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Retiring abroad: Trust your instincts when choosing a location

Retiring Abroad Trust Your Instincts

This way! You have decided that retiring abroad is what you want? Congratulations on the first step!

This page is about trusting your feelings and natural instincts when choosing your destination.

You are not that far yet? Then start at the beginning and find out how you can retire abroad.

Your most important tool in preparing for retiring abroad

You always carry it with you. It is part of your body and is always with you, since birth.

It always wants to help you, even when you are not listening and asking for it.

It is in your belly, but it is connected to your head and you can feel it in your toes.

Now rub that belly of yours. Really.

Go ahead, give your belly some love and pat it with your palm in gratitude.

Indeed, your hand now rests on your most important tool in choosing your location for retiring abroad.

It is your gut feeling.

Research alone does not guarantee that retiring abroad will be a happy experience

Researching possible destinations is, of course, very important as part of your preparation.

However, it is not the most important part. That is on the inside.

Research is necessary

Of course, it is necessary to ask yourself what your top priorities are when looking for a place for retiring abroad:

  • Low cost of living?
  • Excellent infrastructure?
  • Presence of other foreigners who can help and guide you?
  • Top-class healthcare?
  • Good weather?

All these factors can be particularly helpful in finding your ideal destination for retiring abroad.

However, not decisive

Just remember that your research is not the most important thing. Namely, the most important thing is something that you already have…

So you can spend months, even years, researching:

  • Collecting statistics, reading books, making lists, collecting information
  • Some people analyse every possible perspective
  • They try to think of every possible problem
  • They then draw the only possible, logical conclusion from the mountains of research they have done
  • To finally take the step and move

Sometimes, however, people move without even visiting the place in question, let alone for a sufficiently long period of time.

However, people do choose this place to spend the next few years of their lives, or maybe even the rest of their lives.

After a week or two it then becomes clear that you have chosen the wrong place … because the gut feeling cannot be ignored.

Your instincts have the final say on where you can enjoy retiring abroad

Everyone has experienced this when visiting a new place.

You don’t feel good in your own skin but you don’t know what’s causing it.

You may already feel it when you step off the plane.

Maybe you feel it only after a few days, or after a few weeks.

However, your instincts will tell you sooner or later if something is wrong.

For example, there are people who dream of living by the beach.

At the same time, there are others who would not mind a beautiful, white beach, but who after a while would long for the mountains.

It is not something you can control. It is simply there.

It is your immense, hyper-sensitive, always active and almost completely inaccessible subconscious.

It will give you an unvarnished, unsolicited opinion of your new home.

The new home you have chosen in a very rational and logically sound way based on all your research.

The power of your subconscious when moving abroad

Who knows what is going on in your head and what leads to such a reaction?

Thanks to scientific theories, we do have an idea of the subconscious but it may never be fully measurable.

Examples of unpleasant impressions that can influence the subconscious:

  • The smell of the local brewery in certain parts of the city
  • The lack of courtesy in traffic
  • The grumpy face of people in the street
  • Presence of homeless people and stray dogs
  • The lack of cleanliness or presence of litter
  • Lack of punctuality of the locals
  • Unreliability of public transport
  • Lack of potable tap water

Of course, there are also pleasant impressions to be had such as:

  • The politeness of the locals
  • A more relaxed lifestyle, where nothing is required and everything is possible
  • Proximity of deserted beaches and beautiful azure sea
  • Property in the vicinity of golf courses [AVAILABLE SOON]
  • More value for money
  • Lower tax burden
  • Wild, unspoilt nature
  • More than 300 days of sunshine per year
  • A local government that knows what it is doing

Your subconscious pays attention to all these seemingly unimportant factors and a thousand and one more without you even realising it.

Trust your instincts on the spot, there where you are thinking of retiring abroad

Sooner or later, your subconscious will give you the verdict.

It will tell you exactly what role all these factors play.

They all lead to a big thumbs up … or a big thumbs down.

You will feel it where your hand was just now.

All the research, investigation and preparation you did before going there will now make no difference.

Retiring abroad requires good preparation and going there in advance is of the utmost importance!

Try it out for as long as possible before you actually move with all your possessions.

So you give your subconscious the chance to process all these subjective influences before retiring abroad.

Only then can you be sure that your gut feeling, your instinct, your subconscious agrees with what you are planning.

Your intuition and logical thinking.

The subconscious and the conscious.

Your instincts and your preparation.

Give them a chance to work together and they will rarely deceive you!

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