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Luxury property for sale in Montenegro with rental service – Royal Blue Montenegro

  • €73,080 (min. purchase price)
  • 9.25% expected return + free use
  • Bronze rental guarantee
  • Flat, Hotel room
  • Buy-to-let and private use
  • Tivat Heights Access Road, Kavač, Montenegro

This new construction project brings you a gem of a real estate project in Montenegro, the fastest growing country in Europe. This complex is new, small-scale and integrates a luxury service formula, which makes this luxury property for sale in Montenegro a particularly interesting investment.

Specifically, this Royal Blue Montenegro complex is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to offer guests the comfort of a 5-star hotel.

This luxury apartment complex is located between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea in the midst of spectacular nature in Montenegro. It is distinguished, among other things, by its beautiful location in Tivat.

Royal Blue Montenegro is located in one of the sunniest places in the Tivat-Kotor area and offers easy and quick access to Tivat International Airport and the world-famous marina of Porto Montenegro.

Table of Contents

Summary of this project – Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

  • Newly built studios, 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom flats and penthouses for sale
  • Acquisition in full ownership (no leasehold, no building rights)
  • Free choice of use and application:
    • Purely for private use
      • You do not place your property in the rental programme of Royal Blue Montenegro
      • You do not receive any annual rental income or rental yield on your invested equity
      • In this case, you are not obliged to purchase the package of furniture, household goods and fittings
    • For mixed use (private + carefree renting)
      • 6 weeks of free private use per year:
        • 2 weeks free private use (to be planned 12 weeks in advance) during the high season (from 15 May to 15 October)
        • 4 weeks of free private use (free to schedule, 12 weeks in advance) during the low season (from 16 October to 14 May)
      • Expected gross rental yield of +/- 9.25% on an annual basis, based on an average, conservative occupancy rate of 44.6%. This is therefore a very conservative calculated return (very careful and conservative simulations, budgeting, financial plan and forecasts available on request, actual annual return may be higher)
      • You are required to purchase the package of furniture, household goods and fittings
  • Completely carefree investment (and the rental programme is also an all-in service without any headaches or stress for you as an owner)
  • Unique location in a region with promising future prospects
  • Accessible purchase prices of the properties:
    • Studios: Purchase prices from EUR 73 080
    • Flats: Prices from 112 549.50 Euro
    • Penthouses with three/four bedrooms: Prices from 303 628.50 Euro

Facts about this recreational property in Tivat, Montenegro

Magnificent views

Buy a Holiday Home in Montenegro Between Mountains And The Adriatic Sea Royal Blue Montenegro

Royal Blue Montenegro is located among the mountains and offers a panoramic view of the spectacular Adriatic Sea. You will enjoy the majestic mountains behind you and the turquoise sea in front of you.

The garden with infinity pool and cocktail bar is a fun and relaxing addition to all this natural beauty.

101 residential units for sale – Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

Royal Blue Montenegro consists of 101 residential units, ranging from studios, flats (with one, two or three bedrooms) to luxury penthouses. In addition, there are 2 commercial units with storage space for sale.

It is a small-scale luxury residence with exceptional views over the Adriatic Sea and a unique location.

Suitable for private and mixed use

Modern Cosy Living Area With Elevated Table And Bar Stools Offering Fantastic Views

In this fantastic new construction project, you can acquire full ownership of a studio, flat or penthouse.

And in contrast to many other building promoters, here you do get a completely carefree all-in management and rental service.

In other words, you can use your property whenever you want. And then you can have a nice return on your property during the periods when you are not using it yourself.

In other words, this newly built residence offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds through a mixed-use formula:

  • A fantastic outdoor area to enjoy privately,
  • A high-yielding buy-to-let property without worry or stress

Interest-free payment plan possible at 18 months

Investors who get in early can take advantage of a customised payment plan with a 30% deposit and then interest-free periodic payments for the remaining 70% of the purchase price.

The interest-free instalments can be spread over 18 months.

Specifically, there are two options in terms of repayment plan:

  1. 70% of the remaining purchase price is spread over 18 monthly payments, which means that 3.89% is paid off each month.
  2. 70% of the remaining purchase amount is spread over 6 quarterly payments (6 payments at 3-month intervals). In this scenario, 11.67% is paid off interest-free each quarter.

You buy directly from the developer and agreements can be made about payment terms.

Completion date of the project

This luxury apartment complex with all kinds of on-site services is expected to be completed in October 2020.

Luxury facilities

Royal Blue Montenegro is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to offer you the comfort of a 5-star hotel, combined with the warmth of your home.

