery and tranquillity.

The residential units (for own use or to let) are not far from the NATO headquarters, Brussels Airport and various business parks.

This newly built residence also offers easy access to the European Quarter and the political heart of Brussels (by car, bus, taxi or metro).

Brussels functions as a political hotspot with all European institutions located there.

That is why this capital of Belgium also attracts a huge number of expats (more than 100,000), diplomats, lobbyists, investors, entrepreneurs, politicians and journalists.

In terms of location, therefore, this project really is at the top of the league when it comes to work-life balance.

To successfully invest in real estate in this Belgian capital, you should focus on original and sustainable flats in a superb location (such as the location of this project).

This is to benefit from a potential surplus value in the medium term.

Types of investment properties for sale in this Brussels project

At this top location in Brussels, you can buy various types of newly built studios and flats (in full ownership) as an investment property:

  • Studios
  • One bedroom flats
  • Two bedroom flats
  • Three bedroom flats
  • Spacious penthouse flats with private gardens and real planting (with living greenery). So these are rare penthouses for sale in Brussels (expats who are executives often occupy such penthouse flats at the company’s expense).

As you can see, there is a suitable investment property in Brussels for every type of investor and investment budget.

This new residence consists of six floors and most of the units are blessed with both a balcony on the street side and a terrace on the inside (overlooking the inner garden).

Each floor has a covered colonnade that is open on one side. There is also access for the residents to the communal roof garden on top of the sixth floor.

Given the varied composition of this residence in terms of unit types, this project will attract a healthy and diverse mix of tenants with purchasing power.

Private parking available with investment property in Brussels for sale

A valuable additional asset in this region with few free public parking spaces is the private parking for residents.

Specifically, 147 parking spaces will be provided for cars. There are also 11 parking spaces for motorbikes.

Attention is also paid to the weaker road users among the residents: There is a bicycle shed for no less than 145 bicycles.

High-quality standard finishing

This new construction project revolves around premium quality with luxury finishes. The comfort of the residents is key.

At the same time, attention is paid to a modern yet timeless design and layout.

All flats and studios for sale will be furnished as standard with top quality materials and appliances. An investment property in Brussels for sale with high-quality finishing can be found here!

The living areas will be covered with a tiled floor and/or composed parquet, whereby the stone floor of the kitchen will flow over into the parquet of the residence (if you want parquet at least).

The kitchen itself will be equipped with Miele appliances, sleek handleless kitchen cabinets and all the necessities to prepare a fantastic meal.

The bathroom will be fitted with a walk-in shower and matching designer bathroom furniture with mirror, a hanging toilet with double flush function, and so on.

A residential unit in this newly built Brussels residence will also be fitted and insulated with the appropriate thermal and acoustic insulation in accordance with the latest standards.

This guarantees low energy consumption and very little noise nuisance from neighbours (above, below and next to the flat or studio).

Premium tailor-made finishing is also possible

Do you have specific wishes and desires in terms of furnishing and finishing? Then this is no problem at all, it is possible to opt for custom work.

In other words, as an investor you can deviate from the standard completion and finishing provided that you pay a surcharge.

Think, for example, of the installation of full parquet, a special composite kitchen top, a dressing room in a certain room, special plumbing, and so on.

As an investor and buyer, you have a say at all times and can direct the finishing and design of the property yourself if you wish.

Energy-efficient and daylight-filled investment properties

The flats and studios are almost all equipped with a terrace on the inside of the building and/or a balcony on the street side.

In terms of insulation, energy and sound, the most modern building techniques are implemented to provide optimal comfort at the lowest possible energy consumption.

Almost all units have at least two façades that open up to daylight and all orientations are available (if you are one of the quickest to decide).

Financial details – Investment property in Brussels for sale

Annual rental return

With this investment you can passively achieve a 5-6% annual return, calculated over your own equity.

