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  • Rental property for sale in NRW in Hagen: Flats with rental guarantees

Rental property for sale in NRW in Hagen: Flats with rental guarantees

  • €385,000 min. own contribution
  • In good location with guarantees
  • Silver rental guarantee
  • Apartment building
  • Buy-to-let only
  • Hagen, Germany

This rental property for sale in NRW in Hagen can be a perfect addition to your investment portfolio.

The building is in good condition and is blessed with a prime location in the university town of Hagen in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany’s economic powerhouse.

You can consider this building for sale in leased condition thanks to the additional guarantees and securities (such as the rental guarantee) for the investor.

Discover below the unique conditions for investors (such as the summary, features, financial details, other information on Hagen, etc.).

Finally, do not hesitate to ask for more information, free of obligation, if you have any questions or if you are interested.

Summary rental property for sale in NRW in Hagen

Features of this rental property for sale in NRW

  • Storeys:
    • 1 ground floor
    • 4 floors
    • 1 cellar compartment
  • Number of rental units in the rental property:
    • A total of 10 units for rent:
      • 8 residential flats
      • 2 commercial units on the ground floor (ideal for a practice room, a small restaurant or coffee bar, a consultation room for professionals, consultants, recruitment offices, etc.)
  • Interesting location within walking distance of the city centre
  • Total habitable surface: 825 m²
  • Construction year of the building: 1978
  • Already completely renovated in 2005 and 2008
  • Currently in renovation and refurbishment phase again (A visit on the spot is strongly recommended, feel free to ask for more information and/or request a visit on the spot – leave your contact details and the person in charge will contact you soon)
  • Type of heating: Gas
  • 7 attached garages available (huge plus for maximising occupancy rates, in an urban environment this is a big plus for tenants)
  • Building with full basement
  • Equipped with a façade on which paid advertising can be placed (source of additional passive income [AVAILABLE SOON] for you as a property owner)
  • Windows: High-quality PVC windows, insulating against cold temperatures and noise
  • Attic space could possibly give way to a more spacious roof flat (penthouse) with a fantastic view over Hagen
  • Building in good condition, with long-term added value potential and in a very interesting location [AVAILABLE SOON]

Financial details of this rental property for sale in NRW

Solid rental yield

  • At least 5.4% per year:
    • If you purchase this rental property for sale in NRW without a loan and 100% with your own funds
  • More than 10% on an annual basis:
    • If you (partly) finance this rental property for sale in NRW with a loan (the return quoted is the return on your invested equity)

Rental units with rental guarantee

This investment property for sale comes with special conditions for investors, including guaranteed rental income which is notarised.

As an investor, you have the guarantee that you will receive a predetermined amount of rental income each month.

In other words, with this buy-to-let property you can invest in real estate with a rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON]

This means that you are not at risk of vacancy, non-payment or damage. These matters are contractually covered by notarial deed.

The promoter guarantees the punctual monthly payment of your contracted rental income.

Earning money by renting out real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is possible with this investment property without large financial risks.

Attractive price of this rental property for sale in NRW

Apart from the notarially established rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON] that was set out above, you can also purchase at an attractive price/quality ratio.

This is definitely not German junk property and the square metre price is competitive.

You are welcome to come and see for yourself the quality and condition of this investment property.

Carrying out a thorough due diligence [AVAILABLE SOON] is important and is definitely encouraged by the German property developer where transparency is key.

Value investing in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON] is therefore possible with this rental property, thanks to the interesting price/quality ratio and the potential for added value of the flourishing state of NRW in Germany.

Worry-free real estate investment in Germany

All-in rental service without worries

Buying and letting property without worries is possible thanks to the unique care formula offered by the promoter.

This room rental property for sale is offered in combination with a hassle-free investment package for investors.

The details of this unique investment formula are contractually established at the notary’s office.

This means that completely carefree investing money in real estate is possible [AVAILABLE SOON], including contractual guarantees.

