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  • Investment property in Germany for sale: Building with guaranteed rental income

Investment property in Germany for sale: Building with guaranteed rental income

  • Price on request
  • Fixed return for 4 years
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • Flat, House
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Radevormwald, Germany

With this investment property in Germany for sale, you can kill several birds with one stone!

Firstly, you can buy four rental units here in total, at a price that in other Western European countries can only be dreamed of.

Secondly, thanks to the unique formula, you are completely pampered as an investor and owner.

You can count on contractually guaranteed rental income and operation, management and maintenance from A to Z.

With this property, you will enjoy physical real estate as a value stable investment, without having to bear vacancy or default.

And without being confronted with all kinds of annoying problems and questions from tenants.

This is all taken care of by the promoter! Read on below for the details!

Summary of this investment property in Germany for sale in Radevormwald

  • You will acquire full ownership of the entire building, which consists of four different rental units
  • Guaranteed annual rental yield calculated on the purchase value of the entire property
  • The property will be delivered completely renovated to the highest standards (purchase price includes renovation)
  • As an investor, you enjoy contractually guaranteed rental income for 48 months and thus also a contractually guaranteed return on your invested equity
  • If you partly finance with loan capital, the return on your invested equity is even higher with this investment property in Germany for sale
  • Completely carefree investment: Maintenance, management, leasing, stewardship, vacancy, default and damages are all not your concern!
  • Contractually agreed rental income is paid monthly

Details of this German property as a buy-to-let property

This building is divided into four 1-bedroom flats.

You buy the buy-to-let property [AVAILABLE SOON] including a complete renovation of the entire building.

Equipment and facilities

  • Type: Apartment building with four flats for rent
  • Windows: PVC – insulation glass
  • Building construction year: 1926
  • Roller shutters: Present
  • Renovations:
    • Thoroughly renovated for the first time in 1995
    • Now for a second time
  • Heating: Completely dismantled and replaced
  • Electricity supply: Everything from electricity supply is completely renewed
  • Energy certificate: Not yet available
  • Floors: Basement, ground floor, first floor and attic/laundry room
  • Garden: Communal/private
  • Building is located in a residential area

Four flats for rent

The 4 residential units of this investment property in Germany for sale are distributed on the ground floor and the first floor of the property.

Each flat for rent has a separate living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

The surface areas of the four flats vary between 31.84 m² and 49.90 m².

Each flat also has a private cellar, which is very convenient for tenants to store some extra groceries and belongings.

As an owner, you also share (in co-ownership) in the common parts and garden.

The price for the completely renovated property can be obtained on request (before tax and excluding local taxes and standard charges applicable to the purchase).

Leverage effect for additional return is possible

The four flats provide fixed guaranteed rental income per month (which means a fixed annual return calculated on the purchase price).

If you want to increase the return, consider financing the investment property [AVAILABLE SOON].

By partly financing the purchase price with money from the bank, you can make optimal use of the leverage effect.

This leverage effect allows you to maximise the return on your invested equity.

Please do not hesitate to request further information (you can obtain a return simulation tailored to your situation).

Investment property in Germany for sale – Here with contractual rental income

Here you can invest in German real estate without worries. In other words, earning a passive income with real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is made possible.

In other words, you invest your capital in German rental property and everything is taken care of for you, from A to Z.

Even better, in addition to the carefree all-in service in terms of maintenance, rental service [AVAILABLE SOON] and stewardship, the promoter provides a contractually guaranteed rental guarantee.

Passive investment in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] and at the same time secure in your annual rental income…

As a real estate investor, you could do worse, couldn’t you?

This means that for the first four years you are entitled to secure rental income and thus a guaranteed return.

Investing in real estate with secure returns is therefore possible through this contractually guaranteed rental guarantee (notarised).

After the four years have passed, there are plenty of options to further ensure your secure return.

Did you know that you can take out insurance against vacancy on the German rental market, for example?

Why invest in Radevormwald in Germany?

Radevormwald is a German town surrounded by a green zone.

This investment property with four rental units is located in a district of Radevormwald, namely Keilbeck.

You can easily reach Radevormwald by car, as the town is less than an hour’s drive away from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen and Dortmund.

The city is therefore well located, just on the edge of the heavily industrialised Ruhr area, with many jobs and a low unemployment rate.

This is an ideal location [AVAILABLE SOON] for property investors looking for a stable rental market where there is even a housing shortage.

Interested in buying an investment property abroad?

Then this region in Germany is particularly interesting, with a lot of economic strength and a tenant culture.

Local surroundings of this investment property in Germany for sale

Keilbeck has all the necessary facilities for families.

Think of shops and supermarkets for food, drink and all kinds of other basic needs.

You will also find several banks, a post office and a primary school for the youngest among us.

All these facilities are within walking distance of the investment property, at +/- a few hundred metres.

Keilbeck is also served by public transport.

You will therefore find several bus stops for easy access to the bus network in Radevormwald.

Growing population and low unemployment

Radevormwald as a town currently has more than 25 000 inhabitants and functions as the centre of a region with almost 300 000 inhabitants, the Oberbergischer Kreis.

In terms of population, Radevormland is in a growth phase and in terms of unemployment it is very good (the unemployment rate is low).

Aldi-Nord and Kuhn Edelstahl are an illustration of the employers present in the region.

The former textile town is home to several companies renowned in Germany, such as ARBURG Technology Center, Gira and Kuhn Edelstahl.

Real estate investors and project developers are welcomed by the local administration with open arms.

Local financial institutions such as the Sparkasse Radevormwald also provide good financial support for renovation projects in the municipality, as there is a relatively large housing shortage.

Complete renovation to the highest standards

What is being renovated? Investment property in Germany for sale

  • Professional construction company with decades of experience is responsible for the total renovation
  • The flats will be redecorated and fitted with new laminate and tiled floors
  • Complete renewal of electricity and heating
  • Beautiful plastering by a professional plasterer + professionally executed paintwork
  • Construction of a completely new bathroom, including tiling and all sanitary fittings
  • Complete renewal of the kitchen including all facilities
  • Rebuilding the garden and terrace

Local viewing recommended – This is how you see the quality

If you wish, you can also visit previous renovations and already completed renovation projects on site.

This promoter is completely transparent and welcomes you with open arms in Germany.

By visiting various buildings on site, you will be able to see in reality how the renovation work will be completed.

And this is precisely the difference between this promoter and other players.

Here you are choosing to buy a fully-owned German property that has been renovated to the highest standards.

So there is no question of German junk real estate here.

You can of course verify this yourself on site. The promoter really recommends this, you are very welcome.

Interested? Investment property in Germany for sale

Are you interested in this investment property in Germany for sale?

Please do not hesitate to contact the representative for this project.

They will be happy to provide you with further information and simulations tailored to your situation, wishes and needs.

You are, of course, also welcome to visit the premises and view renovation projects already completed.

This will give you a good and realistic insight into how this building promoter works and deals with you as a potential investor.

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