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  • Recreational real estate as an investment with up to 8% return per year in France

Recreational real estate as an investment with up to 8% return per year in France

  • €17,230 (min. entry threshold)
  • Return guarantee up to 8%
  • Golden rental guarantee
  • Flat, Hotel room, House
  • Buy-to-let and private use
  • Domaine de la Fot, 23300 Noth, France

Looking for more return on your savings? This low-threshold recreational real estate as an investment with guaranteed return is an interesting investment alternative.

Consider this investment opportunity in luxury recreational real estate in France with up to 8% net return per year on your investment.

Summary of this recreational real estate as an investment

Immediate returns

The current decline in tourism due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has no impact on your return on investment, which starts accruing immediately!

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The resort is scheduled to start operating at the end of 2021 and the budgeting and financial planning (including payment of returns to owners from the moment of purchase) of this resort are fully based on an opening at the end of 2021.

  • This is an interesting investment for both advanced and first-time investors 
  • From 17 230 Euros you can invest in this luxury recreational real estate in France
  • Contractually guaranteed return on an annual basis:
    • 3% net yield for year 1
    • 6% net return for year 2 to year 6
    • 8% net return for year 7 to year 11
  • Contractual guarantees:
    • After 5 years , you can optionally take advantage of a buy-back guarantee at 100% of the original purchase price, or
    • After 10 years , you can optionally make use of a resale guarantee for at least 150% of the original purchase price (at least 50% added value, in other words)
  • Immediate return that you will receive after you have invested and transferred the funds:
    • Your return is guaranteed from the moment you purchase and will not be delayed until the opening at the end of 2021 (carefully worked out financial plan and budgeting guarantee this)
    • The first year, you will receive the annual return immediately after making the investment and paying the funds.
    • From year 2, your return will be paid quarterly in advance.
  • After one year, it is possible to quit quarterly at no charge (please notify 12 months in advance). If you wait at least five years before selling, you can benefit from a resale guarantee.
  • No maintenance costs (so no hidden costs gnawing away at your returns)
  • Private use is possible (but for a fee, so this will be at the expense of the return) - If you want to be entitled to 2 weeks of free private use per year, you must acquire full ownership (instead of a fraction of full ownership)
  • Hands-free investment (management, leasing and follow-up are all arranged for you)
  • Acquisition in co-ownership (fraction of full ownership) (i.e. no leasehold constructions, no building rights constructions, no bare ownership and no time-sharing)
  • Your information request will go directly to an English-speaking representative responsible for this project (and not to foreign-language representatives with whom you may experience an annoying language barrier).
  • Completely free and no-obligation English-language advice tailored to your wishes and investment profile

Return conditions in detail

Annual guaranteed return (calculated on the purchase price):

  • 3% return for year 1
  • 6% return for year 2 to year 6 (5 years in total)
  • 8% return for year 7 to year 11 (5 years in total)

Repurchase or resale guarantee valid after 5 or 10 years of investment horizon:

  • After 5 years: Sell your fraction at 100% of the original purchase price (via buy-back guarantee, contractually agreed)
  • After 10 years: Selling your fraction at a minimum of 150% of the original purchase price (via resale guarantee, contractually agreed)
  • If the resale does not materialise immediately, your annual rental yield remains at least 8% (contractually guaranteed)

For both starters and experienced investors

This is an ideal investment in French recreational real estate for both the experienced and the novice investor, aimed at the booming tourist sector of La Douce France:

  • As an investor, you decide the duration of your investment (you can exit at any time)
  • You will receive your interest on a quarterly basis:
    • 3% return for the first year
    • 6% return for year 2 to year 6
    • 8% return for year 7 to year 11
    • After year 5, you can enjoy an optional 100% buy-back guarantee
    • After year 10, you can enjoy an optional resale guarantee of at least 150%
    • After the 11 years, you can optionally renew for another 9 years if you wish
  • Low threshold: You can invest as little as 17,230 euros
  • As a co-owner of this French recreational real estate as an investment, you own part of the full property of the luxury flat or studio
  • Invest in the booming French tourism sector through luxury recreational real estate
  • Also interesting for larger investment budgets: You can invest at the building level from EUR 500 000 of your own funds. Buy an apartment block in France as a buy-to-let property with a guaranteed return.