Apart from the rental guarantee [AVAILABLE SOON] and the stipulated rental income, clear agreements are also made regarding recurring costs.

In this way, it is clearly laid down that you, the owner, do not have to swallow any additional hidden costs.

This means that the following items are paid for and borne by the promoter:

  • Insurance policies (including a specific insurance policy against payment default)
  • Maintenance and repair work
  • Fee of the trustee and letting agent
  • General management costs
  • Charges for electricity, water, common charges, etc.
  • Refurbishment works

Full ownership with collateral

This investment property in Germany for sale for rent can be acquired in full ownership.

In practice, this means that your purchase will be registered in the German Land Registry and that your purchase of this property will therefore be recorded by notarial deed.

You invest in full ownership (you become 100% owner) and the developer does NOT work with a system of leasehold, building rights, bonds or shares.

Are you considering purchasing a property to let in Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse, and in the powerful growth region of NRW?

Here in Hagen, you can buy this investment property [AVAILABLE SOON] with collateral and guarantees, in full ownership.

Financing with or without a loan

Purchase rental property without a loan

Buying this investment property is possible without any loan capital and entirely with your own funds.

In this case, you do not use the financial leverage effect.

This means that you get an annual return on your invested equity of 5.4% calculated on the purchase value of the property.

However, are you looking for a maximum return [AVAILABLE SOON] on your own resources? And do you want to make use of the financing possibilities at low interest rates?

Then you should definitely consider partial financing with debt (via a mortgage loan [AVAILABLE SOON], bullet loan or Lombard loan [AVAILABLE SOON])…

Purchase rental property with financing (leverage)

Are you open to partial financing?

So part purchase with the help of a loan to maximise the return on your invested equity?

Then you can easily partially finance this rental property for sale by means of a loan.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information about the possibilities.

In practice, you have two options for financing this rental property for sale in NRW:

Borrowing in your own country

Either you borrow in the country where you live and work.

In that case, you must provide the bank with sufficient local collateral.

In other words, a foreign bank will not take this German rental property as collateral.

This is because the property is not located in its own country.

You should therefore offer other collateral in this scenario. Fortunately, various types of collateral qualify:

If you wish, you can of course receive more in-depth information about this without obligation.

Borrowing in Germany for this rental property

The project developer has close ties to various credit institutions in NRW.

Thanks to years of trust and credibility building, combined with the continuous delivery of sustainable projects, investors can therefore easily turn to several local German partner banks.

This means that you do not necessarily have to borrow in your own country to benefit from the financial leverage.

You are also welcome at various German banks that can also offer attractive interest rates.

These German credit institutions are therefore prepared to establish a mortgage on this well-located property in Hagen.

Maximum return on equity

The advantage of (partially) financing with a loan is that you can use financial leverage.

This means that with a minimum required own contribution of EUR 385 000, you can achieve a return of more than 10% per year.

Would you like a performance simulation tailored to your needs and investment horizon?

Please leave your contact details and you will soon be contacted by the person responsible for this rental property for sale in NRW in Hagen.

Positive cash flow possible with loan

An interesting fact: Even if you were to partly finance the purchase of this buy-to-let property with a loan, it is still possible to make this investment property [AVAILABLE SOON] cash-flow positive.

In other words, you may be left with a positive monthly difference after deducting all costs and repayments from your rental income.

Would you like to know how much net cash flow per month you can earn by buying this buy-to-let property?

Then don’t hesitate to request a simulation with loan for this investment property in NRW without any obligation.

Top location in the centre of Hagen

This rental property for sale in NRW is located at +/- three minutes walking distance from the city centre of Hagen.

In the vicinity you will find several public parking spaces, as well as numerous schools and day-care centres.

The area is therefore also perfect for families with young children, students and so on.

Renewed shopping streets and supermarkets are also within walking distance of this investment property for sale.

The cosy market and cultural facilities such as the theatre are also nearby.

Buying property in Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia is possible with this building in a very interesting location in Hagen.

The building is easily accessible by car and there is a good connection to the A45 and A1.