This return applies to Belgian taxpayers. In other words, this passive real estate investment in Brussels is ideal for the Flemish, the Walloon and the Brussels residents, or any expat paying taxes in Belgium.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information and a tailored return simulation. Everything depends on a number of parameters that are taken into account in the simulation. Think of parameters such as:

  • Your own equity
  • The investment horizon that you use
  • The interest rate on the loan/loans (if you work with a financing mix) to partly finance the property
  • The type of investment property for sale in Brussels in this newly built project that you select
  • Tax optimisation in Belgian personal income tax via long-term savings
  • Your monthly (additional) savings capacity
  • Cashflow planning (do you want to earn money every month or do you want to supplement your monthly savings?) A monthly positive cash flow is possible if you work with a hybrid financing and financing mix (partly with an interest-only loan (bullet loan))

In any case, this rental return is worry-free and passive money-making with property rental is possible here thanks to the professional all-in rental service that is offered.

This return of 5 to 6 percent is much higher than the average return of classical savings formulas such as savings accounts, fixed-interest bonds, group insurances, IPS’s and FSPSE savings plans.

This return is achieved by working with a financial lever. Borrowing money costs money, yes, but nowadays it is financially more interesting to finance part of the purchase price. Do not hesitate to request a tailor-made return simulation on this subject.

The required minimum contribution of € 100,000 does not have to consist of 100% cash (money in the bank).

Using the right financing techniques, you can make already accumulated capital in real estate, supplementary pension plans, investment portfolios, etc. liquid by pawning it.

So if you make good use of the leverage effect, you can easily push the annual return on your invested equity to 5 to 6%. Net.

Ask for a number of return simulations tailored to your needs, free of obligation!

Who is eligible in terms of required equity?

From €100,000 equity, you as a private investor can acquire this Brussels investment property as a yield property.

This required minimum equity can be a mix of:

  • Liquid assets in savings and current accounts (savings)
  • Capital already accrued in a supplementary pension (e.g. a group insurance, an IPS, an FSPSE or an SPPA)
  • Capital still to be built up in an IPS for self-employed people with a company, in combination with a bullet loan
  • Capital in share and/or securities portfolios (that can function as collateral for smart financing)
  • Capital accumulated in Class 21 savings products
  • Real estate that has already been (partly) repaid and paid off (such as one’s own home) and that can serve as collateral for a loan
  • Liquidities and accumulated reserves in a company
  • Assets in an art collection (which can be pledged via Lombard loan)

As you can see, there are many possibilities in terms of alternative real estate financing.

So you do not need to have € 100,000 in cash on a current or savings account to invest in this Brussels property.

Both traditional financing (e.g. full self-financing or partial financing with a mortgage for an investment property) and alternative real estate financing is possible.

Property type – Investment property in Brussels for sale

You will acquire 100% of the full ownership of the investment property.

This is the biggest advantage of this investment opportunity compared to some other real estate investment offers in Belgium.

You acquire full ownership, without any special constructions.

In other words, no disguised constructions via building rights, ground lease, bonds or shares. Here you simply acquire full ownership, no more, no less.

Inflation-proof investment via indexation

As an owner, you can protect yourself against inflation, which annually hits your purchasing power.

Each year you can index the rent, also known as rent indexation. This is a mechanism that links the rent to the health index.

In other words, the rent you receive is periodically adjusted to the cost of living.

Thus, the rental income you receive increases as life gets more expensive! So, as an investor and owner, you are hedged against inflation!

Three tax breaks for Belgian investors

Are you a resident and taxpayer in Belgium?

Then, depending on your tax situation and the use of the tax baskets, you can enjoy 1, 2 or 3 tax breaks from the government.

Tax break 1: Mildly taxed rental income from this investment property in Brussels for sale

As a Belgian taxpayer, you can benefit from favourable taxation on rental income if you rent to a tenant (natural person) who uses the property privately (and therefore not for professional purposes).

In concrete terms, this means that you are NOT taxed on the actual rental income but only on a lower, fictitious income (known as the cadastral income).

And that is fiscally much more favourable and interesting!

In practice, as an owner who rents out the property to a natural person who is not using it professionally, you can be taxed mildly in two ways (furnished versus unfurnished rental):

Non-furnished rental

If you rent out your Brussels investment property unfurnished to a natural person who does not use the property professionally and only for private use?