Great attention is paid to creating a family and friendly atmosphere.

Best location

This project is being realised at a very strategic location. It is just 8 minutes from Tivat International Airport, 9 minutes from Porto Montenegro and 9 minutes from Kotor.

This is truly a prime location in terms of location, and in the world of real estate everyone knows what a good location means for the long-term value of your property…

Fantastic weather & climate

Here you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate with four different seasons and the wild nature, situated by the Adriatic Sea and in the heart of the Balkan mountains.

The luxury residence was planned between the Adriatic Sea and the mountains, on a hillside. In terms of views from the living rooms, this does offer fabulous scenes on the sea side.

Design without limits

A modern interior is combined with a variety of materials of the highest quality to create unparalleled elegance.

Additional block K4 – Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

K4 Block in Residence Royal Blue Montenegro

K4 is an extension block to the 3 main residential blocks of Royal Blue Montenegro.

Block K4 includes 9 residential units in addition to 2 commercial units with storage, which are aimed at serving the community and residents of Royal Blue Montenegro.

Location of this real estate project with luxury residential units

Royal Blue Montenegro is realised in a very strategic location in the southwest of Montenegro, the Tivat-Kotor region.

Here, natural wonders, history and culture are combined with entertainment and luxury.

At the same time, this project offers easy access to Podgorica International Airport and Tivat International Airport.

Royal Blue Montenegro, this luxury new-build residence, is in one of the best locations in the area:

  • 8 minutes from Tivat International Airport
  • 9 minutes from the world-famous luxury Porto Montenegro Marina
  • 9 minutes from Kotor, one of the most beautiful cities on the Unesco World Heritage List
  • 20 km from Budva, the “Montenegrin Miami” and the most popular beach resort in Montenegro
  • 60 km from the enchanting old town of Dubrovnik (well-known port in neighbouring Croatia on the Adriatic)

Facilities for owners (and guests if rented through the rental programme)

View of Garden and Adriatic Sea from Balcony Apartment First Floor

The developer has thought of the smallest details to offer investors and tenants first-class facilities.

These will be comparable to the luxury of a five-star hotel, without lacking in warmth and comfort.


  • Infinity pool with beautiful views over the bay and the Adriatic Sea
  • Poolside bar (cocktail bar)
  • Jacuzzi
  • 24/7 Receptionist
  • Gym
  • Yoga & Pilates Studio
  • Vitamin Bar
  • Sauna
  • Indoor and outdoor parking spaces
  • 24-hour security & CCTV
  • Activity centre for children
  • Shuttle service to Tivat, Kotor and Tivat Airport
  • Recreation room with:
    • Table tennis
    • Table football
    • Billiards
    • Chessboard
    • Darts

Luxury property for sale in Montenegro – types of housing units for sale

Modern Interior of Living Space Apartment For Sale In Residence Tivat Montenegro

Standard Studio

Ground plan see below

Studio with terrace

Ground plan see below

Standard 1-bedroom flat

Ground plan see below

Deluxe 1-bedroom flat

Kitchen And Living Room With Pockets Of Natural Light And Sea Views Tivat Montenegro

Ground plan see below

2-bedroom flat with terrace

Ground plan see below

2-bedroom flat with garden

Ground plan see below

3-bedroom flat with terrace

Ground plan see below

3-bedroom flat with garden

Ground plan see below

Exclusive penthouse – Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

Ground plan see below

Why invest in Royal Blue Montenegro? Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

Real Estate Montenegro Luxury Apartments For Sale In Tivat Overlooking Adriatic Sea

High rental income and solid annual returns

The promoter has developed a rental model whereby investors/owners achieve an annual rental yield of +/- 9.25%. You read it right, this luxury property for sale in Montenegro can be profitable.

This return is based on the assumption of an average occupancy rate of 44.6%, which is conservative given the current tourism figures in the area;

This rental yield applies if investors decide to participate in the rental programme and rent out their property when not in use.

Specifically, they must make their property available to the rental programme for at least 46 weeks per year.

The promoter manages the rental process of the property from A to Z, sets the prices and takes care of all cleaning and maintenance services.

As the owner, you have no worries at all and everything is managed by a professional company.

On top of your six weeks of free private use per year, you will thus earn a solid gross return of 9.25% calculated on the purchase price of a property.

If you finance the studio, the flat or the penthouse partly with a loan, the return on your invested equity will be even higher.

Simple payment plan – Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

The promoter offers flexible long-term payment plans (at 18 months) with 0% interest and competitive prices for investors who get in early.