There are also 7 garages associated with this building, which in an urban environment is of course an additional plus in attracting tenants.

Furthermore, the city of Hagen is blessed with a recently renovated railway station (2004 – 2006).

This means that residents of Hagen enjoy particularly good connections to most other German metropolises.

This is also partly due to Hagen’s fairly central location in Germany.

Hagen in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia)

General info on Hagen

Hagen is a city in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) and is located in the southeastern part of the Ruhr area.

The city of Hagen is +/- 15 kilometres south of Dortmund and is a crossroads of no less than four rivers (the Lenne, the Volme, the Ruhr and the Ennepe).

Greenest city in NRW

Hagen offers a unique mix of industrial history, culture and green nature.

It is even the greenest city in the entire state of NRW! The reason for this is that the local landscape is hilly and therefore more difficult to cultivate.

In addition, more than 40 per cent of the area of the town of Hagen is unspoilt forest and woodland!

The city thus functions as a green and healthy lung in the industrialised Ruhr area of NRW.

University town

The city of Hagen has +/- 190 000 inhabitants.

This city is also home to the FernUniversität in Hagen, which is the only German government-funded distance learning university.

This university has more than 75 000 enrolled students per semester, which makes it a respected institution of higher learning in Germany!

Balance between nature and culture

In Hagen, residents and visitors can enjoy culture and nature.

Continuous cultural stimulation and at the same time staying connected to Mother Nature. In Hagen it is possible.

This city in NRW is also known as the city of four rivers, which together account for almost 60 kilometres of watercourse on the city’s territory.

For cyclists, Hagen is an exceptional base!

This town is located on the most famous cycle path in the Ruhr area: The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path, a magnificent cycle path with a length of 240 kilometres.

Cultural sights

  • LWL-Freilichtmuseum Hagen (unique insight into the region’s craft history through a wonderful exhibition of more than 50 craft techniques and companies)
  • Hagen art district (authentic museum district that allows you to visit several museums on foot and get to know art from different periods)
  • Hohenhof (Art Nouveau villa designed by the Belgian architect Henry van de Velde)
  • Stately castles and various monuments in the city

Purchase process for this rental property for sale in NRW

How does the purchasing process for this rental property for sale in NRW work? How much time does the purchase take?

The purchase procedure of this investment property in NRW for sale consists of several steps:

  • Leave your contact details on this page
  • Receive detailed information about the property, the investment conditions and tailored return simulations from the representative
  • Organising a viewing on the spot (due diligence [AVAILABLE SOON] is strongly recommended and encouraged!)
  • Sign the reservation form for this investment property for sale in Hagen in NRW, Germany
  • If applicable, guidance on obtaining a mortgage loan from a local German bank
  • Notarial deed to officially seal the purchase:
    • Or sign locally at the German notary,
    • Or sign by proxy without having to go to Germany for this
  • Transfer of funds (whether or not via a notary)
  • Monthly receipt of the contractually determined rental income (as soon as you have paid the purchase price, you are entitled to rental income and returns)

Other facts about this room rental property for sale

Immediate return

Purchasing a buy-to-let property is primarily about generating an attractive return on your invested capital.

The advantage of this rental property in NRW is that you can earn an immediate return as the full owner of the property.

The rental guarantee takes effect when the notarial deed is executed. From that moment on, you are entitled to the rent.

Alternative financing is also possible

Buying this buy-to-let property is also possible with the help of alternative financing techniques.

Read more about it on the following pages:

Tip: Do you wish to buy with your Belgian company? Then be sure to click on the link above about buying property with an IPS.

Interested in this rental property for sale in NRW?

In this prime location in Hagen, you can now purchase this rental property with guaranteed income.

Are you interested in the possibilities in terms of equity and leverage to maximise your return on equity?

Then don’t hesitate to ask for more information and a personalised yield simulation without obligation.

Leave your contact details (and possibly a message) and you will soon be contacted by the person in charge to discuss your investment opportunities.

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