Then you will be taxed on the indexed cadastral income of your investment property, increased by 40%.

Furnished rental

Optionally, a furniture package is available at an advantageous price directly at the source through the promoter.

This can be useful if you want to rent out immediately without spending a lot of time and energy on furnishing and decorating.

In combination with the carefree all-inclusive renting formula, this is a completely passive investment option.

The consequence is that you will rent out your investment property furnished. And in such a case, you will be taxed on a split basis.

By default, this split tax on furnished rentals happens as follows:

  • 60% of the rent is considered immovable
  • 40% of the rent relates to the furniture and fittings:
    • From this, you may deduct a fixed charge of 50%
    • The remainder is taxed as movable income at a flat rate of 30% + additional municipal tax

Important tip: The landlord and tenant can agree on a different ratio. A different immovable/movable ratio can therefore be contractually stipulated in the rental contract.

Why is this interesting? Because in practice, the real estate portion of the rent is almost not taxed.

Therefore, it is to your advantage to limit the real estate component. Depending on the situation, you can, for example, use a ratio of 85 immovable and 15 movable.

This way, only 7.5% of the rent will be taxed as moveable income. Don’t worry, you can get professional guidance on this.

Tax break 2: Deductible interest charges that neutralise immovable income

Are you going to borrow for the yield property to finance it partly with borrowed capital? Then you can deduct the interest paid from your immovable income.

The interest you can deduct from your rental income (indexed KI increased by 40%), thus provides you with a tax saving in the progressive brackets up to 50% plus municipal taxes!

This is because immovable income is taxed at the progressive rates of Belgian personal income tax. And here, the top rate of 50% plus municipal taxes quickly applies.

Depending on your situation, your taxable rental income (indexed KI increased by 40%) can be completely neutralised thanks to the interest you pay on the loan.

In other words, the interest paid can be deducted and you pay little or no tax on your rental income.

Tax break 3: Federal long-term savings for this investment property in Brussels for sale

What are federal long-term savings?

This is a tax-advantaged federal measure.

It allows you to receive a tax break on premiums paid for individual life insurance policies and capital repayments on a mortgage loan taken out to buy a second home (non-owner-occupied property).

The tax advantage comes in the form of a federal tax reduction in the Belgian personal income tax.

The interest you pay on such a loan is deductible from your property income (see above) so you will benefit from a tax advantage on the interest in any case.

This is irrespective of whether you are entitled to the federal long-term savings scheme.

How much is this tax break?

The tax benefit of the federal long-term savings scheme is a 30% tax reduction on a maximum of 2,390 euros per person per year (assessment year 2021).

This maximum amount that you can pay in is linked to your net taxable professional income.

This means that you need to earn a professional income to benefit from this tax reduction.

In practice, this means the following:

  • Each year that you pay off the mortgage, you will receive a tax reduction of up to 717 euros per person (from Assessment year 2021).
  • For a couple (legal cohabitants and married couples), the long-term savings tax reduction is thus a maximum of 1,434 euros per year (as of Assessment Year 2021).
When can you benefit from this long-term savings for this Brussels investment property?

For this investment you need +/- 100 000 euros of your own funds. The rest of the amount to be invested can be borrowed from a credit company.

If your long-term savings basket is not yet or no longer (completely) filled, you can take advantage of the federal long-term savings scheme by taking out a mortgage loan and obtain an attractive tax optimisation.

However, the mortgage loan must be for at least 10 years and must be secured by a mortgage.

Your eligibility for the long-term savings benefit therefore depends on whether you are still paying off one or more other mortgage loans or individual life insurance policies.

For example, are you still repaying a loan for a second home (for which you already benefit from long-term savings)?

Then your long-term savings tax basket will probably already have been fully filled by the capital repayments and life insurance premiums you are paying for this loan.

Your new loan for an additional investment property will then no longer provide you with the additional tax benefit of long-term savings.

