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  • Studio for sale in Brussels near the European Quarter as an investment

Studio for sale in Brussels near the European Quarter as an investment

  • €90,000 (min. own contribution)
  • Housing for expats/trainees
  • Bronze rental guarantee
  • Flat
  • Buy-to-let and private use
  • Avenue de Cortenbergh, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Have you been looking for a suitable studio for sale in Brussels as an investment property for private use or rental for some time?

In this small-scale residence near the European Quarter and Schuman Square, you can currently invest in a premium studio with all the bells and whistles.

Discover below the features of these studios and the financial details of these luxurious compact residential units.

The advantages in terms of location are then discussed.

Next, you can read more about private use and about the option of renting out furnished properties carefree and passively to expats in Brussels.

Studio for sale in Brussels: Summary offer

  • From +/- 90 000 Euros of your own contribution, you can buy full ownership of a studio (the rest of the purchase price can easily be financed with a loan)
  • Premium and luxury finish with high quality materials and appliances (top quality is the basis)
  • Including private kitchen and private bathroom for maximum comfort (equipped with durable appliances and modern, stylish sanitary ware)
  • With ingeniously integrated folding bed for maximum use of the available space during the day
  • Fantastically located building close to Schuman Square near the EU Quarter (particularly popular for housing expats and trainees)
  • Furnished rental to expatriates is possible in a passive way thanks to the rental formula without any worries on the part of the building owner
  • Optionally, you can also buy a complete furniture package through the promoter at a competitive package price
  • Also for sale for private use (buying a studio to rent out is not obligatory in other words)
  • Unique appreciation potential in the medium term thanks to the attractive location near Schuman Square (less than 40 metres away)
  • Non-binding return simulations available, tailored to your capital to be invested and intended investment horizon
  • Also guidance available on smart property finance if required

Features of these residential units for sale

Luxury and comfort

You can buy a studio in Brussels here in a prime location with premium finishes.

The builder knows the city inside out and knows that in this location only the best is good enough.

These luxury studios are equipped with appliances and materials of absolute top quality.

There are beautiful parquet floors and everything is built according to the latest energy standards.

In terms of heating, this small-scale residence is equipped with modern natural gas heating with an individual control system for each residential unit.

This guarantees energy-efficient heating.

An additional plus, especially for the centre of Brussels, is the integrated insulation of a studio for sale in Brussels in this residence.

Both thermal and acoustic insulation against noise from neighbours and the activity on Kortenberglaan are used.

The focus on comfort, luxury and top finish of the studios is an interesting fact for investors who want to invest defensively [AVAILABLE SOON] in real estate.

Close to the European Quarter

The location of this small residence is extremely favourable (to say the least).

This is where you can invest in real estate near the Schuman Square and the European Quarter.

Through an investment property in this residence, you can therefore perfectly respect the principles of value investing in real estate [AVAILABLE SOON].

The age-old adage location, location, location is the inspiration for this uniquely situated building project.

The prime location in combination with the durable finish of this residential property is particularly interesting.

These investment properties are particularly attractive to investors who seek quality and sustainability at an A-location in the capital of Belgium and Europe.

Modern kitchen including appliances

As you can see from the illustrative pictures at the bottom of this page, the modern kitchen is equipped with all necessities and appliances.

For example, stylish kitchen cabinets without handles are used.

In addition, Siemens built-in appliances of top quality are also used.

A hob and extractor fan are also present, as well as a built-in oven.

In a fairly small space, this approach still makes for a complete and convenient kitchen.

Modern bathroom with all comforts

Each studio in this building is equipped with a modern, newly built bathroom.

This private bathroom is equipped with a shower, a hanging toilet and a bathroom cabinet with storage space, sink and mirror.

Tiles and stylish sanitary ware are used to provide a modern and luxurious finish.

Safety first: Studio for sale in Brussels

Given its particularly interesting location near Schuman Square, attention was also paid to security in this residence.

For example, the entrance hall is secured with a modern security system including cameras and a digital, virtual porter/concierge.

Consideration was also given to residents who often place online orders via a convenient Bringme Box in the entrance hall.

This allows parcels and orders to be delivered around the clock.

Financial details: Studio for sale in Brussels in the EU Quarter

Required own capital

Investing in real estate in Brussels is possible in this residence from €90,000 equity.

The rest of the purchase price can usually be financed with a (mortgage) loan or an alternative form of finance.

Remark: In addition to cash in a bank account, the following items qualify as this required minimum equity contribution (by pledging the items below):

Studio for sale for private use

Are you looking for a luxury studio for sale in Brussels to stay in? Then you have come to the right place.

For singles, expats and trainees

Especially for singles with a job in Brussels, this can be a very interesting option.