Benefits of this recreational real estate as an investment in France

Low entry barrier

You have the opportunity to participate from an amount of EUR 17 230.

Compared to other investment properties (in full ownership), this is a particularly low entry amount.

Secure returns

This investment property offers all the advantages of a classic savings account, as you can count on a contractually guaranteed return.

So you do not have to worry about vacancies or damage caused by tenants, this is covered by the operator.

Interesting to diversify

Would you like to get more return on your savings? But is the stock market too risky and do you already own real estate abroad?

So why not spread and diversify your investment portfolio further?

This recreational real estate as an investment in France is then an excellent addition to your current property portfolio.

Tax-efficient way of acquiring real estate

Since this is co-ownership, one can speak of a fiscally interesting way to purchase, own and sell recreational real estate.

This way, you avoid the registration duties that apply to the purchase of full ownership!

Lower cost than purchasing full ownership of property

The advantage of investing through co-ownership is the much lower costs.

In this way, you can completely avoid a bunch of traditional costs. Think of notary fees, transfer tax when selling, estate agent fees (honorary), consultancy fees, mortgage fees, and so on.

This makes a big difference in the end and makes it a very cost-effective investment compared to buying full ownership of real estate.

Liquid investment - Unique to co-ownership

Traditionally, real estate and owning it outright is characterised by a major disadvantage: its illiquid nature.

In other words, do you own the full property? Then you cannot convert it into euros this afternoon. There is a delay in suits to monetise real estate.

But with this investment vehicle, you do not have to worry about this at all! You can get out whenever you want and you can always sell back your share in full ownership.

Do you need money urgently? Then you can quickly cash in on your investment!

Promising and growing niche - Tourism in France

You invest in a luxury resort in the Limousin region of France. As a result, you are surfing on the strong brand that France is in the tourism sector.

An additional advantage is that here you invest in NEWLY BUILT and not in renovated property.

Moreover, the return on this recreational real estate as an investment is quite high compared to traditional savings formulas.

This way of investing in co-ownership is very popular in holiday countries such as Spain and France, but it is less well known in other countries.

Recreational real estate as an investment without headaches

The luxury studios and flats are operated by a professional operator, an international hotel chain with millions of customers.

That is why you can receive a rental guarantee without any problems; there is ample scale to keep vacancy to a minimum.

As an investor and co-owner of a recreational studio or flat, you can therefore count on the professional experience of this operator.

You don't have to worry about the daily management, operation, rental, maintenance and so on. All you have to do periodically is count your returns.

Co-ownership is the underlying mechanism

As an investor, you acquire co-ownership, which is a part of full ownership.

As a co-owner, you acquire voting rights, which means that each co-owner is treated equally.

In practice, you acquire a proportional part of shares in a company that owns the real estate unit in question in full.

This allows you, as a co-owner, to benefit from any increase in the value of the property in the future.

Moreover, you will enjoy contractually guaranteed rental income, which translates into a guaranteed annual return.

This is not a timeshare construction

Here you acquire co-ownership, a part of the full ownership of a newly built recreational property.

The acquisition takes place by acquiring a proportional part of the shares of the company that owns the property.

This recreational real estate as an investment is therefore completely different from the concept of timeshare, which has a negative connotation in our regions.

With time-sharing, you only acquire the right to use a property for x number of weeks per year, without ever becoming the owner of the property.

Operation agreement with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

The Wyndham Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa Resort is now part of the world's largest hotel company and is the first of its kind in France under the Wyndham Hotels and Resorts brand.

The parent company, Wyndham Hotel Group, amazingly opens a new hotel every day in China alone.

The company's global portfolio includes over 7 698 properties with more than 668 524 rooms in 71 countries.

The global brands it owns include Dolce Hotels and Resorts, Wyndham Grand Hotels and Resorts, Ramada Encore, Days Inn and many more.

The Wyndham Halcyon Retreat agreement includes the construction of the resort with 225 rooms, studios and flats that will be franchised through the Wyndham Hotel Group.