Conclusion – Tax-efficient investment property in Brussels for sale

The tax incentives mentioned above have a positive influence on the return on this investment!

The rental income is taxed mildly (under certain conditions, see above) and you can deduct the interest of a loan from your immovable income.

And if you can still (partially) use the basket of long-term savings, you can recuperate and pocket additional money:

  • As a single investor, you can put another EUR 7,170 into your pocket via this route.
  • As a couple, you can double this and pocket up to EUR 14,340 in additional tax relief.

This tax benefit for long-term savings comes on top of the mild tax on rental income and the deductible interest on any loan.

In other words, the possible additional tax break for long-term savings yields the following maximum benefits:

  • For a single person: 7,170 euros tax reduction over ten years (max. 717 euros per person per year from assessment year 2021). A single person who is still able to fill up the long-term savings basket can therefore recover +/- 7,170 euro from the total investment!
  • For married couples / legal cohabitants: 14,340 euros in tax relief over ten years (max. 1,434 euros for two people per year from assessment year 2021). A couple that is still able to fill up the basket of long-term savings can therefore recover +/- 14,340 euros from the total investment. And that is a lot of extra return.

Superb location for tenants: an advantage of this Brussels investment property

In terms of comfort and living

Top location in Belgium

Whatever ranking you make, based on quality of life, security, income, employment, sports and leisure, shopping, catering, etc.

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is always in the lead among Brussels communes.

You can easily compare this municipality with Sint-Martens-Latem, De Pinte, Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, Knokke-Heist, Hove, Schilde, Meise, and so on.

However, what makes Woluwe-Saint-Lambert different from the above and many other rich communes is its unique and fantastic location.

This Brussels commune is close to the heart of Europe and at the same time offers an atypical urban environment. There is a remarkable amount of greenery in the streets.

The public areas are usually surprisingly green and there are numerous open spaces.

This new-build residence in which you can invest is therefore situated in a unique location that offers a sophisticated balance.

This new construction project offers the best of both worlds: A pleasant, green residential environment and yet close to numerous business parks, schools, multinationals, European institutions, NATO and Brussels Airport.

The project itself is located between cosy residential neighbourhoods with front gardens, peaceful public gardens, large street loops and roundabouts.

Quiet, pleasant and green municipality

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is a green oasis of peace and conviviality. It is, unsurprisingly, a magnet for people who like peace and quiet.

The Roodebeek Park, for example, with its animal farm full of cute little rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and countless species of birds, and a wide variety of tree species, is within walking distance of this residence.

Also the Georges Henri Park (a unique green park built on an old cemetery and adjacent to the famous Georges Henrilaan with its shops and restaurants), the Tomberg playground and the Van Muylders Park are within walking distance.

The Parmentier Park, Val Duchesse and even the Sonian Forest, with its 4,400 hectares the largest forest in Brussels, are nearby (easily accessible by public transport such as the tram for example).

Restaurants and shops in abundance

The prestigious Boulevard de la Woluwe is nearby and offers a wide range of restaurants, cafés and shops.

The famous Woluwe Shopping Centre is also within walking distance of this newly built residence and has more than 150 well-known and modern shops.

In the vicinity, you will also find numerous supermarkets such as CORA, Delhaize, Lidl, Aldi, Carrefour, Brico, etc..

Finally, there is also Avenue Georges Henri where one can find numerous shops and numerous restaurants with an internationally oriented cuisine.

Extremely easy to reach

The studios and flats in this new construction project are easily accessible by all means of transport.

By car, one has a direct and fast connection with the Brussels Ring (via N2), the E40 and Brussels Airport.

The location is also excellent in terms of public transport. Residents have a great many options in terms of bus, tram and metro.

One can also always fall back on the extremely good taxi network and the extremely fast services of alternative taxi services such as Uber.

Schools and hospitals nearby

In and around Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, there are numerous nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools.

There are also several international schools in and around Woluwe-Saint-Lambert:

Together, these European and international schools account for several tens of thousands of pupils.

Here, foreign and international curricula can be followed in English or another language.