The project offers studios, flats and penthouses of different sizes and price ranges to ensure that everyone finds something that best suits their budget.

Service flat concept

Investing in studios, flats or penthouses in this Montenegrin newly built residence can generate a high rental return.

In this way, you can diversify your assets by using properties in a different location and in a different niche segment (tourism).

The concept of this project, where guests can rent a studio or flat, also offers other advantages…

Think of a better tenant profile (they are not the cheapest rooms in the area), an easy strategy to exit and make your investment liquid again and the guarantee that your flat is kept in good condition.

Residence and work permit – Optional

A foreign citizen can obtain a residence or work permit in Montenegro on the basis of a property purchase.

The promoter can advise on the best options for your situation and will manage the application process and formalities on your behalf.

What is a service apartment/studio? Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

Reception Small Luxury Residence Royal Blue Montenegro Apartments For Sale For Mixed Use

Service flats refer to fully furnished holiday homes that are available for both short and long term rental. They offer amenities similar to a traditional hotel, but with extra space, convenience and privacy like at home.

This way, guests can enjoy living like a local while travelling. This is usually possible at a much lower price than in a hotel. Simply put, investors buy the property and the promoter provides the service.

With the relationships that the promoter has built over the years through its subsidiaries, the promoter will effectively market, market and maintain the flat for you.

As an investor, you do not need to worry about that. In other words, you can invest in real estate with a rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON].

Service flats and studios can be very profitable for investors, but there are some important things to consider when it comes to managing such property.

It is also important to choose the right rental agent. The promoter already has the necessary knowledge, as the company has already included the concept of ‘service flats’ in the business model for a villa concept in Istanbul.

Facts and figures about Montenegro

  • Capital city: Podgorica
  • Tourism: 1.5 million people on an annual basis
  • Area: 13 812 km²
  • Beaches: 72 km of beaches
  • Climate: Mediterranean climate
  • Currency: Euro
  • Population: 631,000 inhabitants
  • Coast: 293 km coastline

Why Montenegro?

Little Montenegro is blessed with plenty of natural beauty and adventure. Montenegro is a Balkan country close to Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

In this small country, you can enjoy rustic landscapes with towering mountains, beautiful coastlines and well-maintained heritage.

The sea coasts are popular destinations for many cruise ships and travellers. Inland, Montenegro also has several national parks such as Durmitor National Park:

In these national parks, camping, hiking and sightseeing are possible.

Good rental yields, a possible strong increase in property value over time, a favourable climate, unspoilt nature and economic stability are all reasons to invest in Montenegro.

Republic of Montenegro: Candidate for EU membership

Accession negotiations have been opened with Montenegro, and the country is an EU candidate likely to meet the political and economic conditions by 2025, as proposed by the European Commission‘s new enlargement strategy.

Compared to the other five aspirants from the Western Balkans, Montenegro is in a leading position on the road to EU accession.

In addition, the country joined NATO in June 2017, which gave it a strategic position with regard to international policy.

Investors who obtain a residence permit before Montenegro’s accession to the EU will enjoy the same rights after accession.

Where is Montenegro? In a perfect location

Where is Montenegro And Tivat Map And Location

Thanks to Montenegro’s central location, visitors can reach the country from most European cities within a 1-2 hour flight.

It also provides access to several sea routes through which it is connected to the rest of the world.

Apart from accessibility, Montenegro’s location offers a very attractive landscape full of breathtaking views of the sea, mountains, lakes, islands and gorges.

Growing tourism

Montenegro is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world and one of the only Mediterranean destinations with constant revenue growth.

The country is a frontrunner in the region when it comes to the amount of foreign investment “per capita”.

According to the long-term forecast of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), an average annual growth of 6% in tourism revenues is expected over the next 10 years.

Attractive investment opportunities – Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

Montenegro has been using the euro as its currency since 2002 and economic growth has averaged 3.4% per year since 2004.

Montenegro applies an income tax rate of 9% and offers tax incentives and benefits for new investment companies and entrepreneurs.

The same rights and conditions are applied to both domestic and foreign companies. This creates many investment opportunities, also for those who want to invest in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

Tourism and real estate are among the strongest sectors in Montenegro and have already shown considerable development, attracting around EUR 3.5 billion in fresh capital in recent years.

Strong property market in Montenegro

The Montenegrin coast is recognised as the most attractive part of the country when it comes to property investment because of its location, natural beauty and potential.