Dan Ruff, chairman and managing director of the Wyndham Hotel Group (Europe, Middle East, Africa and India), has the following to say about it:

This beautiful resort opens a door for investors and property owners who are looking for mixed-use resorts and who want to benefit from the unique range and scope of our varied hospitality activities. - Dan Ruff

Robin Barrasford, the Operations Director of Wyndham Halcyon Retreat (the franchisee), made the following comments about this franchise agreement:

This agreement gives our residential leisure properties a truly unique advantage while allowing both our luxury property buyers and our hotel guests to enjoy exceptional experiences and true value for money. Owners of properties within the resort will also greatly benefit from the international reach in terms of distribution and marketing (as a result of our cooperation with this global leader in the hotel industry). - Robin Barrasford

Wyndham Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa Resort in detail

A private piece of elegance and luxury in a prestigious holiday resort managed entirely for you, in the heart of the French Lake District.

Wyndham Halcyon Retreat... Where the rural beauty of nature blends effortlessly with a lush and luxurious holiday life.

Château developments ensure that acquiring some of France's rich heritage becomes a viable and affordable option. - The Times

This is a developing high-end luxury golf and spa resort for families that is now part of the world's largest hotel group Wyndham, with wonderful facilities for all ages:

  • Majestic family-friendly French resort
  • Wonderful facilities for all ages
  • Leading and award-winning restaurant
  • A world-class spa
  • Professional golf course with 18 holes
  • Existing and new properties for sale

Imagine a place where the beauty of nature blends effortlessly with a luxurious holiday life.

Where families enjoy spacious luxury accommodation in a French village setting with an excellent range of facilities on a vast, beautiful site in the heart of the French Lake District. Welcome to Wyndham Halcyon Retreat!

Interested in recreational real estate as an investment in the tourism sector of France?

Then ask for more information now, your request is guaranteed to go to an English-speaking representative responsible for this project (and not to a foreign-language representative with whom you may experience an annoying language barrier).

This beautiful resort offers not only beautiful, stress-free and carefree recreational homes, but also a carefree fantastic guaranteed return.

The resort includes existing studios and 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom flats (and even some luxury tree house apartments) and more are being created in the heart of the French countryside in the Limousin region.

Wonderful facilities for the whole family are available a few metres from your holiday home...

Enjoy a game of golf on the resort's fantastic 18-hole golf course, take the children to the Aqua Adventure Park for a refreshing dip, or indulge in a relaxing treatment at the incredible spa that is housed in the fairytale castle.

Afterwards, you can dine in one of the resort's high-quality restaurants and eateries, including the award-winning à la carte Château restaurant.

The holiday homes in the resort are professionally built and furnished to a high standard. They provide spacious and beautiful accommodation in beautiful and natural surroundings.

Resort facilities

Guests can soon enjoy a game of golf on the exclusive 18-hole golf course or relax in the world-class spa.

Once fully open, adults and children of all ages will find a wide range of facilities to enjoy at Wyndham Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa Resort:

  • Large range of wonderful facilities
  • Well-kept 18-hole golf course
  • Fantastic world-class French spa
  • Aqua adventure park (water theme park)
  • Fully stocked lakes for fishermen

Recreational real estate as an investment in France? Do it in luxury and style, with an eye for profit!

Wyndham Halcyon Retreat is a luxurious stand-alone resort with a huge range of facilities available once fully opened and operational.

Visitors can enjoy a round of golf on the resort's exclusive 18-hole golf course or relax in the world-class spa, which is housed in the small towered castle.

Children will enjoy the extensive indoor adventure zone (a large indoor children's playground) and the wonderful Aqua Adventure Park with swimming pools and cool slides:

Spend an afternoon fishing on the fully stocked lakes, try out the tennis courts or take the family on mountain bikes to explore the network of cycling and hiking trails in the area.

Walk around the lakes and on the trails or enjoy a longer hike in the area.

The Limousin region is also criss-crossed by a network of well-maintained bridleways, making it ideal for horse lovers and horse riding.

The classic bakery (boulangerie) on the resort premises bakes delicious breads, French baguettes and pastries every day, according to French tradition.

Enjoy delicious cuisine in majestic surroundings in the exclusive restaurant at the Château hotel, savour a fresh and healthy meal in the spa's wellness café or taste the delicious à-la-carte dishes served in the family restaurant.


Address: Domaine de la Fot, 23300 Noth, France

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