So this is the hotspot for expats with school-age children! A newly built flat in this residence is a dream for such tenants and an absolute no-brainer!

The internationally renowned Cliniques Universitaire Saint-Luc hospital, with its 6 000 employees and approximately 1 000 beds, is only a 5-minute walk away.

A stone’s throw from the historic centre

These newly built flats and studios are located close to the centre of Brussels.

Brussels is now a balanced capital city with a pleasant mix of history, culture and modern influences.

Much attention is paid to culture but also to modern design, lifestyle, creativity and fashion.

This multicultural metropolis is known for icons such as Manneken Pis, the Grand Place and the Atomium. But this metropolis can equally charm with cosy squares, picturesque alleys and both modern cafés and brown pubs.

The atmospheric neighbourhoods and traditional products (such as pralines, Brussels waffles, daily fresh fries twice fried in the traditional way and special beers) make many a heart beat faster.

In terms of career and work

Woluwe is also a top location as a base for a rich and well-paid professional career.

In every direction around Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, there are an incredible number of employers and organisations that call on highly trained and qualified staff.

As an investor and potential future landlord, this is a fantastic plus.

The still increasing international and economic activity in Brussels itself and in the Brussels periphery guarantees a permanent high level of tenant demand.

Other reasons for choosing an investment property in Brussels for sale here

Invest in real estate at a prime location

This new construction project at this TOP location in Brussels is a real opportunity to invest in real estate.

The location is extremely good and the local economic and political fabric is growing well.

Here you can buy the right property, in the right location at the right price, with the right tenants and the right partner for an all-in rental service!

A well-finished studio or flat in this new-build project is a sure choice as a starting property investor as well as a perfect addition to an existing property portfolio.

And moreover, all options for the future remain open. Would you like to cash in on your investment? That will be no problem at all in the future, given the design, the fantastic location and the fact that it is a new build.

And possibly move there yourself in the future? That’s always a possibility in a city that is becoming increasingly attractive.

Defensive investment property in Brussels for sale

Given that Brussels is a real tenant market with a huge number of expats, diplomats and well-paid professionals, this is a project that makes defensive investment in real estate possible at an attractive yield without having to act as landlord yourself.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and an established property market. The real estate prices of Brussels compared to the rest of Belgium also speak volumes.

Brussels is hot and has the wind in its sails as a political and economic hub.

From the point of view of a real estate investor who pays a lot of attention to the right location, this project is a real hit that cannot be missed!

Carefree investment with rental service

Here, you can invest in investment properties without losing a lot of time and energy yourself.

You can benefit from a carefree, all-inclusive letting service that will take all the hassle out of letting!

In other words, here you can invest in Brussels real estate hands-free.

You will be working with a highly professional company that will take care of all the paperwork, letting and maintenance.

They will supervise the maintenance of your investment property. The company also looks for tenants, collects the rents, handles complaints and disputes, organises inventories, takes care of maintenance and repairs, and so on.

There is nothing whatsoever for you to worry about.

Purchasing a buy-to-let flat in Brussels here is a carefree investment in all respects.

Location, design, sustainability, finishing, rental returns, and so on. These are all important factors for a real estate investment.

However, there is another very important factor to consider: your peace of mind.

The advantage of this offer is that you can enjoy an all-inclusive, top professional letting service.

Complete relief and your peace of mind are the main focus

All stress, headaches, paperwork and hassle are taken care of by this service.

Needless to say, this is a great advantage. So the net return on this investment that is advertised here (5 to 6% on your invested equity) is actually even higher.

Because you save a lot of energy and time and also avoid numerous headaches and stress. That in itself is an extra bonus return from this real estate investment!

An additional advantage of this all-in letting service is the local anchoring of the service provider in Brussels. This professional letting service is known by expats, diplomats, politicians, international business people, European officials, etc. who are looking for a pleasant, comfortable, well-located and trendy residence.

Looking for a carefree investment property in Brussels for sale? Then this project is an interesting deal!

The tenant population is particularly large in Brussels and such tenants are willing to pay higher rents to live close to their work.