The main cause of the increase in real estate prices on the coast of Montenegro is the influx of foreign investment into this sector. Luxury property for sale in Montenegro along the coastline can be an interesting investment for the medium term.

In addition, there is a high demand from non-residents for large houses on the coast of Montenegro.

Discover Montenegro and its sights – Luxury property for sale in Montenegro

Boka Bay

Boka Bay Divided Into Four Smaller Bays Herceg Novi Risan Kotor Tivat Sightseeing Montenegro

Boka Bay is the southernmost bay in Europe and perhaps one of the most beautiful bays on the entire continent.

Above the narrow coastline is a chain of mountains with rocky cliffs. The underlying Boka Bay is naturally divided into four smaller bays; Herceg Novi, Risan, Kotor and Tivat.

In addition to majestic mountain peaks and pristine waters, there are small coastal towns along the coastline that are blessed with a rich history and culture.

The video below gives an impression of the beauty of this bay and why buying luxury property in Montenegro in this area can be a good idea:

Porto Montenegro – Unique marina

Porto Montenegro Luxury Marina In Bay Of Boka Unesco World Heritage Site

Porto Montenegro is one of the most luxurious ports in Europe. This area is on its way to becoming the new Monaco with the biggest superyachts. As a result, this place attracts even the richest of the rich.

This exclusive marina is located in the UNESCO-protected Boka Bay, which belongs to the Mediterranean Sea. The marina has beautiful nature, waterfront houses, luxury shops and high-end events.

This place perfectly illustrates why Montenegro is rapidly becoming one of the most luxurious top destinations in Eastern Europe. Watch the video below to get an idea:

Kotor – Unique open-air museum

Kotor Old Town Full of Venetian Architecture Open Air Museum Protected By UNESCO

The Old Town of Kotor, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a living open-air museum.

The old town is a collection of crumbling churches and Venetian-inspired architecture. Splendid palaces of wealthy sailors are scattered along the banks.

Luxury property for sale in Montenegro just a stone’s throw from Kotor is sure to bring high returns.

The following video gives an impression of what Kotor has to offer to visitors:

The rich history of seafaring in the region is displayed in the Maritime Museum of Montenegro. It is one of the most comprehensive museums on the Adriatic coast.

The beauty of Kotor lies in the ancient remains that have been brought to life by the local people who still inhabit the town.

A steady 1200-metre climb up the 14th century city walls rewards visitors with a breathtaking view of the deeply indented and fjord-like Boka Bay.


Perast Beautiful Stone Town Landmark In Bay Of Kotor Montenegro Unesco World Heritage

Besides Kotor, Perast is one of the most important sights of Montenegro in the Bay of Kotor.

The beautiful stone town is located in the centre of the bay and should not be missed if you are visiting. Perast was the home of the rulers of the Bay of Kotor. The coast is dotted with stone palaces that illustrate the glory of a bygone era.

All buildings in the city were built using the original local stone and this preservation of historical value has earned the city the protected status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The main attractions in Perast are the churches, the museum and the two churches built on islands just off the coast. One is ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’ and the other is St George’s Monastery.

Watch the video below for an impression:

Budva – Pearl of the Adriatic

Budva In Montenegro Beautiful Harbour Location Unique Views Lots of History Beautiful Beaches And Nightlife

Beaches, glitz and glamour and history blend in equal measure in this most visited destination of Montenegro.

Budva Riviera is the playground of gleaming superyachts and vibrant nightlife.

By day, the beaches are a display of glitz and glamour. The Jaz beach, for example, comes alive during the Sea Dance Festival in summer.

Ancient history is omnipresent in Stari Grad, an old stone town by the water. Here, marble streets and Venetian walls rise above the crystal-clear water. The view from the Citadel is unparalleled, both by day and by night.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful place while visiting the Budva Museum or the Gallery of Modern Arts. Or take a beautiful, unforgettable walk along the city walls and churches of Budva.

The video below gives you a good idea of what to expect as a visitor:

Sveti Stefan – Unique charming islet

Sveti Stefan Island Old Fishing Village With Jetty In Adriatic Sea Montenegro

The island of Sveti Stefan is a charming seaside resort. It is a tangle of red roofs with whitewashed stone villas surrounded by a turquoise sea. The island is connected by a pier to a pink sand beach.

The walled island used to be a fishing village on a peninsula and was a refuge for families in need of protection from invading pirates in the 1400s. The town is full of churches and is covered with inscriptions.

Watch the following video for an illustration of this unique gem:

Floor plans


Address: Tivat Heights Access Road, Kavač, Montenegro

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