And if you are about to expand your family, you can start renting out the property furnished.

For parents of students in Brussels

These premium studios for sale are also available to parents of students in Brussels.

Would you like to send your son or daughter to Brussels for free?

Then you can realise this with these luxury studios for sale. How?

  1. During the student period of your student child, you pay the capital repayments and/or interest out of your own pocket.
  2. As soon as your daughter or son graduates, you can have the property included in the promoter’s carefree and passive rental system (extremely high occupancy rates are possible at this location). During this period, the tenant continues to pay off the loan (capital repayments + interest) and, depending on the financial plan, you may still end up with a cash flow positive on a monthly basis.
  3. After, say, 15 or 20 years, you may decide to sell the property. Time has done its work:
    • You have enjoyed inflation-proof rental income (indexation on an annual basis)
    • The annual increase in the value of this particularly well-located property provides a substantial capital gain at the end of the journey when it is sold
  4. In terms of cash flow, this may ultimately mean that you end up neutral. In other words, the capital gain you make at the end of the journey may be sufficient to recover the capital repayments and interest initially paid out of your own pocket, as well as the purchase costs. And so you can let your daughter or son stay for free in a luxurious premium newly built studio less than 50 metres from Schuman Square. Naturally, you need a sufficiently long investment horizon for this. Feel free to ask for more information on this.

Studio for sale in Brussels as a buy-to-let property

Buying a studio for rent in this residence can yield an attractive return.

This return can be achieved passively thanks to the promoter’s complete, all-inclusive rental service.

In concrete terms, you can outsource the management and the letting to a professional letting agent with good contacts in Brussels.

This guarantees maximum occupancy and maximum rental yield.

As an owner, you can count on a care formula from A to Z:

  • Administrative support
  • Collection of rents
  • Selection and screening of tenants
  • Performing technical maintenance and repair work
  • Drawing up leases and monitoring of guarantees
  • Arranging for tenant changes
  • Installation of the optional furniture package

Interested? Then don’t hesitate and ask for more information without any obligation.

Newly built studio in Brussels as an investment

Unique location for expats

These luxury newly-built studios are less than 50 metres from Place Schuman in Brussels.

This means that this building is close to the Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council.

As a landlord, you can fish in a gigantic pond of wealthy tenants.

For example, more than 100 000 expats (including tens of thousands of accredited lobbyists and Eurocrats) live and work in Brussels, with tens of thousands more coming from international business.

Easy to reach

This small residence near the Schuman Square is within walking distance of the centre of Brussels.

Brussels has a lot to offer (culture, shops (big and small), restaurants, cosy shopping streets, green parks, etc.).

Schuman Square, which is nearby, also offers excellent connections.

There is a direct connection with the small ring around Brussels (car), as well as with Brussels Airport (train).

There are also good bus, tram and metro connections. In short, a top location for getting around in Brussels easily.

As the icing on the cake, there are a number of beautiful parks and squares within walking distance. Think of the Cinquantenaire Park, the Leopold Park and the Ambiorix Square.

In short, are you looking for a well-located studio for sale in Brussels? Then this residence may be the solution.

Renting to expats in Brussels

Investing in Brussels property for rent is particularly interesting in this prime location.

Furnished rentals are on the rise in Brussels, especially among the thousands of expats and trainees looking for quality and well-located housing units.

As an investor, such housing for expats in Brussels is an interesting option given the stable demand and purchasing power of this target group.

In most cases, the rent is paid by the employer (which can be interesting in terms of stable cash flow).

The European Quarter is nearby, including the European Parliament, the European Commission and more than 20 embassies.

It doesn’t get any better than this to rent to wealthy and well-paid expatriates and lobbyists operating in Brussels…

Luxury services for residents

The studios in this residence are interesting for expatriates who want to rent furnished in Brussels.

Apart from the luxurious furnishings and prime location, residents will have the opportunity to take advantage of an excellent range of services.

Specifically, residents (owners or tenants) can easily enjoy the following services:

  • Own moving service for easy moving in and out of a studio
  • Maintenance and cleaning service (reliable staff) available to keep everything tidy
  • Connection of telephone, internet and TV can be arranged
  • Dry cleaning available
  • Technical assistance available in case of problems (not everyone is handy enough when a technical problem arises)

Interested in a studio for sale in Brussels in this residence? Request more info

Are you interested in these studios for sale in Brussels?

Do not hesitate to request more information about these interesting studios for sale near the Schuman Square in Brussels.

For personal use or as a property investment for rental. In both cases, this residence near the EU Quarter may be of interest.

You can request a number of yield simulations tailored to your needs without obligation and help and guidance is also available in terms of financing and carefree leasing.

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Address: Avenue de Cortenbergh, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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