Fact: This rental service is also available to owner-occupiers! In other words, tenants and occupants can use it too!

In such a case, you are, so to speak, staying at a hotel in your own studio or flat.

The all-in letting service offers a wide range of à la carte services:

  • Moving service
  • Maintenance and cleaning service
  • Connecting TV/Internet/telephone
  • Rental of furniture
  • Dry cleaning and/or ironing service
  • Administrative support
  • Technical maintenance

Attractive potential for appreciation

Brussels is one of the cheaper capitals in Western Europe and generates the highest appreciation in Belgium for investment properties.

In the medium term, this project is therefore, to put it mildly, a value-adding investment. With enormous potential for appreciation!

Investment property in Brussels for sale that is suitable for passive investors

This investment in Brussels real estate is ideal for anyone who earns a professional income and has own assets of at least 100,000 euros.

As explained above, you can also perfectly use your accumulated capital in your group insurance, FSPSE or IPS as collateral for the financing of the property!

Your own home or a portfolio of assets can also serve as collateral.

This real estate investment in Brussels is ideal for:

  • People with at least €100,000 in their savings account, which yields virtually nothing (and even makes a loss if you take inflation into account).
  • Private investors who are still professionally active. Proof of income is necessary in order to obtain a loan to finance this yield property. Unless you have ample collateral.
  • People who do not want to have anything to do with the maintenance and letting of property. This is passive real estate investing, a hands-free and carefree investment. You just get your rental income paid into your bank account.
  • People who are let down by their supplementary pension, group insurance, IPS or FSPSE in terms of returns. Now you know: You can make this accumulated capital liquid at an early stage and use it to finance an investment property in Brussels.
  • Entrepreneurs with accumulated reserves in the company that need to be invested. These can possibly be injected into this investment property via an IPS + bullet loan.
  • Private investors who are looking for an investment with good guarantees, security of tenure and numerous wealthy and well earning tenants.
  • Belgian residents who want to optimise their income tax. This investment in Brussels real estate can give you the tax break for long-term savings! And that means:
    • For a single person: 7,170 euros extra tax reduction over ten years (max. 717 euros per person per year from assessment year 2021).
    • For married couples/legal cohabitants: EUR 14,340 extra tax relief over ten years (max. EUR 1,434 for two people per year from assessment year 2021).

Conclusion on this investment opportunity in Brussels

The modern, luxurious and comfortable studios and flats of this newly built residence at a top location in Brussels offer some great advantages:

  • Secure and stable return
  • Huge tenant market with tenants with purchasing power
  • Given the unique position of Brussels, you have a chance of a nice appreciating value in the medium term

Do not hesitate to ask for more information. You can fall back on the years of experience and expertise of the property manager and steward.

You will always receive personal guidance, with the greatest attention for your personal situation and wishes.

As an investor, you can work with a party that takes a long-term view. This means that you can count on an investment concept tailored to your situation.

On top of that, your personal return will be linked to a suitable flat to let. This is always combined with a good price/quality ratio.

Note: Also in the context of building up a supplementary pension yourself and saving for a supplementary pension with real estate, this investment opportunity is definitely worthwhile!

Why request more information? Investment property in Brussels for sale

Would you like to purchase buy-to-let real estate without worries, with a carefree and passive all-inclusive letting service?

Do you have a personal capital contribution of 100,000 euros (this may be a mix of various types of capital and assets)?

And are you primarily looking for a safe real estate investment with limited to almost no risk?

Then this offer at a top location in Brussels is the ultimate real estate investment for you!

Investing defensively in real estate is definitely possible in this newly built project at a prime location in Brussels!

An additional advantage is that you can enjoy all-in stewardship and are therefore able to earn a passive income with real estate as an investor.

What can you expect if you request more information?

  • No-obligation profitability simulations tailored to your situation, desires and investment horizon
  • All-in support in terms of real estate financing (classic, alternative or hybrid) available if required
  • Fast service since it concerns a limited number of properties that are selling out fast
  • Assistance with tax and inheritance planning if required


Address: 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels, Belgium

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